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Harlequin Orchid from Idée du Désir

– Gorgeous design/look
– Lightweight material
– Easy to use
– Great shape
– Minor imperfections
– Water resistant/Unsure if it can be sterilized


Idee Du Desir Harlequin Orchid full piece


If you’re looking for a beautiful dildo that’s lightweight and elegant, wood is a fantastic option.  The Harlequin Orchid isn’t just gorgeous, it also has a wonderful shape that naturally works with your body; providing pleasure with minimal effort.  The handle features two finger holes that make the toy much easier to hold, and the bulbous end hugs nicely against your internal pleasure zones.  Though coated in a food grade varnish, it’s unclear whether or not this product should be submerged or sterilized, which might be a deal breaker for some.  Overall, I can’t say enough positive things about the shape and appearance, but recommend weighing out pros and cons when considering purchasing your own.


The Harlequin Orchid from Idée du Désir (translated to Idea of Desire) is a wooden dildo designed to stimulate the G-spot area with its bulbous end.  The curved shape works with your body, and the lightweight material makes longer sessions possible since you’re less likely to experience wrist fatigue.

Vaginal use is really where this piece shines, and is a great item to use along with a partner.  The finger holes make it easy to hold, and the dildo shouldn’t seem intimidating even to new toy users.  The shape of the toy does make it anal safe, but it’s important to cover it with a condom if you plan on using it anally.  Enough research hasn’t been done to know whether or not the surface can be sterilized, so it’s better to play it safe.

The creator says the dildo is waterproof, but the paper included with the toy said it shouldn’t be submerged.  I would avoid using it in the tub or shower to prevent accidental damage, since it’s unclear whether or not it can handle more than being cleaned under running water.


Idee Du Desir Harlequin Orchid designMy Harlequin Orchid is made from Cherry and Walnut, but Birch and Olive are also available options.  This gorgeous design is accomplished by gluing strips of wood together to form a block.  Once dried, it’s strong enough to be carved as though it’s a single piece of wood.

Wood is a naturally porous material that needs to be sealed in order to safely use.  Seven layers of body safe, phthalate free, food-grade varnish is applied.  This creates a non-porous barrier that prevents the wood from absorbing moisture and harboring bacteria.  When it comes time to clean the toy, you simple wash it in your sink with soap and water, avoiding submersion.  As stated before, enough testing hasn’t been done to prove the surface can be sterilized, so always use a condom if you’re sharing or switching orifices.  All lubricant types are compatible with this material.

The varnish leaves the surface of the wood smooth, but some natural imperfections can still be felt through it.  Though sealed, it doesn’t have a glass-like surface.  It doesn’t affect use, but cosmetically it might bother some.  My particular dildo arrived with a few areas of varnish that weren’t perfectly smooth.  One spot feels like it ran, and the tip of the toy looks like it has an excess amount on it.  Again, I can’t feel it during use, but I think if the creator took a little extra time these things wouldn’t be a concern.

Idee Du Desir Harlequin Orchid imperfections

This model doesn’t have any obvious texture, which helps keep your attention on the sensations the shape provides.  If you enjoy texture, you may find the smooth surface too simple, but Idée du Désir has other dildos that would better suit texture lovers – especially the Structured Orchid (same shape, but with a rippled texture).


Unless you’ve never shopped for sex toys before (or at least wooden ones), it’s likely this shape appears familiar.  It’s very similar to a certain NobEssence dildo, which from an interview earlier this year, the creator was naturally influenced by.

The Harlequin Orchid, along with their other pieces, is considered a sensual sculpture.  While some adult products could be left out without anyone batting an eyelash, this one is a little less discreet.  If someone were to see this in your home, it would be difficult to pass it off as anything other than a sexual object (or perhaps a massage tool?).  It doesn’t look like something that would just sit on a shelf for appearances, so it’s best to keep it tucked away if you value your privacy.

Idee Du Desir Harlequin Orchid handle - how to hold

The entire shape of this toy is very ergonomic.  Not only does it have a great bulbous end that curves upward, but it also has an awesome handle that makes thrusting a dream!  The handle is rounded at the top and features a hole perfectly shaped to fit two fingers, making it easy to grip even with lube-covered hands.  Even better, inserting your fingers into the holes keeps your wrist in a more natural position, which is great for those that suffer from weak wrists/wrist injuries.  The holes are large enough to fit my thick fingers inside without an issue.  I would imagine someone with up to a ring size 11 would feel comfortable, but they won’t work for everyone.  If your fingers are too large, the handle is still easy to grip without inserting them.

