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Congrats to:

Blabber Bits – The Gryphon 

Punkamina Diane Pie – The Werewolf Were-Able

pusheen444 – The Bad Dragon Merchandise

I really love Bad Dragon..it’s no secret..

The first time I visited the Bad Dragon website was nearly four years ago.  At the time I was a total sex toy newbie and had no idea fantasy products like theirs even existed – to say I was intrigued would be an understatement!  After years of lusting over their amazing designs and incredible customization options, I received my first dragon – Crackers.

Not only was Crackers my first toy from Bad Dragon, but it was also my first fantasy toy, and the largest thing that had ever entered my vagina up to that point.  Within moments of receiving my package, I immediately understood the appeal, and Bad Dragon became a company I couldn’t stay away from.  After reviewing Crackers, I was sent two more dragons to review; Nox, and Luka.

Last month I hosted a giveaway containing many of the products I reviewed and loved this year.  I contacted Bad Dragon, hoping they would be willing to send me some Teenie Weenies, but instead I received a beautiful box of goodies to share with you.  Since my other giveaway was in full swing once the package arrived, I decided to hold onto them and host a giveaway dedicated to this fantastic company.

This giveaway features options that should be suitable for most toy users – and I can’t thank Bad Dragon enough for supplying some variety!  There are three prizes being given away.  You can enter one, or you can enter them all – and there’s no limit to how many prizes you can win!

Prize #1 – The Gryphon

“The Gryphon has long been known as a king of beasts. Half lion, proud and strong; and half eagle, majestic and beautiful, he rules both the land and air. Gryphons, known for staying true to one partner their entire life have to pick their mate very carefully. Should he choose you, know that is one of the greatest honours he can bestow upon you, and if he does, you should please him every day, and in every way…to show your appreciation.”   – Bad Dragon


The Gryphon you’ll receive is pictured above.  It’s a size small (dimensions can be found here), and doesn’t have a cum tube or suction cup.  My photo doesn’t do the toy justice since I can’t remove it from the package, but it’s quite stunning!  It has a gorgeous light blue and white marbled look to the tip and has a smoky appearance toward the bottom of the shaft.  The base is also marbled with a purple and pink combination.  You can enter to win this prize through the rafflecopter widget below.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Prize #2 – The Werewolf Were-Able

“Have you ever wished you could feel the touch of the moon on your hide, smell the scent of prey on the wind, and hear the muted sound of your packmate padding behind you as you hunt? Our Werewolf Were-Able may not transform you completely, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction of making your shapeshifting fantasy real!”  – Bad Dragon bd1 The Werewolf Were-Able you’ll receive it pictured above.  It’s a size small (dimensions can be found here) and has an amazing gold and teal marbled shaft.  The gold itself seems to shimmer in the light and is really quite beautiful.  It’s a little easier to see the details in this one, but I have a feeling it will shine once removed from the package.  You can enter to win this prize through the rafflecopter widget below. a Rafflecopter giveaway

Prize #3 – Bad Dragon Merchandise


Love Bad Dragon?  Then why not rep this awesome company with some fun merchandise?   This prize pack includes:

To enter this prize pack, you really have to prove you’re a fan of Bad Dragon.  Profess your love for this great company in a poem or song.  It can be funny, sappy, crazy, rhyming, or totally free verse.  You can leave a comment here, tweet it, post it on your facebook page, or anywhere else around the web (just make sure you leave a link where you posted it in the comments).  There are no limits to how many times you can enter.  At the end of the giveaway, I’ll pick my top five favorites, and will draw a random winner from them.  Sound fun?  Go on now…get creative!

