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– Variety of sizes available
– Stays in place
– Helps prevent chafing
– Comfortable
– Sexy
– Won’t last forever
– Longer band options would be nice
– Must be washed after each use




If you have thicker thighs, you’ve probably been plagued with the painfully annoying discomfort known as thigh chafing.  This chafing occurs when your thighs rub together, creating friction that can lead to raw skin and irritated bumps.  It’s far less likely to happen when you’re wearing pants, but short shorts, skirts, and dresses leave your delicate skin unprotected.  You shouldn’t have avoid cute dresses or overheat during the summer months just to prevent chafing.  Bandelettes are here to help!  These attractive bands provide a thin layer of fabric between your thighs; keeping your skin protected and your mind focused on all the fun you’re having!  With a variety of sizes and colors available, there’s an option for just about everyone.


Bandelettes are currently available in four different designs; three lace patterns, and a plain band.  The lace bands look cute and flirty when worn underneath denim shorts, and look like sexy thigh highs when worn beneath a skirt or dress.  The plain bands are unisex and are perfect for anyone that’s physically active (since chafing doesn’t just affect women) or those that require an extra layer of fabric over their sensitive skin.

bandelettes(Images taken from the Bandelette gallery on their website)

Untitled-5So why not just wear thigh highs?  Two huge reasons – you don’t have to worry about your legs feeling suffocated, and you can ditch the garter belt.  Inside the bands, along both the top and bottom, is non-slip silicone.  This silicone prevents the bands from slipping, keeping them right where you need them without requiring additional support, extra clothing, or tape.  Once in place, you can go about your day without worrying about them slipping, sagging, or needing to be readjusted.  It also doesn’t matter how hairy your legs are or how sweaty you become.  They won’t budge unless you manually remove them.

Untitled-6The lace of the 1004 bands are made up of bold flowers and leaves.  The edges have a soft scalloped look which gives them a nice, feminine touch.  Because of the contrast, it’s easy to see your skin through the lace, which is also very sexy.  Trying to prevent chafing doesn’t have to look unappealing.  These bands are attractive enough that they could easily be confused with lingerie, and there should be no embarrassment when removing your clothes in front of your partner.  Chances are, unless you tell them why you’re wearing the bands, they’ll probably think it’s for them.

Bandelettes come in white, black, beige, caramel, and red.  So whether you’re looking for something that will blend in with your skin tone, or you’re hoping to flash a little color, there are some good options.  It would be nice to see some additional brown tones, and some fun and funky colors added, but the variety should satisfy most.

-Feel/Quality Check-

Lace can be hit or miss.  Sometimes it’s too scratchy and irritates and other times it’s so delicate you have to be careful even handling it.  But every once in a while a company finds the perfect balance.  Bandelettes are very soft and comfortable, and while they won’t last forever, they’re not likely to rip or tear within the first few uses (unless done intentionally).  Like all lace, it can snag, so be careful with your fingernails, pulling up shorts/skirts with zippers, jewelry, etc.

As you’re putting the bands in place, you’ll notice the silicone feels a little tacky.  It might feel a little odd as you’re getting them adjusted, but once everything is even and in the right place, you don’t really notice them.  After you’ve worn them for a while, it’s almost like they’ve become a part of you and it’s easy to forget you’re even wearing them.  However, if you remove them after a while and try to put them back on later, you’ll run into some problems.  The silicone won’t be tacky enough to keep Untitled-4them in place, and it’s likely they’ll slip down your leg and around your ankles – which could be quite embarrassing depending on the circumstances.  After you’ve taken them off, they’ll need to be washed before you can wear them again.

The sets I received both came in excellent shape.  No part of the lace was frayed, the stitching was spot on, and the silicone bands went around them without any breaks.  The quality is really excellent, and these will last through at least a few uses with proper care.


Bandelettes are made from 90% Nylon, 10% Spandex, and Stay Up Silicone.  The fabric is nice and stretchy which makes them easy to put in place and prevents them from bunching since they bounce back into place (they don’t get stretched out through wear).

It’s important to keep the silicone feeling tacky, so avoid using lotions, oils, or powders when you wear them.  Even if you’re freshly showered and apply nothing to your skin, you’ll need to wash them after each use to refresh the silicone.  For best results and to extend the life of your Bandelettes, it’s important to hand wash them.  The website says to hand wash in cold water, but the package says to wash in warm water, so just use your best judgement.  Use a mild detergent (a lingerie wash works great), and make sure to rub the silicone with your fingers all the way around.  This will clean off any particles they may have picked up while wearing them.  The package also warns against using bleach, and states they should drip dry.

-Sizing/How to Measure-

Bandelettes are available in a total of six sizes, and the website gives clear and simple directions for measuring to find out which size is best:

“Use a flexible tape measure to measure the width of your thigh while in standing position where you plan on wearing Bandelettes”

They also have a video you can watch which will make it even easier to see how it’s done.  If your measurements fall between sizes, they recommend purchasing the smaller of the two.  If the bands easily slides down your legs (when they first arrive), they’re too large.  If you experience rolling, they’re too small.  Fortunately, they’re willing to exchange your Bandelettes for the correct size, as long as they’re unworn – which to me, really takes the worry out of finding the perfect size for you.


