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Doxy Massager

– Various intensity/pulse levels
– Powerful vibrations
– Easy to use/understand
– Extra long cord
– Works with Magic Wand attachments
– Loud
– Lack of material information
– Expensive
– Corded/not waterproof




New wand style vibrators seem to be popping up all over the place, and are popular even as general massagers.  If you haven’t heard of the Hitachi (now the Original Magic Wand), it’s likely because you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade (or longer).  The Doxy Massager is similar, but offers different qualities that set it apart from the Original.  The varying speeds, higher intensity, and longer cord certainly are improvements, but there are down sides as well.  The improvements?  They come with quite the price tag, costing more than double what the Original Magic Wand does.  The extra power is always appreciated, but with greater power comes louder vibrations.  This is a ‘wake the neighbors it’s so loud‘ kind of product, which can be a real deal breaker if you need quiet toys.  It’s not a bad product, but it doesn’t seem worth the price tag that comes with it.


The Doxy Massager is a wand style vibrator that can be used on any external area of the body.  Sore back?  Check.  Throbbing clit?  Consider it taken care of.  Whether you’re sore after a long day or you’re in desperate need of an orgasmic release, this wand is a suitable option.

With the long handle and broad head, it easily reaches the areas that matter most.  You can give yourself a back massage without much discomfort, and can also effortlessly lay back and allow the vibrations to take you over the edge without straining to pleasure yourself.  Using the wand with a partner is simple and takes the pain out of manual massaging.  If you find massaging your partner is difficult on your hands, using a wand might be just what you need.

This massager is corded, which limits where it can be used, but the cord is a great length that doesn’t confine you to one small area.  The controls are also very simple to understand and are easy to use.  If broad stimulation isn’t your thing or you wish you could experience the vibrations internally, you can always look into purchasing a cap to go over the head of the toy.  The attachments made for the Original Magic Wand should fit (I have a Gee Wizard from Vixen Creations that does) and help provide some variety to the sensations.


The Doxy Massager has an ABS Plastic handle and a medical-grade PVC head (with Aluminum beneath it).  Both materials are phthalate free and latex free, but Doxy doesn’t go into further details about the material.  Is it porous?  Can it be sterilized?   These things are important and should be easily found on the company’s website and the products pages where it’s sold.  I reached out on twitter and asked them about it, this was their response:

If you’re still uncomfortable with using the toy directly against your genitals, you can purchase a silicone cap to go over the head, use it through your clothes, or put a barrier over it.  It seems as though there’s a general lack of knowledge about the material used, so it’s best to avoid sharing unless it’s covered first.  Because there’s not a lot of information about this material, I would stick with using only water-based lubricant to help things glide more smoothly.

Untitled-5The head of the toy is much softer than other wand style vibrators available.  It’s very squishy which provides comfort, but also allows you to apply as much pressure as you need.  The surface is completely smooth, lacking any texture or seams apart from a small circle in the center of the top (which isn’t felt during use).  The neck of the wand (where the head connects to the handle) is slightly flexible.  It’s far from being floppy, but will flex when pressure is applied.

The neck of the wand, the buttons, and the company name are the only obvious areas of texture.  Depending on how it’s used, you might need to pay a little extra attention when cleaning the massager.  Since the toy is electric, you can’t run it under water to clean it.  Instead, you can use a damp cloth and soap, toy wipes, or carefully spray your favorite sex toy cleaner.  You may need to take advantage of your designated sex toy cleaning tooth brush to clean the neck, but again, that will depend on how you used it.


Untitled-7The Doxy Massager is available from Lovehoney in Pink, White, and Black; but you can also find it in Purple.  The black has a matte surface and features a silver accent ring around the top of the handle.

The overall design of this massager isn’t out of the ordinary.  If you’ve seen other wand style vibrators before, you’ll find that this doesn’t stray from from the look of others.  Why fix something that works?  The size prevents it from being easy to stash, but it’s fairly discreet in general.  This is something you could easily say you use for body massage alone, and most wouldn’t question it.  The packaging even states that it’s for “Fast relief from stress and tension” – can’t argue with that.

The business end of the vibe is where you find the grey PVC head, which is followed by the flexible neck and the handle.  At the bottom you’ll see that the power cord is permanently attached and has a flexible plastic coil surrounding it.  The fact that you don’t have to plug the cord into the toy is helpful if you have a habit of misplacing things, but can make it a little more difficult to store.  The three buttons that control the functions of the toy are nice and large and in a convenient location.  Whether you’re using it on yourself or someone else, they’re easy to find and always near.

When the package arrives, it seems a little intimidating.  Never fear!  The image on the package and the box is actually much larger than the product itself.  If you’ve never handled a wand massager, however, it still may seem a little overwhelming at first.  From the base of the handle to the top of the head the wand measure 13 1/2″.  The head is 3″ long and has a circumference of 7 1/2″.  If you’re considering purchasing this for sexual purposes, keep in mind it only provides broad stimulation.



Untitled-4The Doxy Massager is corded and plugs into a regular wall outlet.  There are three buttons on the toy that control all functions; the power button, and plus and minus buttons.  When you press the power button, the vibrations begin, but not at the lowest level of power like most products.  After turning on the wand, you can increase the power six times, or decrease five; for a total of twelve intensity levels.

On top of the steady vibrations, you can also take advantage of the pulse mode.  When you turn the toy on, instead of just pressing the power button, press and hold it for a few seconds.  You’ll feel the toy start to pulse and from there, you can decide how fast or slow you’d like it to go by pressing the plus and minus buttons.  I think this is a really interesting feature since you get to change the pattern to suit your mood.  More patterned products need to be designed to function this way.