  • There are three prizes available – no limit to the number one person can win
  • Giveaway is open from August 1st through August 31st
  • Items are sponsored by Bad Dragon
  • Open Worldwide, but outside of US pays shipping (items will be shipped by me)
  • Winners will have one week to contact me before a new winner is chosen


  79 Responses to “Dragons, anyone? (psst..it’s a giveaway) *Ended”

  1. What a great giveaway! I’m having a really fun time working on my poem right now actually.
    Taking a break though to answer the two sets of questions in the widget. c:

    I have a several Bad Dragon toys that I imagine I will someday get custom order. My dream bad dragon toy, though is a tough call between the Terra and the Meng.
    Terra was my first love, but Meng is just… so cool.
    The ideal coloration in my mind for them is actually the same. Both would be a glow-in-the-dark white with a some other colors marbled through. OR they would be a brilliant white with some primary metallic colors marbled through. The idea would be that either would be reminiscent of an florescent opal.
    The Terra and Meng are both currently one size, so no worries with choosing a size. I would like to get both of them in either split firmness- not sure if I would want it to be a wide split or not though.
    And then the Meng would definitely have to have a suction cup.
    Because it would probably just live on my wall.

    If I could design my own dragon…
    Now, this one is harder. So, this may not be as arousing, but I think it would be a cool object. I would like it anyway.
    I want to design a psionic dragon with a third eye, but the third eye be at the end of it’s whatever appendage. Maybe a prehensile eye stalk, maybe the end of its penis. This one would definitely be best in wide split firmness so that the base would be stiffer and the ball end would be more squishy.
    I feel like pouring silicone to be like eye colored would be difficult, but maybe with the right design the iris could be raised so colored silicone could pool there anyway.
    I don’t know.
    I guess I’m not much of a toy designer; I just put eyeballs on stuff.

    (And, if anything was possible, I think a full out eyeball monster sex tool would be the bomb.)

  2. If I could have any one BD toy, it would be a Hanns in either a future small or the current one size done up in colors reminiscent of a harlequin phalenopsis, a cattleya or some kind of bromeliad. It would definitely be a firm (8) toy because the texture on Hanns looks really good and medium firmness just doesn’t do as much for me as it used to.

  3. I have a Nox by Bad Dragon and absolutely love it! I’ve been thinking about getting another toy by them but have been having a hard time deciding between Crackers (small, medium firmness, in that beautiful toy exclusive, Regal Alpha) and the Anthro Dragon (small, firm, toy exclusive Light Natural). I’m leaning more towards Crackers, just because the Anthro sizes jump so extremely between small and medium. I’d really like something in between the two.

  4. Oh wow that Gryphon is pretty much exactly the toy I’d like from Bad Dragon. The Gryphon is one of the designs I like, though I’ve never really decided which one I like the most. I think I have to try them for that anyway haha! Definitely a small sized one though and medium firmness sounds about good. Purple and blue are my favourite colours so like I said this Gryphon is perfect! If I could I would love to have a toy with a cumtube, this toy doesn’t have that but I guess that leaves me something to look for in a next toy. 😉

  5. If I could get any add any BD toy to my collection, it would probably be a medium Nox in its own night drake color. Firm and with a cumtube. I love the look of the curve on that guy and the ridges look like tons of fun. I love my Kelvin, though I wish I had gone firm instead of medium.

  6. If I could win a customized Bad Dragon toy, I think I would like the medium sized tentacle, medium firmness, and the purple and green toy exclusive coloring. Though I want so many other toys from that site that I could decorate a wall in them, especially the wolves and packers. I’m so excited for this giveaway you’ve no idea :)

  7. Hmmm…. so many choices. I’d have to go with a small Flint. I like the light natural however, I’d like the head to be more yellow. I’d have to go with medium firmness. It’s hard to pick just one BD toy, though.

  8. Hm, if I had my own choice? That’s a super tough question, since I just recently bought my previous ‘must have’ toy. It was a small Nox, medium firmness, in a pretty yellow to blue fade with a suction cup. Now it might be either a soft, medium sized Kelvin in a silver and teal marble, or a small, medium firmness Bruiser with an orange to purple fade. It’s such a hard decision though!

  9. I’d pick the anthrodragon packer medium in a medium firmness and rogue color.

  10. very hard to choose for me either the nox the night drake or david the werewolf both small with black and glow in the dark blue marble. For my boyfriend the medium basilisk serpents gaze.

  11. My dream BD toy would be a Mini Cockatrice with a yellow base and a light aqua to blue fade 😀

  12. I want a small, firm Crackers in their new star color!

  13. If I could have any Bad Dragon product, it would be one that they don’t have anymore. It’s a bit like the Breeder. Probably a maroon or burgundy. Medium firmness.

