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Body & Soul Sultry from Cal Exotics

– Great shape
– Multiple settings
– Waterproof
– Decent power (for using 3 AAA batteries)
– Buzzy vibrations
– Texture might not be right
– Silicone has an odd texture/lint collector




Some products you get look promising, but the moment you hold them in your hand all hope flies out the window.  The surface of the silicone is really gross feeling.  It’s really unlike anything I’ve ever touched before.  It almost wants to feel oily, but doesn’t.  It wants to be smooth, but isn’t.  And to top it off, it’s a major lint collector.  Once lubricated, it’s a different story, but it’s hard to get past the first impression when it’s so negative.  For being powered by 3 AAA batteries, the toy has some decent power behind it, but it’s on the buzzy side.  If you’re sensitive to vibrations, this would be a fine choice, but it won’t be strong enough for someone who needs deep power.  It’s an okay product that has good things going for it, but it’s not something I’ll be keeping within reach.


The Body & Soul Sultry from Cal Exotics is a battery powered vibrator that has a wonderful shape and lightly textured shaft.  It was clearly designed to work well with the female anatomy.  The curved tip is not only great for targeting the G-spot, but it also works well when you use it externally; on your clitoris, perineum, and other pleasure zones.

This vibe works well for solo play, but you can also use it with a partner.  The size is modest and the controls are easy to understand.  Though it doesn’t have a flared base, experienced anal players would probably feel comfortable using the toy thanks to the design.  The base of the toy has a curve that would make it less likely to get lost inside your body, but you shouldn’t use it for anal play unless you feel comfortable.  There are much better vibes available that have flared bases, so use your judgement.

Thanks to an o-ring around the battery compartment, this toy is totally waterproof.  You can take it into the tub or shower without worry, and it makes cleaning the toy much easier.


Body & Soul Sultry is made from silicone (for the insertable portion and the buttons), and ABS plastic with PU cote (for the battery cap).  Both materials are non-porous, latex free, and phthalate free.  When it comes time to clean you can use warm water and soap or your favorite sex toy cleaner, and can sterilize with a 10% bleach solution if you’re sharing or switching between orifices.  Being silicone, the toy is only compatible with water-based lubricants as other types could cause the surface to degrade.

The silicone is very firm and doesn’t flex or move since it’s more of a sleeve covering the internal parts.  You can lightly squish it with your hands, but it’s not noticeable enough to feel during use.  This type of silicone feels really odd to me.  It has a major issue with dragging across the skin and picks up a lot of lint (which isn’t uncommon), but it has this bizarre oily/smooth/weirdness that I don’t care for.  Once lube is applied it’s not an issue, but I don’t like the texture of the silicone.

Untitled-5The top and bottom of the insertable portion are smooth, but the center has three ripples of texture.  From the front and back it looks like smooth arches, but on the sides they take on a ‘V’ shape.  During use it provides a very short ribbed sensation, which might be stimulating to some, but bother others.  It really depends on your personal preferences.  The ridges are deep enough that you need to pay extra attention when cleaning between them, but they aren’t exaggerated enough to cause discomfort.


The Body & Soul Sultry is available in blue, pink, and purple.  The purple is a nice deep shade which, fortunately, doesn’t seem super girly.

The overall look of the toy isn’t realistic in any way, but it’s also not very discreet.  It would be obvious to most that it’s a vibrator if they picked it up, so it’s best to keep this one hidden if you don’t want others knowing you have sex toys.  The design is fairly common for a vibe, but it does have some differences.  The tip is curved up, the shaft features some texture, and the controls are at the base.  The battery cap has a different shape to it, but the whole thing is fairly basic.

Untitled-7(The marks between the textured area are worn spots. Photos were taken out of the package)

The size is quite modest, though might be too much for someone who isn’t used to penetration, especially when you consider the texture.  The overall length is 6 3/4″, but only 4 1/4″ is insertable.  The girth ranges from 3 3/4″ (at the thinnest point) to 4 1/4″ in circumference.  It’s very manageable for the average user.



Untitled-4The Body & Soul Sultry is powered by three AAA batteries which aren’t included.  The battery cap easily twists and pops off, revealing the cavity which is sort of clover shaped.  At the top, the plastic has the plus and minus signs printed into the plastic, which make it easy to tell how to insert them.  Once in place, you line up the cap, twist it back on, and you’re ready to power it up!