The power behind the vibration is strong, and mostly deep and rumbly.  On the higher intensity levels, you may find your skin tingles or even itches, but it’s more reasonable than the Original Magic Wand (in my experience).  The variety of levels is helpful for those that need to build up to more intense settings, but even the lowest setting might be too much for someone who’s very sensitive to vibrations.  Using a cap and placing it over clothing will help dampen the power as you get used to it, but the average toy user should feel it’s reasonable.

The sound level is far from discreet, but that’s to be expected thanks to the size and intensity.  If you have roommates it’s best to only use this vibe when they’re out of the home, since it would be difficult to conceal the noise.  You could simply say you were massaging sore muscles, but it would be rather embarrassing if someone were to walk in on your thinking you were just taking care of your back pain.


The Doxy Massager arrives in a cardboard box surrounded by a thin sleeve.  The outside shows an exaggerated image of the product on two sides and provides a very brief description of what exactly the package contains.  Nothing about it appears sexual and it’s tasteful enough that your grandmother could see it without questioning what it’s for.  When the sleeve is removed, it reveals a completely plain brown box.  Much more discreet, but might make someone curious.  Once opened, the toy is in full view.  It’s not resting in any kind of foam, it’s just hanging out inside the package.  The paperwork calls this a ‘Sport’s Massager’, so even if someone were to open the package, nothing makes it seem like a sexual product.  The box is suitable for storage, but is much larger than necessary.



Before I really knew which products worked for me and which ones didn’t, I heard of the Original Magic Wand and knew I had to get one.  Everyone raved about it, said the power was unbelievable, and was the perfect vibrator.  After purchasing one, I felt really let down.  It wasn’t at all what I had expected, and certainly didn’t provide me with the earth shattering orgasms everyone boasted about.  As time went on, I realized that the wand itself wasn’t at fault (though I would change a lot about it if I could), but that my preferences made it difficult to enjoy in a sexual way.  I have a hidden clit, and I prefer pin-point vibrations; two things that don’t mesh well with broad-headed wands.

When the Doxy Massager made its way into the US, I wasn’t sure if it was something I would be interested in trying out or not.  But once the reviews starting coming in, I thought maybe this one would work out better for me than the others, so I decided to give it a shot.

In my hand, I was impressed by the power and thought the vibrations were nice and deep.  However, the longer my hand held the top, the more tingly and itchy it became (especially on the higher settings).  I was afraid it would numb my clit and make it harder to orgasm from, but I didn’t notice that being a concern.  What did surprise me, was the fact that it took me so long to climax, and my orgasm was truly forced.  I had the wand cranked up to the highest setting, and it still took me much longer than normal.  As I said before, I know a lot of this has to do with my personal preferences, but it just didn’t work well for me.  I had to keep my labia spread the whole time, and no matter which setting I was on, it just didn’t seem to increase my pleasure.  If I was someone that enjoyed broad stimulation, I truly feel I would be singing a different tune.  Keep that in mind as you’re reading this.

There are a lot of things I feel are awesome about this wand, and others that just make me shake my head.

I love how long the cord is.  That was one of the things that annoyed me the most about the Original Magic Wand.  With Doxy, I can be sprawled out on my bed without having to make sure I’m on the side closest to the outlet and I don’t have to worry about it accidentally being unplugged while I’m massaging my husband.  This is a major pro in my book.  Another would be the variety of intensity levels.  It makes it so much easier for someone to ease themselves into the more powerful settings rather than drastically going from low to high.  I’m not huge on patterns, but I thought this function was really smart.  Usually pulse patterned vibrations can’t be changed or only the intensity can be increased/decreased.  The fact you can change how rapidly the pulse pattern is is a really awesome feature.

The lacking information about the material care is really frustrating.  That should be easily located on the company’s website so anyone, at any point, can read about it.  The fact that it’s PVC in general is frustrating.  Warning against using oils with a massager?  Seems kind of ridiculous, if you ask me.  People are going to use massage oils with the massager, it’s going to happen and people are going to end up ruining their wands.  I know the fact the head is plush is something a lot of people enjoy, but I think using silicone would have been a much smarter idea all the way around.  The sound level is one that really gets under my skin.  I know with power typically you have to deal with loud sounds, but I had a hard time focusing on pleasuring myself when all I could think about was how thin the walls in my apartment are.  I can hear my neighbors talking a lot of the time, there’s no way they couldn’t hear the wand while I was using it.  I’m sure they didn’t know what the sound was, but I shouldn’t have to feel paranoid while I’m masturbating.

This wand has positive and negative things going for it, but the price is really what gets to me.  It’s very expensive for what it is, in my opinion.  It can’t be sterilized (that I know of), it’s not rechargeable, and it’s not waterproof.  Where is the high price tag coming from?  Some might say it’s justified, but I’m not really sold on it.  I’ll use it to massage my husband’s back, but I’m not sure I’ll be trying to pleasure myself with it again.

If you’re interested in purchasing your own Doxy Massager, you can find it at Lovehoney by clicking the banner below. The Sexual Happiness People

The Doxy Massager was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review.  This is in compliance with FTC guidelines.

  3 Responses to “Review: Doxy Massager”

  1. Thank you for this enlightening review! I have read others with interest and it was good to read your take on the price of the product as I also felt that it was a very high price for what it was. I shall continue to watch this massager and wait longer before I consider purchasing!

    ~Mia~ xx

  2. Sorry to hear this did not really work out for you. I am having mixed feelings about trying it out as well. There different views on this massage that is for sure.

  3. I, too, prefer pinpoint stimulation. I really wish there was a way to make wand style massagers more enjoyable for the pinpoint-crowd. Smaller clitoral vibrators just don’t have the same power and attachments dampen vibration. C’est la vie.

    -Britt In Toyland

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