  14. If I could have any Bad Dragon toy I would definitely want the liger in medium in a dark grey and black marble and a black base

  15. Butterfly yellow Equine Rump, to fit with my $600 Fluttershy plushie that’s bigger than I am.

  16. Dream Toy?
    Well, it would be the Stubbs, since it’s going to be going away soon, and I can’t afford it right now. :<
    Aside from that, a Large Nox in an 8 firmness with a suction cup!

  17. I’d get a med Luka, 5 firm, electric blue shaft with grey base with cumtube

  18. Love Bad Dragon and already have a few, but I really want to get a medium Chance at some point soon :3

  19. Size:Small fermniss:medium color:silver

  20. If I could have any BD product, it would have to be a medium chance (firm) with a cumtube, preferably in marbled purple/dark purple. I use to have one just like it, but had to reluctantly get rid of it a while back, and I miss it greatly.

  21. I’m really aching to get a medium Razor The Doberman! I’m a huge fan of knots, and although Kippy The Caline has a pretty good one, Razor’s looks amazing! I’d get it as firm as it comes.
    I’d probably get it in marbled black and red. I just love the way those colors look on a toy!

  22. Next on my Bad Dragon wishlist is a medium Kelvin in firm with a suction cup, cast in natural colour.

  23. Any of the BD products? Well I could say all of them. But there is one I have lusted over for the longest time.

    Small David the Werewolf, Medium Firmness, With a Suction Cup. The color, was a custom split marble that I cam up with that to me had the thought it would look almost like just the most perfect shiny silver in the end.

  24. to design my own I would use a shape similar to the David the Werewolf but leave out the knots I would and deep ridges for lots of texture and give the tip of the dildo a round and angled end to hit the g-spot I would give it a flared base so it is harness compatible and anal friendly for those that chose to do anal.

    Love the giveaway! I hope I win!!

  25. Back again!
    Here is my entry for the prize pack:


  26. as small as they can manage. 4 firmness, pink and light pink

  27. If I could have any Bad Dragon toy, I would get a small Razor the Doberman or Moko the Liger in medium firmness with the new Infinity Star color, and a pack of teenie weenies.

  28. There are a bunch I’d like to get but right now I’ll say extra large unflared Chance (no way I could take it all but I have plans. haha) in wide split, with the split being at the halfway (or a bit higher) than usual. Color? Ahman… too good a question. Maybe tealish/turquoise and medium gray, been wanting that combo for ages (and I have some mockups of other toys in that scheme)

  29. Ah geeze, Well, I’ll make up another one :)
    Small Vergil (had one, was a favorite) in medium, or maybe a soft split. White and light blue marble maybe. Or white and some other kind of pastel color, I don’t usually do pastels but… 😉

  30. If I could get any BD toy that they currently make, it’d be another small tentacle in the medium firmness, with a suction cup. If I could pick any color it would be a neon purple tentacle with neon green suckers. I have one without a suction cup on the base, and it’s my favorite of them all.

    If I could have any toy that they should make, but for some reason haven’t gotten around to, that would be a harness-compatible toy with a wide, flat base instead of attached balls. Balls on a toy make it not sit right in my harness. :c

  31. To answer the question! There are so many I want, but I guess the one I’d like to have as a custom the most is a David Medium, Medium. The colour would be a fade like this guys claws, http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100721004415/warhammer40k/images/f/f7/Space_wolf_terminator.jpg With the blue armour colour for the base. In reality I want this so much more for the humour of it to me.
    But I’d love a Nox, Gryphon or Tongue~

  32. Oof. I guess if i could add one to my collection, it’d be the Breeder. A small, firm, and olive green. 😀 I also cant wait for the royal dragon to come out in a smaller size because a galaxy color blend would look great on that. :3 Thank you for this wonderful chance!

