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Aluminum Heat Wave Slender Massager from Cal Exotics

– Heat function
– Easy to use
– Waterproof
– Two levels of intensity
– Affordable
– Takes getting used to
– No curve/traditional shape
– Buzzy/weak


Aluminum Heat Wave Slender Massager full image


Typically when a vibrator feels warm during use, there’s cause for concern.  You look up the warranty information, and if possible, exchange it for one that doesn’t get toasty while you’re using it.  However, the Aluminum Heat Wave collection wants you to shift your thinking.  At first glance it looks like a normal, traditional style vibrator.  But once you turn it on, things start heating up!  It functions like a regular vibrator, features two intensity levels, and is waterproof, but the warming factor sets it apart.  The vibrations aren’t much to write home about, and neither is the shape, but if you’re looking for a new sensation, this might be just what you’ve been looking for.


The Aluminum Heat Wave Slender Massager from Cal Exotics is a traditional style vibrator with a unique twist.  Obvious from the shape and size, this product is meant to be used vaginally and on external areas of the body.  Because there’s no flared base, it’s not suitable for anal play since there’s nothing preventing it from going deeper inside your body than you intend.  You can tease the anal opening and perineum, but I would avoid inserting it.

Though a lot of fun to use alone, having a partner and a blindfold is a great way to heighten your senses.  Without being able to see what your partner is doing, they can run the warm vibrator along the sensitive areas of your body.  I often mention using glass and other materials for temperature play and doing something similar, but this comes with the added benefit of vibration.


The Aluminum Heat Wave Slender Massager is made from Aluminum (the shaft), ABS with Metallic Paint (the cap), and a Silicone button.  All materials are body safe, non-porous, latex free, and phthalate free.  They’re also easy to clean and care for.  You can simply wash with soap and water or your favorite toy cleaner, or you can sterilize with a 10% bleach solution. Aluminum Heat Wave Slender Massager - matte surface Since there are internal working parts, you obviously can’t boil it or use your dishwasher.  Though you’re safe to use other types, Cal Exotics recommends using a water-based lubricant with this vibrator.

Being aluminum, it’s obvious the toy is solid, and has no give or flexibility.  The surface is smooth and glides across the skin without the addition of lubricant.  There’s no intentional texture to the toy, but when you look close it has a matte surface.  It’s not shiny like many metal products are, but you won’t notice any additional sensation based on it either.


The Aluminum Heat Wave Slender Massager is available in Purple, Pink, and Silver.  I think a blue option would have been amazing, but you can’t always get what you want.  The silver is a great option if you’re looking for a color that’s a little different than the standard.

This vibe is about as basic looking as it gets, which actually makes it less discreet as a result. Unless you’re under the age of 15 (give or take), it’s likely you’ve seen a traditional style vibrator before.  If someone were to stumble upon this in your home, you’d have a difficult time explaining it’s anything other than a sex toy.

Aluminum Heat Wave Slender Massager - Basic design

There’s nothing unique or interesting about the shape.  It has a rounded tip, a straight shaft that doesn’t change in size, and a battery cap at the base.

The size will likely feel a little slim for someone that’s used to penetration or prefers a little extra girth, but it’s suitable for a beginner to an average toy user.  The total length of the vibe is 7 1/2″ with about 6″ of insertable length.  The girth is the same throughout the toy, and is 1″ in diameter.  If the size doesn’t seem right for you, there is a thicker version that runs on C batteries.

Aluminum Heat Wave Slender Massager - size comparison in hand


The Aluminum Heat Wave Slender Massager is powered by two AA batteries which aren’t included.  To insert them, you simply twist the cap counter-clockwise, and it pops off.  Inside the compartment, you’ll find a thin piece of cardboard that shows you exactly how the batteries should be inserted.  It’s important to leave the paper in place because it also helps decrease noise.

Aluminum Heat Wave Slender Massager - battery compartment/button

On the end of the cap you’ll find the only button the toy has.  It turns the toy on, increases the power, and turns it off.  The button doesn’t light up, but is easy to press and makes a clicking sound.  There are only two intensity levels, low and high, and there are no patterns.  This is really a very basic toy as far as the vibrations go, but fortunately that’s not all the toy has to offer.

According to the package, the vibrator reaches 124°F while vibrating.  It takes a few minutes to warm up, which is really interesting if you start using it while it’s naturally cool (it is metal, after all).  After about 3-5 minutes, the vibrator is as warm as it gets.  While 124°F sounds really hot, it’s not going to burn you, or even cause discomfort.  It might take a while to get used to it, but it’s completely safe.

The vibrations are nothing at all to write home about.  They’re weak and buzzy and will only be suitable for sensitive users.  Unfortunately, you can’t control the vibrations and heat separately, so you have to tolerate them if you want to use the heat.  I noticed when the vibe was completely inserted, I couldn’t really feel the warmth, but once I pulled it out and the end was closer to my opening, I was able to really experience it.

The sound is reasonable enough, and won’t disrupt anyone else in your home as long as you’re not in the same room.  You can only hear it through a closed door if you’re really trying to listen, so at least it has that going for it.


Aluminum Heat Wave Slender Massager - packagingThe Aluminum Heat Wave Slender Massager comes in standard plastic Cal Exotics packaging.  It’s clear plastic, has an image of the toy on the side, and is covered in information.  In other words, it’s not at all discreet.  Fortunately, it’s not important to keep since the vibe can be stored in a drawer or box, so you can break it down and dispose of it.  Most of what you need to know about the product is obvious from looking at it, but there are a few key points on the back that might be important to some (like the temperature).  The paperwork within isn’t very informative.  One sheet shows you how to insert the batteries, and the other is the same generic information included with all Cal Ex items.  Nothing else is really necessary since instructions aren’t required for this vibe.

Aluminum Heat Wave Slender Massager - package contents


The first thing I check when I receive a battery operated toy, is what kind of battery it takes.  When I saw the Aluminum Heat Wave Slender Massager took AA’s, I felt hopeful that it would be at least somewhat powerful enough for me (maybe even just for warming up?).

I wasn’t sure if the heat would really do anything for me, especially trying to relax with a warm vibrator inside of me.  It’s different with a dildo because you’re heating it up or cooling it off, it played mind games with me when I used it because it was vibrating.

The vibrations didn’t do much for me (same with the shape).  It was okay enough as a tease, but there’s no way I could even force an orgasm with it.  The first time I used the toy, I decided to insert it while it was cool, and allow it to warm up inside of me during use.  This proved to work against my mind.  It was almost like a panic situation, because vibrators aren’t supposed to be warm.  All signals went off in my mind that something was wrong once I started to feel the heat, and I couldn’t seem to take my mind away from that.  I set it aside and decided to use it later on.

The next time I let it heat up before inserting it, and I found it was much easier to relax that way.  Bizarre how the mind works, huh?  I enjoyed holding it inside my body for a while, and slowly pulling it out.  About half way out, I could really start feeling the heat, and it really heightened my senses.  With my go-to vibe on my clit and the warmth of the Heat Wave inside me, I could definitely tell a difference in the quality of my orgasm (yes, the quality).  The vibe wasn’t even close to being enough on its own, but was an added element that ended up enhancing my play time.

Not sure if this vibe is right for you?  Fortunately it’s fairly affordable when you purchase it through  Even if the shape, vibrations, and size aren’t enough for you, the warming element is certainly something fun to add to the table.

calex250Aluminum Heat Wave Slender Massager was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review.  This is in compliance with FTC guidelines.

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  1. Hmm, I have been hearing about these heat up vibes lately. I am not sure if I want something to already heat up in me it is different then using a dildo that is for sure.

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