Apr 022015

Peepshow Toys and I have (yet again) teamed up to bring you another awesome giveaway! 

When considering your next sex toy purchase (or even your first), thinking about how you’ll store the product isn’t exactly at the top of the list.  You scan through pages upon pages of silicone dildos, smooth plugs, and curved vibrators, looking for the right toy to satisfy your cravings.  Once you’ve made your selection, you press the order button and anxiously await your new prize.  After nearly knocking over the mailman, shredding apart the shipping box, and removing the toy from its package; it hits you: “How am I going to hide it?”.

Nosy roommates, younger siblings, children – they all have one thing in common. The need to go through your stuff.  While some are fortunate enough to not have this problem, others are left searching for clever ways to hide their sex toys.  This often results in misplaced items, disorganization, or damage.  After investing in a quality product, the last thing you want is something bad to happen.


My Joyboxx filled with a few items from my collection.

Peepshow Toys wants to help solve this dilemma, and are offering one lucky reader the chance to own a Joyboxx from Passionate Playground!

The Joyboxx is a complete storage system, providing you a safe place to clean, charge, and store your adult products.  The case is unassuming, and includes a lock for peace of mind.  You won’t have to worry about someone stumbling upon your charging vibrator, or discovering your fantasy dildo.  Check out my review here.

Peepshow Toys is dedicated to providing its customers with quality, body safe products.  The Joyboxx is no exception!  Fill it with your ‘go to’ sex toys, your lube, condoms, and more.  Only have a few products and aren’t sure you need a box this size?  Don’t be afraid to do a little shopping at Peepshow Toys to help fill it up.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Here are the terms:

  • Giveaway is open from April 2nd through April 30th
  • This one prize for one winner only (toys not included)
  • Item is sponsored by and shipped from Peepshow Toys
  • Open Worldwide, outside of US pays shipping
  • Winner will have 48 hours to contact me before a new winner is chosen

A huge thank you to Peepshow Toys for sponsoring this giveaway!  Be sure to check them out by clicking the banner below!


  11 Responses to “Experience the JOY Giveaway!”

  1. I think Peepshow Toys should carry some happy valley and Fuze toys, particularly their tango double dildo, the Spareparts and Rode-Oh harnesses, and offer some glass toys from different manufacturers.

  2. I think they should carry Blush Novelties for the lower price point.

  3. I would like to see peepshow toys selling some hole punch toys

  4. I would like to see Peepshow Toys carries more male masturbators & sleeves, such as fleshlight and Japanese Meiki.

  5. I think they have a good selection of things that I myself would be interested in. I would like to see more storage options though.

  6. Storage box is an awesome idea. Could it have an integrated combination lock?

  7. I checked out their selection, and I’d definitely like to see more color options. For example, their Mustang is only available in flesh tones. I’d also like to see more variety in their Kegel balls. They don’t have any separate Ben Wa balls that are metal. They do offer a lot of quality toys made of body safe materials like silicone and glass, and they offer a lot of toys that are affordable like vibes from Rocks-Off. I also like their prices. They’re selling the Liberator Wedge and Ramp together for way less than I’d be able to buy them from Liberator.

  8. I’d love to see them stock nJoy steel toys!

  9. I would like to see more in the Massage Items like massage oils, stimulating oils, edible oils along with wipes that smell like vanilla. I love being sensual with my partners before getting wild with them.

  10. Njoy items :)

  11. How about the Doxy wand?

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