  33. The Werewolf Were-Able sounds fun, always wanted to try one. designing my own would be a black and red dragon, yea, yea, not original, I know, but still cool

  34. Medium Nox in firm, rainbow colored.

  35. I’d love to have a medium sized werewolf, soft, with dark natural coloring

  36. I would choose a large tentacle in soft firmness, green with glow in the dark highlights. (:

  37. Spritz the Sea Dragon, soft, in a marblized pattern of blue, white, and gold

  38. If I could have a Bad dragon toy, I would want the Ridley Xenogon because I’m a huge Alien/H.R. Geiger fan, so it wouldn’t just be a toy, but something wonderfully geeky. I’d get the small, medium firmness, in Natural (which, for that toy is a white highlight over black; very, very much in step with the film). No cum tube or suction cup needed.

  39. I would love to have a medium Terra in soft firmness, with a jungley theme like orange, blue and green :3

  40. I would have to choose the Gryphon, since the Wolf Dragon only comes in one size. Probably small, since I am a very small person and small…down there. The firmness would be medium to firm for a full feeling, and the color would probably be blue fading into green.

  41. Bad-Dragon, Bad-Dragon,
    I lift up my flagon,
    And tip back a cold one for you.
    For never has there been
    In all the days I’ve seen
    Any who crafts as you do.
    From dragons to gryphons,
    You’ve moulded them each
    Immaculate in form and in hue.
    Diphallius sharks
    Knotty canines,
    Even a tentacle or two,
    And though there are others who make feeble attempts
    To Bad-Dragon I will e’er stay true.
    For only their plethora of predator peens has me telling all others adieú!

  42. Well,
    I’ve already happily adopted a Wolfdragon, Cockatrice and Tail Stretcher.
    I’ve totally been eyeballing a Vasu in a Medium/5 Firmness.
    I’m drooling over the Infinity Star limited color they have at the moment <3

  43. I would choose a Naga, small size, medium firmness, Infinity Star color, and suction cup.

    I would design a dragon with inflatable knot. That would help people who want to enjoy the fullness but haven’t trained to stretch out to allow big knot to enter.

  44. If I could choose any Bad Dragon toy I want, I think I’ll go for…erg. I can only choose one? Come on! >:( It’s such a hard decision. It’s either going to be the Luka or the Ultimate Fantasy.

    If I get to have a free Luka, I’d like to try the small size one in the medium firmness. As for the color, I want something just as pretty as yours! It’s so rare to see very pretty Lukas and yours is just breath taking!

    If I get to have a free Ultimate Fantasy, I would like to try the small sized one too. I’m still thinking about the firmness. I might go with either Extra Soft for packing purposes, or Medium. As for color, I still haven’t decided either…if I want it for packing, probably something skin toned, and if it’s just for shoving it, probably something neon =P

  45. I think I would get the Moko the Liger in a size small or medium. Probably in soft firmness, dark natural color (toy exclusive), with a cumtube.

  46. I honestly would love to have any of their products. I currently do not own any but have a wishlist consisting of basically all of them. As far as size goes, while I can handle larger the Vamp by Tantus is about as big as I am truly comfortable with at this point. Color does not matter to me much, as long as it isn’t barbie pink. I tend to have varying ranges of firmness in my toys, from soft to glass.

  47. The toy I’d like most from BD is a medium sized, soft or extra-soft tentacle. With a light blue marbled on a so-dark-it’s-almost-black dark blue, with just s hint of purple highlight/undertone to the dark blue. Ideally with a suction cup, but I could deal without.

    A dragon based off the Lambton Wyrm would be pretty neat. A different sort of tentacle, more skooshy and slimy looking than the one they got. It’d be long without becoming too wide at any point.

    • Forgot to add that the toy idea would probably be in a medium firmness and a medium size. Since the width would need something firmer than a soft to stop it from completely flopping about. The size would be dictated by the length, though there’d very likely be wider smalls in their lineup.

  48. I have been eyeballing these wonderful toys for so long and have not worked up the nerve yet to get me one of them. There was a wolf one called The Wolf Dragon, The Dragon’s tongue looks awesome too. I have a thing for Dragons and wolfs I would go with something along those lines.

  49. I’ve actually always wanted the gryphon. And the above color combination is just so…COOL.

  50. I’d pick the anthrodragon packer medium in a soft firmness and rogue color

  51. Well my one and only BD toy is my gorgeous lady Nox, but I really need something a bit smaller and softer then her for an easy warm up.