The length of the dildo is modest, which keeps your focus on a smaller area, and helps prevent discomfort (like ramming it into your cervix).  The full length is 7″, with about 4 1/2″ of insertable length.  The end of the toy is the largest area and is about 5″ in circumference.  From there, it drastically narrows down to 2″, which is the thinnest area of the toy.  This design provides a full feeling inside, without feeling stretched at your vaginal (or anal) opening.

Idee Du Desir Harlequin Orchid size comparison to hand


The Harlequin Orchid arrives in a white satin pouch surrounded by bubble wrap.  The drawstring pouch isn’t padded in any way, so you still need to be careful during storage.  You don’t want it to bang around because it could cause dents in the surface that could compromise the varnish.  If you drop the piece or suspect it’s bumped into something, make sure to inspect it and stop using if you find anything wrong with it.  I would have appreciated a better storage pouch, but it’s better than nothing.

Idee Du Desir Harlequin Orchid with storage pouch


When I first saw visited the Idée du Désir shop, I was immediately attracted to the Harlequin Orchid.  I couldn’t pull myself away from the gorgeous pattern in the wood.  Add the fact I’d been dying to try a wooden dildo with a shape similar to this, and I knew I had to have it.

When it arrived I was immediately impressed with the simple beauty of it.  It’s really quite stunning to look at.  The grain of each wood type, the checkered pattern; it was just as beautiful as I’d imagined.

As I inspected it, however, I started noticing some minor flaws.  As stated above, it doesn’t affect use, but it makes the dildo look a little more sloppy than necessary (some of the pressed pieces aren’t flush and the varnish ran or pooled in a few areas).  To me, these show signs of a rushed job, or perhaps even inexperience.  I know the creator has a lot of experience as a cabinetmaker, but making adult products is a totally different world.  A small line of varnish won’t have a huge impact on kitchen cabinets, but they can be a big deal on a much smaller, more intimate item.

Cosmetic flaws aside, I really, really liked this dildo.  The shape is everything I had hoped it would be!  It’s comfortable to hold, easy to use, and hits all the right spots in the most perfect way.  I see the shape of this toy being one that will satisfy a large variety of women, and I was genuinely impressed by how well it worked out for me.

Translation is a little rough on Idée du Désir and when chatting with the creator, but that’s not the fault of the company.  Hop on over to his website and check out his other works of art.  If you don’t see something you like, you could always work with him to create a one of a kind piece!


Harlequin Orchid was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review.  This is in compliance with FTC guidelines.

  8 Responses to “Review: Harlequin Orchid from Idée du Désir”

  1. This is positively gorgeous, though the sterilization bit would be of concern to me.

  2. I love the woodworking on this guy! Maybe it’s parquetry? Inlay? I’m not sure what to call it. But I really like woodwork.
    I’m also drawn to the structured orchid. I’m not sure how my body feels about texture yet, but visually? It’s so nice.
    I wonder how the finger holds in generally would be for tiny hands, though. Not like baby tiny, but I do have small hands.

    And maybe some of those cosmetic issues will clear up with some feedback… That would be cool. [:

  3. I am loving the design of this wooden dildo it is so pretty. I am glad you enjoyed using this besides the minor flaws to it.

  4. This is just so gorgeous! The mixing of the woods is an excellent touch and it really makes this toy stand out (a necessity given its familiar shape).
    I’ve yet to try a wooden toy, and while I’m cautious about the sealant this one really calls to me!

  5. Great review! Shame about the scratches though :/

  6. It’s a beautiful thing, but it’s so obviously a copy of the Nobessence Fling that it leaves me feeling a little sketchy. Same feeling when I look at Metal Worxs toys that are clearly rip off of NJoy toys. It’s one thing to be influenced by something, like with the variations of the toy they have with ripples, but to directly copy a design that another company has invented and marketed? Doesn’t taste right.

    • I definitely understand where you’re coming from. I’m looking into getting a NobEssence Fling so that I can compare the two. I know there are differences, but this one is very close to being a copy.

      A lot of toy manufactures use the same or very similar designs with their products, you bring up a great point with the Njoy items.

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