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Genie In a Bottle – Magic Carpet Ride

Genie In a Bottle - Magic Carpet Ride - full image

-About The Magic Carpet Ride-

Masturbators and sleeves are becoming increasingly popular, both for solo and couples’ play.  Many manufacturers produce products that can be washed and used over and over again, but some are designed to be disposed of after a single use.  With so many companies jumping on board to create something unique, it’s no surprise that some truly succeed, while others completely fail.  There are a few reasons disposable mastorbators are worth looking into.  They’re inexpensive, allow you to test different textures, and they’re perfect for when you travel (and don’t want to chance losing a more expensive product).  Some, however, aren’t worth your time or money.  Allow me to introduce you to one of these products.

The Magic Carpet Ride is one of six disposable masturbators from Genie in a Bottle.  The outside of the cup features some information about the texture of the sleeve, some corny information about sliding and floating with your genie, and very briefly mentions it’s a disposable product.  It doesn’t say anything about the material or the ingredients of the included lubricant.  The label isn’t discreet, but the shape of the bottle is; looking more like a specialty drink or hair product than a sex toy.  If you’re concerned about the label, you can remove it, revealing only the white plastic cup.

Genie In a Bottle - Magic Carpet Ride - How to open and suction stickerNear the top you’ll find perforated lines that tear away part of the plastic label, giving you access to the cap.  The cap is black and comes to a point in the center.  Once removed, you’ll see the opening of the sleeve and your lube sample sticking out of it.  The bottom of the cup has a sticker that’s covering the air hole.  During use, you’re supposed to remove the sticker and cover the hole with your finger to adjust the suction.

The sleeve itself is made from TPE which is porous, but not toxic.  It’s very thin and stretchy, and would likely work for a variety of penis sizes.  This material is suitable for something you’ll only use once (if that), and is commonly used in disposable sleeves.  Between the sleeve and plastic cup is a thick layer of foam.  It allows the sleeve to expand while providing a tight sensation during use – or at least that’s what I assume.  Oddly enough, there’s also a ring of foam inside the top portion, not covered by the sleeve.  It’s soft, but I’d be concerned it wouldn’t be as comfortable during use.  The cup wasn’t designed to be squeezed for added stimulation, so you can’t adjust the pressure.

Genie In a Bottle - Magic Carpet Ride - material images

The texture looks quite interesting, featuring both gentle ribs and bumps.  Because the material is so soft, the texture should be as well.  The label breaks down the surface areas, explaining how they’ll feel and why they were designed that way.  Turning the sleeve inside out, the texture looks similar to the illustration on the label.

-Our Experience-

After opening the bottle and removing the lube sample, I noticed something quite disappointing.  The top of the sleeve, which was supposed to be connected to the top of the cup, was mostly detached.  Without it being attached, how are you supposed to move the masturbator up and down without the sleeve coming out?  The answer – you’re not.  My husband tried inserting himself into the tube once, and the sleeve became completely detached from the cup.  I can’t say if the texture is nice, if it’s tight, comfortable, or anything about how it feels during use, because the quality made it impossible to use.  Not only that, but when the sleeve came out, there was already a slice cut into the side (perhaps from the lube packet?), so I’m not even sure it would have had a decent suction either.

Genie In a Bottle - Magic Carpet Ride - issues directly after opening

Disposable cups are made cheaply, sold affordably (most), and weren’t designed to last.  These are facts.  However, you should be able to easily get one use out of a product before it deserves to be thrown in the trash, not one stroke.  After washing the lube away (we didn’t use the included sample since it lacked any information about it) and taking a photo of the internal texture, my hubby had a lot of fun playing around with it – whipping me, trying to get it to stick to the wall, and pretending they were nun-chucks.  However, this was after he pouted for a few minutes about the fact he wouldn’t be able to get off with it.  Even being a cheaper masturbator, it’s not worth purchasing if there’s a possibility of running into the same issues (and after a simple web search, I discovered we weren’t the only ones).

Same yourself some hassle, and avoid purchasing this sleeve.  The whole concept is good, but other companies have successfully created disposable sleeves that are durable and much more affordable than this one.

Peepshow Toys came to me and asked if I’d be willing to test out The Magic Carpet Ride before adding it to their online shop – allowing my experience to play a factor in whether or not it was worth carrying.  I suggest checking out their expanding selection of masturbators and sleeves to find something that’s appealing and better quality; I wouldn’t recommend this product to anyone.


The Magic Carpet Ride masturbator was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review.  This is in compliance with FTC guidelines.

  3 Responses to “Review: Genie In a Bottle – Magic Carpet Ride”

  1. Sorry to hear that you had some issues with this toy. It was a neat concept but you are right disposables just don’t last long.

  2. We sold these in the store I worked at and I never heard any positive feedback from customers about them. After a few months, the company was just trying to get them off the shelves by selling them 75% off. It’s a good idea but really poor execution.

  3. Well that’s certainly disappointing.

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