    Been considering either a small Gryphon or a Meng in medium firmness. My current favorite color idea is a marble of black, light blue, and silver, metallic throughout. The silver is optional as long as there’s plenty of metallic light blue in with the black, and the colors are more swirled then solid blocks. No cumtube or suction cup, wouldn’t work where I toy and I don’t really want em.

  52. I would prefer to have the werewolf if I could have any bad dragon toy, my wife and I do a lot of strapon play and it specifically says its wearable. I like soft firmness and blue colors.

  53. If I were to choose a product right now I would want a small Nova in medium firmness in the infinity star color.

  54. Werewolf for sure. Small with that awesome new galactic color and probably medium. This is a great giveaway!

  55. Small Nox, Med firmness, dark red shaft, dark green base, cumtube

  56. I love Nox the night drake

  57. My ideal BD toy would be a medium crackers with a medium firm split. I’ve never had a suction cup so that would be fun too. Coloring would be tropical, orange/pink/blue.

  58. It would have to be the Werewolf Were-Able.. probably in a med size, now that would unleash the beast!

  59. I would want a legacy breeder in size small, medium firmness with a black base, suction cup, and some sort of neon fade or marble for the shaft. The Night Drake shape looks very intriguing, but I am pretty sure that it would be too thick for me.

    Unfortunately, it seems that Bad Dragon seems to have discontinued nearly all of its more reasonably sized toys in favor of “improved” (read as: way bigger) revamped versions. Even the “small” size ones are mostly huge now… when a “small” size is even offered, that is. I couldn’t afford to buy a legacy breeder while they were still being sold, so now I guess I will never have one. Still pretty upset about that.

  60. I would choose Nova the Breeder, medium, medium/firm split, with a cumtube , dark natural color.

  61. Oh man. I had WAAAAAYYYY too much fun on the BD website. Mostly because when I found the toy that I lusted after my mind couldn’t stop whirring on all the sexy ways in which I would use it on/with my wife. You see, Nox the Night Drake looks like just the sort of toy for her. It would be size small (which is still the largest toy she would own), soft (so that the texture isn’t too intense) and I want it to have that bright pink for the head and the pictured “natural dark” shaft. Suction cup, check. Cum tube, no thanks.

    I can picture that soft pink head peeking out from the night black skin only because Nox is so turned on by the willing human female requesting his attention. Since Nox is so big I’m sure she’d feel every ridge and bump as he gently, but deeply, has his way with her. He might even demand that a willing husband apply his tongue to her sensitive regions. Oh my! You can see how worked up I got can’t you? 😉

    Now to design my own dragon … this one is easy and really really difficult. I would like to see a double penetration take on good ol’ Anime tentacle porn. I envision 2 tentacles. One roughtly 1.75 wide and another slightly smaller, say 1.33 wide. Both of a similar insertable length. The brilliant part of my idea (which I have no idea how to engineer) is that you would have this type of “pitman arm” base. You insert one vaginally and one anally. Holding onto the base you can twist in motion similar to if you were to screw or unscrew a long pipe into the ground (I suck at written descriptions). This wrist turning motion would withdraw one of the dildos while inserting the other deeper. That way you could twist your wrist back and forth and have each end independently fucking you. I think there would have to be an actual hinge connecting each end and attaching to the base. I don’t know, I’m not the engineer.

    Wow! I got off on a tangent, back to the design and how it relates to anime. I remember a specific anime where “Gehoki of the demon world” was holding a school girl (natch) and he had two tentacles under her skirt and they were moving in and out in a rhythm. I’ve seen on the internet (cough cough, that’s b-money’s time) plenty of home-made dp’s where this “one goes in, one goes out” rhythms seem to be quite enjoyable to the person being penetrated.

    I forgot to mention, the tips of each end would be somewhat rounded, I think that if it were a sharp point it wouldn’t feel as good.


  62. I think I’d want the Tentacle…I’m new to fantasy toys and that one scares me least (the ones anatomically modeled on actual animal penises, while intriguing, half scare me). I’d probably want it medium in both size and firmness, in dark natural. Possibly not as interesting as it could be, but I prefer to ease myself into things slowly.

