Jun 022015

The Flurte is a brand new online adult retailer specializing in body-safe products.  Not only do they care about the safety and quality of the products they carry, but they hand select everything on the website.  If they wouldn’t consider purchasing it for their own bedroom, you won’t find it in their shop.  They understand how expensive sex toys can be, and while they can’t promise everything listed will be perfect for you, they do their best to offer only top of the line sex toys and sensual items.

flurtegiveawayTo help introduce you to their fantastic shop, we’ve teamed up to offer you an awesome giveaway!  Rather than selecting an item for you, we’d rather let you do the shopping.  Explore what The Flurte has to offer, and receive the quality product(s) of your choice!  Use the widget below to enter, but don’t forget to check out the terms below.

Don’t hesitate to stop by and check out what The Flurte is all about.  They’re driven people who genuinely care about providing you with only the best for your sexual needs!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

  • Giveaway is open from June 2nd through June 30th
  • There’s one prize for one winner only 
  • Item is sponsored by The Flurte
  • Open to US only
  • Winner will have 48 hours to contact me before a new winner is chosen

  23 Responses to “Flurte With Us And You Could Win!”

  1. I don’t use pickup lines. They all just sound too cheesy or labored to me!

    I’d use this gift card in for something that me and my partner both could enjoy :)

  2. If I won this id probably put it towards a stronic drei because I have a stronic eins and I feel like I want to play with something with more texture.

    I don’t use pickup lines myself, I don’t feel like I have to say something lame to get someone’s attention. I did recently receive a “your so beautiful that I forgot my pickup line” to which I responded with “I think that’s also a pickup line… and not a very clever one at that” that conversation ended really quickly

  3. I am married so I have no need to use pick up lines and I never used them in the past because they seem dumb to me.
    If I were to win, I “should” buy something for my wife but we have a collection of over 50 toys and only 3 of those are toys that can be used on me so I just might get myself something to play with.

  4. I would actually use the gift card on something for both my fiance and myself. As for pick up lines, I hate them. Can’t stand people who use them, partially because I’m not a natural conversationalist.

  5. I’d put the gift card toward something for myself that I could use on a lucky guy too, like a Rosa or a Fun Factory Bouncer. I used to jokingly use some lines in college with guys I had crushes on but knew…I didn’t believe in them enough to use on strangers!

  6. I’ve never used pick-up lines myself, nor have I had them used on me. Most are just way too cheesy and embarrassing honestly.

    As for what I would get, I’d probably put it towards a new vibrator like the Rosa, or Je Joue Uma; or get myself a nice harness.

  7. I’d spend this someone else. I get much more satisfaction watching.

  8. I think I’d get some kegel balls for me.

  9. I keep checking out the Hitachi. I’m not 100% decided yet but I think that is the one that I would go with.

  10. I have never and would never use a pick-up line. If someone tried using one on me I would be very disappointed. As for an interesting story?? I have been single for years because I have never known anything but cheaters. It would take someone very…stubborn and determined to change my mind. So, no, I don’t have anything interesting. I’m thankful for toys. 😉

  11. I don’t use them. I’m amused by them though.

  12. I see a lot of fun butt plugs, maybe a Bootie? And then see if my SO wants anything.

    • As for whether I’ve used them myself, I had great luck once by someone who challenged me to come up with a good one and I just pointed to his face and asked “is this seat taken?”

  13. If I won the gift card, I think I would probably put it towards a harness. So, it would be first and foremost a purchase for me, but also an investment. Hopefully down the road it’ll have been a purchase for someone else, too. Ha!

    I don’t use pick-up lines in the conventional sense, but I do use them to flirt with friends. Or, if say, a buddy of mine wants to wake up at a certain time and has asked me to text them, I may or may not rapid fire send pick-up lines to them as fast as I can until they reply that they’re awake.
    Very satisfying.

  14. I have used a few pick up lines in the pass to start a conversation with people but that is about it. I get a pick up line all the time especially while camming.

    I would use this on myself and probably get some cleaner for my toys.

  15. I think I’d get the Key Comet II but I’m also tempted by the Fun Factory Jam.

  16. I probably would get something for my guy.
    Maybe a c-ring so its also for me. 😉

  17. I would be getting a toy either for my gf or that I can use with her. We’ve had a lot of fun with anal plugs and dildos so probably something new in that area, also been looking at a hitachi for a while.

  18. I’d spend it on something for me and my hubby :)

  19. If I won, I’d definitely treat both my lady and me to a few bottles of the Sliquid Organics Massage Oil (Escape and Rejuvenation). We both enjoy giving each other massages so this would be really great. Plus you could never go wrong with Sliquid products, they’re amazing!

  20. I’d probably put it towards a stronic or a Vixen Creations toy for myself

  21. I don’t use pickup lines. I leave conversation with strangers natural, without specifically trying to flirt. When a woman flirts with me, I’m more likely to chat with her if she’s interesting.

    If I won the prize, I’d get a Tantus Plunge.

  22. I never use pickup lines. I find them to be a bit silly. I would rather someone just talk or ask questions.

    I would spend it on myself but I’m not sure on what yet.

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