Jun 112014

Ceramix No. 8 from Pipedream

– Made from body safe materials
– Waterproof and easy to clean
– Great for temperature play
– Subtle texture
– Easy to use
– Weak/buzzy vibrations
– Requires 4 AAA batteries
– Shape/size might not be right for some


Pipedream Ceramix No. 8 full image


Upgrading from a traditional vibrator can be a real challenge.  There are so many options available, that it’s hard to find the one that’s right for you and your needs.  If you’re looking for something that’s a little thicker but aren’t ready to try a curved toy, the Ceramix No. 8 would be a good choice.  Ceramic isn’t a material people often think of, but it’s awesome for a variety of reasons.  It’s safe to use, can warm up/cool off easily, and it’s very smooth.  The vibrations aren’t very strong, which is a big letdown if you need a lot of power in order to feel satisfied, but there is some variety.  All in all, it’s a good toy for someone that’s sensitive to vibrations, but it might be too simple for some.


The Ceramix No. 08 from Pipedream is a straight ceramic vibrator that’s just a notch above ordinary.  The shape isn’t very unique, but the material alone makes it an interesting choice since it’s not nearly as common (as silicone or glass).

The best use for this toy is obviously vaginal penetration.  Though there isn’t a specific G-spot curve,  the light texture provides a soft ribbed sensation that’s stimulating when thrust.  It might not be enough to make you climax, and it might not connect well with your G-spot, but that will all depend on your anatomy and specific needs.  You could also use it for broad clitoral stimulation, but uses are a little limited apart from that.

You certainly could use this toy with a partner, but keep in mind the unforgiving material might cause discomfort if thrust too aggressively.  The length is manageable, but you should still use caution.  Other than external teasing, those are the only uses for the toy.  Without a flared base, it’s not the safest option to insert anally.  Stick with vaginal and external use and you won’t have any problems.

One thing you can do to make your experience with this vibe more interesting is changing the temperature.  Since it’s waterproof (which means you can also safely use it in the tub or shower) you can submerge the toy in a bowl or sink full of warm or cold water.  This is the best way to change the temperature because of the internal parts.


The Ceramix No. 8 is made from Ceramic (the shaft), Silicone (the area before the battery compartment that has the company name on it), and ABS Plastic (for the battery cap and compartment).  All three materials are body safe, non-porous, latex free, and phthalate free.  They’re some of the best materials you can get for a sex toy.  For regular use, you simply wash the vibe with soap and water or your favorite toy cleaner (making sure to get underneath the silicone at the base – it can be a pain), but you can also use a 10% bleach solution to sterilize it.  Since there are internal parts, you can’t boil or clean in the dishwasher, bleach is the way to go.  Though the silicone area of the vibe is small, it’s still best to stick with a water-based lubricant since silicone-based lubes might cause that area to degrade.

Pipedream Ceramix No. 8 texture - colorCeramic is a very hard, smooth material.  There’s no give to the surface, it doesn’t flex or bend, and doesn’t offer any type of cushion during use.  If you enjoy firm materials and tend to favor glass toys, this is likely a material you’ll enjoy as well.

Though the material itself is smooth, the shaft has a ribbed texture to it.  The bulges are very light and they don’t feel overwhelming during use.  If you’re new to texture and aren’t sure what you like, this might be a good starting point.  However, if you need a lot of texture, this will likely feel too simple for you.


Ceramix No. 8 is a very artistic looking vibe, especially considering it’s coming from a large company.  All along the shaft, you see blue and purple bands.  This is actually a glaze that’s used, so you don’t have to worry about the color coming off or it being toxic and unsafe for your body.  There are some imperfections (that don’t effect use) that give it a handcrafted feeling to it – which is something I actually appreciate.

Pipedream Ceramix No. 8 design

The overall design is non-phallic, but it would be hard to pass this off as anything other than a vibrator.  The packaging calls it a ‘functional work of art’, but I don’t entirely agree with that.  You couldn’t get away with leaving this out on a shelf and saying it’s art without someone calling you out about it.  Though it’s not discreet (since you can obviously tell it’s a vibe), it’s a fun and non-threatening toy.  The tip comes to a rounded point, and is followed up by the colorful and lightly textured shaft.  At the bottom of the shaft is a ring of silicone where you’ll see the company name, with the battery compartment just below that.

The length of the vibe is reasonable, coming in at 7 1/8″ with  5 3/4″ of it being insertable.  The girth might be what turns some away.  It’s fairly thick for a straight vibrator that’s made from such a firm material.  It’s not beginner friendly, but if you’re used to penetration, you should be able to use the vibe with some warm up.  The size doesn’t increase drastically, but starts out at 4 3/4″ in circumference around the tip, and the base of the shaft ends at 5 1/2″.  Since the material is so smooth, it doesn’t take much lube to really make it slick.  As long as you take your time you shouldn’t run into any big size issues (unless you require small toys).  For those that enjoy something larger, it’s not bad and would likely work well as a warm up toy (if you require one).  It might make you feel full, but not stretched.

