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Flying High


-The Facts-

Title: Flying High – Sexy Stories From The Mile High Club
Author(s): Various, edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel
Publishing Company: Cleis Press
Trade Paper 
ISBN 978-1-62778-042-1 
5.25 x 7.75, 200 pages

Flying High is an anthology dedicated to a subject many have fantasized about – joining the Mile High Club.  Think squeezing into the lavatory is the only way you can hook up in flight?  This book is here to prove you wrong!  While you’ll find your share of restroom encounters, it covers a variety of situations you may have never imagined before!  Each story presents a totally different situation that might even spark an idea for your next flight!

The stories might all be focused on one main location, but you don’t have to be a frequent flyer to connect with them – and there’s a little something for everyone.  Same sex couples, threesomes, dom/sub situations, strangers, lovers, and more.  The variety is pleasantly surprising, and holds your interest despite the similar surroundings.  With nineteen well written and unique stories, don’t be surprised if you find yourself booking a flight by the end of the book.

-My Thoughts-

I have a confession – I’ve ever stepped foot on a plane and the Mile High Club has never interested me.  When I received this anthology, I really wasn’t expecting it to pull me in and keep my attention.  Having read other anthologies from Rachel Kramer Bussel, I knew it would be well done, I just didn’t think it would be right for me.

I was so wrong.

My second confession – most of my fantasies include both exhibitionism and voyeurism.  Before reading this anthology, I thought the Mile High Club was nothing more than people having sex in the plane’s restroom, plain and simple.  I had no idea what I was in for.  The sexy stories contained within the pages are perfect for anyone who’s turned on by the idea of sexual interaction in public; either participating, or observing.  The authors each wrote pieces that left me surprised by the ending, absorbed in the details, or amazed by the story idea.  It really took me by surprise, and I would highly recommend it to anyone’s that’s looking for the perfect book to read during their next flight, or for those of us who simply enjoy the rush of public play.  It’s well written, and sure to hold your attention!

And here’s a little taste to help you decide:

From “Flights of Fancy” by Geneva King
Flying High edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel

Linda woke to Eric’s elbow jabbing her repeatedly in the side. “What—”

He clamped a hand over her mouth. “Be quiet. I want to show you something.”

She glared, but nodded assent. He pointed to the two women in the row next to them.

It took her a moment to realize what she was seeing. The girl closest to her lay back against the chair with a blanket across her lap. Linda thought she was sleeping until she noticed her fingers were clenching the armrest. Her partner sat next to her, head snuggled above her chest. One arm disappeared under the blanket. Linda realized it led right between the brunette’s legs.

Linda removed Eric’s hand and leaned across him to get a closer look. Now that she knew what was happening, she could pick up on the steady movements of the hand under the blanket, the subtle twitches of the girl being pleasured. Her shirt had been unbuttoned and as she arched her back, Linda got an eyeful of her cleavage.

“What the hell?” she whispered.

The butch heard her. She looked up and winked at Linda before kissing the top of her girlfriend’s exposed breast. Without breaking eye contact, she tugged the dark shirt to the side and captured a nipple beneath her teeth. The girl groaned and bucked frantically. Her head rolled to the side, but Linda doubted she was aware of anything but the orgasm building up inside of her.

“Lin, got another one.”

With a last look at the brunette, she turned her head and peered between the seats. A mop of short blonde hair bobbed up and down in a man’s lap. Her tongue twirled around his fat cock, leaving a shiny trail of saliva down the shaft. The man grunted; his fingers entwined in her hair. As Linda watched, he guided her head down his penis, until her lips made contact with its hairy base.

A deep cry pulled Linda’s attention to the other side of the plane. Two men sat next to each other. A dark-skinned girl sat astride one, hips bucking frantically as she rode him. The other licked her bare nipples and played with her asshole. She looked at her husband, but his gaze was fixed on the threesome. His hand caressed the growing bulge in his jeans.


“Hmm?” He didn’t look at her, but rubbed his erection harder as the girl humped her partner more vigorously.

“Eric!” She grabbed him until he turned to face her. “What the hell are we going to do?”

He reached for her. “When in Rome…”

She swatted his hand away. “Stop it. Where’s our stewardess? She’s got to know about this.”

Eric peered into the aisle. “I could be wrong, but I think that’s her four aisles up.  And I think she knows.”

Linda slumped back in the chair. Every seat on the plane sported people either having sex or watching another couple. Moans came from the row in front; Linda assumed Marjorie must be having her own fun but she didn’t want to look.

She turned back to the lesbians beside them. The brunette had come. The butch stroked her face, while kissing and whispering to her. Suddenly, Linda felt incredibly left out. Here she was on her anniversary, her first in fact, and not only had she not had sex of any kind, she’d spent most of it fighting with her husband. And over what? A misdirected flight?

About the editor

RACHEL KRAMER BUSSEL writes for GlamourCosmoThe Frisky, Jezebel, and 50 Shades of Grey Magazine and hosts readings around the country. She also wrote the “Lusty Lady” sex column for The Village Voice and was the longtime senior editor of Penthouse Variations. A prolific erotica editor, her titles include SpankedPassion, and Do Not Disturb. She lives in New York City

Flying High is available in Paperback form through Cleis Press, and on Amazon.com in both Paperback and Kindle Editions.


Flying High was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review.  This is in compliance with FTC guidelines.

  4 Responses to “Review and Excerpt: Flying High”

  1. I am glad you enjoyed reading this book. I have never joined the Mile High Club either, maybe one day when I get over my fear of flying.

    • The idea makes me really anxious, but I wouldn’t call it a fear exactly. I’ve never been on a plane because I’ve never had the money to. Even if we did, I doubt we’d do anything risky during the flight. It’s fun for fantasy, but I’m not sure we’d make it a reality.

  2. I read Bussel’s earlier anthology MILE HIGH CLUB, and while I think the setting kind of limits scenarios (there’s only so much you can do in a cramped, moving plane), it does sound like FLYING HIGH is a step forward!

    • I haven’t read Mile High Club, but I was quite impressed with the variety in Flying High. As I said, I really wasn’t sure how the stories could really differ, but without giving anything away, some of them were very creative.

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