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Eroscillator 2 Plus with Soft Finger Combo

– Made from body safe materials
– Attachment variety (can also purchase additional pieces)
– Easy to use
– Extra long cord
– Three levels of power
– Can only be used while plugged in
– Power decreases with pressure
– Expensive


Eroscillator 2 Plus - full image with attachments

About the Eroscillator 2 Plus-

The Eroscillator 2 Plus is an oscillating massager and attachment set best used by those that enjoy external stimulation.  The shape and texture of the attachments offer a lot of variety, while the oscillations provide a completely different sensation than most vibrators.

The variety makes this a versatile product in terms of texture.  Chances are that no matter your preference, at least one of the attachments will work for you.  Use them on nipples, the clitoris, labia, penis, perineum, and anywhere else that brings you and/or your partner pleasure.  There are other attachments available that would work better for internal stimulation, but the ones included in this set are best suited for external pleasure.

 The body of the Eroscillator is made from plastic, while the attachments are made from TPR (other than the Ultra Soft Finger Tip which is made from medical silicon elastomer).  The materials are body safe, phthalate free, and according to Eroscillator, non-porous.

The website doesn’t explain the best way to clean the attachments, and mentions nothing about whether or not they can be sterilized.  Being non-porous, you’d assume it would be safe, but even the website states it shouldn’t be used on “any parts affected by Herpes or any other adverse condition.”  It might be best to avoid sharing if this is something you’re concerned about (or use with a condom).  The lack of information is certainly concerning, though shouldn’t be an issue if you use it on your own or with a long term partner.  The massager itself can be wiped down with a disinfecting wipe (but can also be taken apart as needed), but the attachments are best cleaned with soap and warm water.  There are many small crevasses on some of the attachments, using a soft bristled tooth brush helps.

Eroscillator 2 Plus - Ultra Soft Finger attachment's softnessThe attachments aren’t tacky, but they require some water-based lube to prevent them from dragging across the skin.  They do pick up small particles, but it’s very manageable.  Giving them a quick wipe/wash before use is suffice.  In general, the attachments are mostly firm with only slight give to the surface.  You can feel it in your hands, but less during use (I’ll explain why later on).  The only attachment that’s soft, is the Ultra Soft Finger Tip (usually referred to as the marshmallow attachment), but none of them are completely stiff or hard.

Eroscillator 2 Plus - included attachments

Above you’ll see the included attachments, three of which are double sided.  In order from left to right: Golden Spoon, Ball and Cup, Ultra Soft Finger Tip, and Grapes and Cockscomb.

Into broad stimulation?  More focused vibrations?  Like something smooth and soft?  Something lightly textured to tease?  Maybe something with a lot of texture to drive you crazy?  It’s all here.  If for some reason you feel it’s not enough, there are other sets that contain additional attachments which are available at a higher price point.

The attachments are easy to attach and remove.  You simply line up the bottom with the massager and press down.  You feel/hear a little click, and it’s in place.  You don’t have to worry about twisting it or trying to lock it in place, and when you want to clean or switch attachments, you lightly tug and they pop out.  They stay in place when you want them to, and come out easily.  It’s a really great design.

Eroscillator 2 Plus - power cord setup The Eroscillator 2 Plus is corded and can only be used when plugged into an outlet.  The adapter plugs into the bottom of the massager, locks in place, and still allows it to stand on a flat surface without any issues.  This design feature might seem really small, but makes a lot of difference if you ever need to set the toy down mid-session.  The issue with corded toys, is that you can’t take them with you wherever you want.  You MUST be near an outlet (and have power) in order for it to function.  This can be a major issue (and has been for me with other products), but the cord is extremely long and allows for some flexibility.

Once plugged in, the controls are very easy to use.  Rather than buttons, the Eroscilator features a sliding bar which allows you to experience the three levels of power.  When the bar displays 1, 2, and 3, you’re on the highest level of power.  You can decrease by sliding the bar down, and turn it off by returning the bar to the original location.

Eroscillator 2 Plus - control bar

1vibeThe power of the 2 Plus is actually less than the Top Deluxe, but should still be suitable for most.  If you require a lot of power, you’d only be paying $20 more for the Top Deluxe and would receive more attachments along with it.  Is it necessary?  I don’t think so, but it might be worth it to spend a little more if you’re concerned.

The sensation of the oscillations is definitely something unique which really sets it apart from other pleasure products (and obviously your own touch).  SheVibe has a great example on their product page (seen to the left) that is a fantastic comparison (and more accurately describes how it feels than my words ever would).


Considering the power this massager puts out, it’s very quiet.  No one would be able to hear you through a closed door, which is great news if you have roommates.  The humming is louder when it’s on but not being used, and decreases when the attachment is against the body.