  • 21″-22″ (53-56 cm) A
  • 23″-24″ (58-61 cm) B
  • 25″-26″ (63-66 cm) C
  • 27″-28″ (68-71 cm) D
  • 29″-30″ (73-76 cm) E
  • 31″-32″ (78 cm-81 cm) F

My thighs measured 31.5″, so I first chose a size F.  They fit me well, but I wondered if I should have gone down a size, and was kindly sent a second pair of Bandelettes in a size E.  Both bands have the same length of 6″, but the widths were different.  I’m a taller woman, and would have liked to see bands available in a variety of lengths and widths.  Perhaps a 7″ and 8″ option for those of us that have a little more thigh to cover.



Untitled-1Bandelettes arrive on a piece of thin cardboard that’s surrounded by an informational paper, and tucked inside a plastic bag.  The front of the bag has a sticker showing which size it contains, and the back has a small area were you can view them without first opening the package.  All the important information you need to know can be found on the back.  It’s obvious what these bands are for based on the information, so if you’re uncomfortable with someone finding out you’re trying to prevent chafing, you can simply remove the paper and keep them in the plastic bag.  The bag isn’t great for long term storage, but it is important to keep the lace away from anything that will snag it, and the silicone away from dust particles.  After washing and drying, it’s best to fold them up, and place them inside a sandwich bag before storing them in your drawer.


My whole life I’ve struggled with thigh chafing.  I wore dresses and skirts a lot as a teen, and dealt with the discomfort the best I could.  Why?  Because I was too embarrassed to talk about it, and I had no idea it was a common problem.  If my outfit allowed, I would sometimes wear thin shorts, but that just added another layer of clothing that would make me too hot.  It seemed like there was nothing I could do to get comfortable.

As I got older, I stopped wearing dresses and skirts, partly because I wasn’t involved in a church any longer, and because I had gained weight and felt uncomfortable in them.  In June I attended a wedding, and wore a dress for the first time in 8 years.  I was so nervous, and really dreading the thigh chafing I knew was going to plague me.

A couple weeks before the wedding, I reached out to Bandelettes, and they kindly sent me a set of Black 1004.  I tried them on to make sure they fit, and set them aside to wear at the wedding.  As I got dressed, I slipped them on and was impressed by how well they stayed in place.  The first hour of wearing them, I kept imagining they were slipping, but it was my own insecurity.  As the day wore on, I completely forgot all about them.

Untitled-7I did notice about an inch below the bands, I had some light chafing, but that was because I had to wear the larger size higher on my legs.  It was very minimal and didn’t affect my experience.  I wore the bands for six hours without needing to adjust them, and they mostly prevented my thighs from chafing.  Once removed, I inspected them for wear, and did notice the material was a little worn where my thighs kept rubbing (keep in mind, I was dancing for a good portion of the night).  Naturally, these won’t last forever, but for the price, I’m impressed that they held up so well.

When my second pair arrived, I decided to wear them underneath a pair of shorts that are just short enough to create some chafing.  My husband and I went out for about three hours to run errands, and they stayed in place the whole time.  The one issue, the upper part of my leg got slightly irritated since I had to wear these a little lower.  This is why I feel longer size options would be smart.  Had they been 7″ or 8″, it’s unlikely I would have experienced any chafing at all.

Since I only wore them for a few hours, I figured I could wear them the next day without washing them.  We went to the mall, and as we were walking, they started to slip down my leg.  I had to keep holding up one side so they wouldn’t fall down in the middle of everything, but I managed to make it onto a fitting room before casually slipping them off, then into my husband’s pocket.  I felt so embarrassed, but I’m sure no one noticed.  So take it from me, even if you only wear them for an hour, make sure you wash them before wearing a second time!

Overall, I’m very impressed.  The price is compatible to many thigh highs, only you don’t have to deal with the hose on your legs or a garter to keep them in place.  I feel if you get at least a few uses out of them, you’ve gotten your money’s worth since most hose will run after wearing once or twice.  Had my legs been shorter or the bands a little longer, they would have been perfect for me, but I’m quite pleased with my experience overall!

You can purchase your own set of Bandelettes by clicking the banner below!


These Bandelettes were provided to me free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review.  This is in compliance with FTC guidelines.

  4 Responses to “Review: Bandelettes”

  1. I’ve put off buying bandalettes because I know they are going to be too short for my looong thighs (my thighs are disproportionally long for my body) and will cause chafing. I really hope they start making longer options soon, because I’ve heard so many good things about them and would snap those up LIKE THAT. 7 or 8 inches would be A+.

    • I’m so glad you commented and shared your thoughts. As I said in my review (which is seems you’ve heard before), they’re amazing, but taller people with longer legs need more length than 6″ of length. I hope the company reads your comment and takes that into consideration. Thanks so much!

  2. I want to try these as well, but the length is what puts me off. I considered getting mutiple pairs to cover my thighs with, but I figured that defeats the point a little bit.

  3. Never heard of these before but I think I want to get me a pair. Wow no dress or skirt in 8 years I am proud of you for giving it a shot and that these worked out for you.

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