There are a total of three buttons that make up the controls.  One turns the toy on, cycles through the patterns, and turns the toy off.  The other two are in control of increasing or decreasing the intensity of the vibrations.  To turn on, you press the center button that looks like a tear drop.  One press will bring you to the first setting which is a steady vibration, and each press after that will take you to a patterned setting.  No matter which setting you’re on (steady or patterned), you can increase or decrease the power by using the other two buttons.  When it comes time to turn the toy off, you have to hold down the tear drop button until the toy powers off.  If you keep pressing that button you’ll just keep cycling through the settings.  When it comes time to turn the toy on again, you’ll always start off on the first setting, it doesn’t hold your place. There’s a total of five intensity levels and five rhythms.  According to the included paperwork they are:

  1. Untitled-6Vibrate
  2. Surge
  3. Inta-Surge
  4. Intermittent
  5. Roller Coaster Spurt

When the toy is on, you’ll see a light glow around the button in the center.  It remains steady when you’re on the steady vibration setting, but will flash according to the setting you’re on.

The vibrations can be felt evenly through the shaft of the toy, but are weak enough in the cap that they shouldn’t cause your fingers to feel numb.  Considering the fact this toy runs on AAA batteries, it has a fair amount of power behind it.  The vibrations aren’t deep and rumbly, but they’re suitable enough for the majority of users.  If you need something really powerful, this won’t be it, but for everyone else, the power is reasonable.

The sound level is a little on the loud side, but won’t wake the neighbors.  Without any white noise, someone might be able to hear you through a closed door when you’re on the highest setting, but adding a little sound should eliminate that concern.


Untitled-3The Body & Soul Sultry comes in a standard cheap white cardboard box that many Cal Ex items arrive in.  The package has an image of the toy on the front, along with product information on all sides (key points about what batteries it takes, the material, that it’s waterproof, etc).  It’s not very discreet for that reason, but it’s tasteful in the sense there’s no nudity on it.  Inside the package, you’ll find the toy sealed in a plastic bag, some generic information on caring for Cal Ex products, and a smaller paper specific to this toy.  Nothing major, just battery information and what the patterns are.  The package isn’t great for storage and can be broken down and disposed of since everything you’d need to know about the product is contained within the included paperwork.


The Body & Soul Sultry isn’t a vibrator I would have chosen for myself.  The texture didn’t really interest me, the fact it was powered by AAA batteries was concerning, and the size seemed too small.  I figured this product was going to be horrible before I even opened the package, which was truly unfair of me.

The first thing I noticed was the way the toy felt in my hands.  I really, really don’t care for the way this material feels.  I love silicone toys, but this one just feels off to me.  I have a small issue with certain textures and this one made me want to drop the toy and forget about even trying it out.  After applying some lube it didn’t bother me as much, but I couldn’t get the feeling out of my mind.

I really didn’t love the texture.  It sort of bothered me since it felt like it should have been more or nothing at all.  Almost that annoying middle ground where you’re waiting for that great sensation and it just barely misses the mark.  The curved tip sort of made up for it.  When I kept my focus on the way it rubbed against my G-spot, I enjoyed the toy much more.

The power wasn’t enough for me to use internally, so I ended up testing it out on my clit.  The power was there (which surprised me), but the deep rumbles I really enjoy weren’t.  After a bit of time and a lot of rubbing I was able to get off, but this isn’t a toy I can relax and just enjoy; I have to really work for that orgasm.

Overall, I didn’t feel like this was the right toy for me, but I can see it becoming a favorite to someone else.  If you’re looking for an inexpensive toy that has moderate power behind it, it might be right up your alley.

You can find the Body & Soul Sultry on for a really reasonable price.

calex250The Body & Soul Sultry was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review through the Sexpert program.  This is in compliance with FTC guidelines.

  4 Responses to “Review: Body & Soul Sultry from Cal Exotics”

  1. This thing looks so ugly and then it is powered by AAA batteries, count me out I am so sick of toys being powered like this.

  2. I’m glad Heaven said it first; it really is unattractive. It’s probably easy to hold and control, but it’s not built for looks at all. Your reaction to the silicone is troubling, especially since you mentioned oiliness. Do you think it’s leeching chemicals? I’ll be staying away from this one!

  3. No, not leeching. Just the texture of the silicone. It’s not actually oily, it just feels really odd and oily was the closest thing I could compare it to.

  4. love your photos

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