Pipedream Ceramix No. 8 size comparion to hand


The Ceramix No. 8 is powered by four AAA batteries which aren’t included.  The battery cap twists off revealing the tray that’s attached to it.  There are small marks that show you how to insert the batteries, so you don’t have to guess, which is always nice.  Once the batteries are inserted, you replace the cap and you’re ready to start using the vibe.  The bottom of the cap is where you’ll find the only button on the toy.  It turns the toy on, cycles through the functions, and turns the toy off.  It’s easy to press and in a convenient location, but you shouldn’t run into issues where you accidentally press it during use.

Pipedream Ceramix No. 8 battery and button

To turn the toy on, you simply press the button once.  There are no light indicators to show it’s on, so if you don’t feel the vibrations you probably haven’t inserted the batteries properly.  When the vibe is turned on, you’re feeling the first vibration intensity level.  Each press after that will bring you to the next setting.  There are a total of three intensity levels and three patterns.  They are:

  1. Steady Low
  2. Steady Medium
  3. Steady High
  4. Quick Pulse
  5. Two Quick Pulses, One Long (repeat)
  6. Chattering Surge

A seventh press of the button will turn the vibrator off, or you can press and hold the button for a few seconds.  No matter which setting you’re on when you turn the toy off, you’ll always start on the first intensity level when the vibe is turned back on.

The vibrations travel well through the whole toy, which is a good and bad thing.  They’re light and buzzy which might also mean your fingers will feel tingly as you’re using it.  If you need a lot of deep, rumbly vibrations in order to climax, you might catch yourself laughing at the power.  However, if you’re very sensitive or you’re looking for a teasing toy, this would be suitable.

The sound level is modest and shouldn’t cause you unwanted attention.  Someone would be able to hear it if they were in the same room with you, but no one would be able to hear it through a closed door.


The Ceramix No. 8 arrives in a white box with full color images on all sides.  It’s not very discreet, but it’s tasteful and attractive looking.  The front of the box features a flap that opens so you’re able to view the toy through the plastic without having to take it out.  There’s also all the information you need to know on the package, which is a good thing since there’s no additional information inside.  The top opens up and reveals the white foam your toy is nesting in.  There’s no way for the toy to move around in the packaging, so you can feel secure knowing it’s safe.  It’s a little large for regular storage, but should hold up for a while before you need to find another option (since a pouch isn’t included).

Pipedream Ceramix No. 8 packaging


Now that I’ve been reviewing toys for a while, I’m all about seeking out materials I haven’t tried before.  I’d heard about ceramic vibrators before, but the company stopped selling them before I could get my hands on one.  When I heard Pipedream was releasing a line of ceramic toys, I jumped on it.  Not only did they release six different vibrators, but they also released dildos and plugs you can fill with warm or cold water for temperature play.

When the Ceramix No 8 arrived, I was immediately impressed with the size of it.  I was expecting it to be much thinner, so it was a surprise in my favor.  I know it’s always a risk getting a toy that’s powered by AAA batteries.  Most are too weak for me to enjoy, but a few have surprised me.  I was really hoping this would be one of those surprised occasions, but unfortunately it wasn’t.

When it came time to use the toy, I found I really enjoyed the texture.  It’s light, but quite stimulating without being uncomfortable.  I also really enjoyed the girth.  It’s a little thinner than a lot of the toys I enjoy using, but the texture made it far more pleasing than a smooth toy of the same size would have.

Turning on the vibrations provided nothing but disappointment for me.  I need power, I need deep vibrations, and this vibe provided neither.  I wasn’t really expecting much, but had that hope in the back of my mind.  Instead, like so many other vibrators, I enjoyed using this one more as a dildo.  Though it didn’t have the obvious curve, it still provided enough stimulation that I enjoyed it.

Overall, I enjoyed it as a dildo, but the vibrations just weren’t enough for me.

Interested in picking up your own Ceramix No. 8 or another from the Ceramix line?  You can by clicking the banner below!

Ceramix No. 8 was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review.  This is in compliance with FTC guidelines.

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  1. Wow this whole time whenever I came across a mention of one of the Pipedream Ceramix toys I just though it was a name for the collection. Didn’t realize they were actually made of ceramic material. Duh haha Now that I’ve read your review I’m very curious on how my lady would like this type of material.

  2. 4 AAA batteries for a big ass toy like this, ugh when will they learn? It is cute but I think I will stay away from this one. I can’t stand toys that run on AAA batteries let alone AA ones.

  3. I like the colors they have for this line! I know the vibrations aren’t very strong, but the ribbing looks very nice :)

  4. That is one gorgeous toy. I probably wouldn’t get one myself though. The idea of vibrating ceramic kind of freaks me out. Ceramix’s dildo line however definitely looks like something that i might like to try.

  5. This is so pretty–I think I’d rather have it as a solid dildo than as a hollow vibe, though. The tradeoff (vibrations for what I’m assuming is increased fragility) isn’t worth it.

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