1oscillationThe size might seem large if you’re used to bullets and smaller vibes, but the length actually makes it much easier to hold onto.  You don’t have to strain to reach if you have shorter arms, which makes it easier to lay back and really enjoy the sensation.  The length of the massager without any attachments is just over 8″.  The attachments vary in size and make the product between 10″ and 11 1/8″ in length.


Untitled-7The Eroscillator 2 Plus arrives in a very basic cardboard box that contains the product name on the front, and information about the product on the back.  It’s tasteful, but gives away what it contains.  When you open it, you’ll find the massager and attachments neatly tucked inside.  The cardboard shows the contents, including which attachments are included (the Ultra Soft Finger Tip is packaged separately).  The package works for short term storage, but getting a more durable box or pouch would be wise.

-What I liked-

The oscillating sensation is unlike anything I’ve ever felt before, and I’ve tried a lot of sex toys.  It’s erotic, gently guiding me into orgasmic bliss (like, seriously amazing orgasms!).  It doesn’t look like much, but it nearly expects you to slow down and take some time for yourself – which is something I need to allow every once in a while.  The three levels of power suit a wide range of users, and the highest is perfect for me.  I love power, and the Eroscillator 2 Plus didn’t let me down.

The attachments are great for variety, but some I enjoyed more than others.  The Golden Spoon was my favorite since it provided the most pin-point stimulation out of the four, which is my most desired form of stimulation.  I love that there’s something for nearly everyone, especially when tastes change overtime.

The way it functions is a breath of fresh air!  There are no complicated buttons, no indicator lights, and there’s no learning curve.  I didn’t have to bust out the manual to figure it out, so even someone who’s never used a sex toy would be able to plainly look at the massager and figure out how it functions.  With all the complicated vibrators companies are coming out with, it was nice to sit down with a product that was basic.

The cord is SO nice and long!!  Back in 2011 I purchased the Original Magic Wand thanks to the hype, and found myself annoyed after one use.  The cord wasn’t long enough for me to get comfortable during use, and I kept accidentally unplugging it at the worst moments.  I’m able to get lost in the sensation of the Eroscillator without having to worry about the plug accidentally being pulled out, which holds my focus on the pleasure I’m receiving.

-What I didn’t like-

Some of the things I enjoy, also have negative sides.  During use, you can’t apply pressure with the attachments because it decreases the power.  I love a lot of pressure, so this took some getting used to.  Because my clit is hidden, I have to use two hands or my labia spreader to lightly hold the attachments against my clit.  This causes me to take much longer to orgasm.  Sometimes I just want to get off fast and call it good – that’s definitely not something that this massager can satisfy (but when I take the time for myself, oh my gosh, it’s wonderful!).

The fact it needs to be plugged in can be frustrating.  I love that the cord is so long, I love that it locks into place, but it can’t be used quite as freely as a battery operated or rechargeable massger.  Having a wide variety of sex toys to choose from, that’s not a huge deal for me, but it’s something to keep in mind if you only have a few.

Not all the attachments were appealing.  The Ball and Cup was very underwhelming for me and I didn’t love the Grapes and Cockscomb, so I won’t be using those often.  I think Eroscillator would be wise to set up a build-your-own bundle that allowed you to choose which three (or more) attachments you wanted to include in your kit.  There are definitely others I would have liked to try instead, and I think having that sort of customization would be good for customers.

The Eroscillator 2 Plus is expensive.  This isn’t one of those products I could purchase on a whim.  The least expensive bundle is $140, with the most being $255 (apart from the gold version).  Now, with most luxury products (and I easily consider this one), a pouch or some kind of storage option is included.  The only kit that contains a pouch is the Eroscillator Gold which comes with a $470 price tag.  I don’t know about you, but there’s no way I could ever afford that!  So, after purchasing your Eroscillator 2 Plus, you also have to find a suitable way to store it.


The Eroscillator 2 Plus surprised me, and effortlessly exceeded my expectations.  I wasn’t sure if this version would be powerful enough for me, but it definitely gets the job done.  It’s not cheap, but I can honestly say some of the best orgasms I’ve had with a toy came from this massager.  Yes, my climax takes longer to achieve, but it remains pleasurable from the moment it touches my body to second I turn it off.  It’s one I’ve started reaching for on a regular basis, and I don’t see that changing any time soon!

If you’re interested in purchasing an Eroscillator 2 Plus (or another bundle), you can by clicking the banner below.


Eroscillator 2 Plus was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review.  This is in compliance with FTC guidelines.

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  1. I’m so glad to see you like it! I consider myself a power queen, so I’ve been wanting to get the Top Deluxe, but it’s so expensive. Maybe I’d like the highest setting on the 2 Plus too!

  2. I am glad to hear you also enjoy the improvement of this one. I always thought it was funny looking but it sounds like something I need to get my hands on.

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