  63. Right now I don’t own a Bad Dragon product, But when I do buy one I will probably go with Nox the Night Drake (in medium size, medium firmness, And for I would probably go with the basic color (I don’t know enough about patterns and colors, so it probably wouldn’t look good))

    Thank you for making this give away.

  64. If I could get any BD toy, it’d be a medium Flint the Uncut Studded Dragon, no tube, and in that metallic mishmash called Steampunk Stud. The pearlescent color, the size, the texture, and the rounded head all contribute to this one looking the most tantalizing out of the whole pack. Pricing, alas, is $145 for that size and options.

  65. I’m so in on this!! I love Bad Dragon, just ordered 2 toys last week! (my first ones)

    If I could choose any toy from their website right now it’d be the Cockatrice, it’s so beautiful.

  66. I would probably get a firm medium Razor. I think I would get it in the natural color.

  67. The monstrously fun looking Crackers the Cockatrice (Large) in the Regal Alpha coloring looks amazing. The Extra Large might not actually fit anywhere (LOL)

  68. Bad dragon? what a lovely thing. How I love to feel your infinite thrills. My legs quiver at the sound of their names, oh Nox! Oh luka! Oh Chance!!!! So have a seat and prepare your holes for a thrilling because these bad boys are quite filling. There’s no surprize to the eyes these boys will fill every inch of your furry desires. Don’t hold back your cum these toys are much too fun!

  69. If I was designing a dragon I’d focus on texture the whole way through the shaft – there’s enough knots in BD, yet most toys lack anything more than basic texture; Flint is one of my favourites with his ridges.

    As opposed to ridges, I’d try “mini knots” along the shaft; not a knot in the true sense, but just a round ridge. It’d be rather straight, if only to make it easier to ride. Hell, much like Flint again..

    Probably a medium; there’s no firm option for XL, which is where the real fun is. No idea on colours.. I’ve been thinking about getting a rainbow toy for a while, which could work well in this instance.

  70. i would love to have Mary the Anthro Mare, in the color dashingly blue.

  71. The medium sized tentacle would be what I’d order but I will have to think on the firmness a little longer. It would be for my wife and she is in between wanting something firm like the human appendage it is emulating and something soft to fuel the fantasy.

    Never mind, I have made the choice for her: soft for the fantasy.

  72. I have two more poems! Unillustrated, but I wanted to make sure I submitted them before the cutoff date. c:

    Bad Dragon, Bad Dragon, I’ve waited so long
    For something to fill my heart up with song~
    And not just my heart! But other choice parts,
    That sing for you glow-in-the-dark dong.~

    I once had this friend
    (And I swear it’s a friend)
    Who didn’t even know,
    That it was his wish
    For a Bad Dragon Cocksmith
    To make something that would Glow.

    He went online,
    And what did he find?
    But a Popsy Giveaway!
    That featured a thing
    Right out of a Dream;
    Bad Dragon saves the day!

  73. What Bad Dragon toy would I choose?
    My, if I could only decide on that…
    It has to have knot and fantasy shape, so I’m torn (pun intended) between xenogon, seadragon or maybe a gryphon.
    Size: only small seems realistic, otherwise would really love a date with fruit-colored Terra. And no, I’m not comparing them in excel!
    Color: They all look best in natural.
    Firmness: medium seems quite squishy from vids, so hard. Or maybe medium? (for ones with bigger knots).

  74. I’d get the Dragon Tongue size medium, with a medium firmness on the shaft and firm at the base. I’d get it with custom fading going from a light golden color to a deep, dark gold.

  75. I’d get the large Anthro Dragon, soft, in the toy-exclusive natural color.

  76. If I could design my own dragon toy, it’d be a hydra dildo with multiple heads. Size, color, and firmness would customizable but the default color would be metallic sea-green.

  77. I’d get either a small Flint in the steampunk stud with medium firmness or a small firm Nox in night drake .

    Since I’ve already got a riddley that I can’t take the knot for, and medium is softer than you’d expect but the flint is pretty bulky and I’m tiny.

  78. Who won? *twiddles thumbs*

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