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Heidi from Vamp Silicone

– Made from silicone
– Harness compatible
– Has a vibrator bullet hole (comes with a bullet)
– Variety of ways it can be used
– Very firm silicone
– Attracts lint
– Might be too large for some


Heidi from Vamp Silicone - full image with bullet

-About Heidi-

Heidi from Vamp Silicone is a phallic shaped dildo that can be used in a variety of ways.  Thanks to the base of the toy, you can safely use it for both vaginal and anal penetration, both in and out of a harness.  The base also contains a hole that will fit any standard sized bullet (5/8″ in diameter), but it will stick out from the bottom.  So if you’re planning on using it in a harness, be aware that it won’t work well with a bullet in place.

Being made from silicone makes this dildo completely body safe.  It’s a non-porous material that’s latex free, phthalate free, and easy to clean and care for.  Heidi, and all silicone dildos, can be washed with soap and water or a sex toy cleaner after use, but it can also be sterilized.  Here you have some options.  You can use a 10% bleach solution (what I typically use), boil the toy for a few minutes, or clean it using your dishwasher.  It’s important to always sterilize when switching from anal to vaginal use, to avoid spreading any bacteria.  This material is compatible with water-based lubricants, since silicone lubes can sometimes degrade the surface of the toy.

The size of Heidi is great for someone that prefers thicker toys, but doesn’t want something extreme.  It’s far from a beginner’s toy, but it’s not huge.  The base of the head is the thickest part, being 2″ in diameter, but most of the shaft is 1 3/4″.   The total length is 8″ with 7″ of it being insertable.

Heidi from Vamp Silicone - size comparison to hand

-What I liked-

The overall look and size of Heidi was what jumped out to me first.  The familiar shape without all the realistic details really interested me since sometimes veins and wrinkles look a little strange when the dildo isn’t a realistic color.  Being a member of the girth squad, I knew the size would be great for regular use.  It’s one of those ‘just right’ products that doesn’t require a lot of warm up on my part, but still provides a wonderfully full feeling.  The shape of the head provided me with a soft popping sHeidi from Vamp Silicone - close up of end and baseensation, and didn’t struggle to find my G-spot during use.

I really like the fact that the balls don’t have a weird look to them, because they actually really come in handy.  Not only does the base work well in a harness, but it’s really easy to grip during use.  My husband said it was a lot easier to use on me than some of my other silicone dildos, which is always positive to hear.  If it’s easy for him to use, he’s more likely to reach for it when we’re fooling around.

The option of a bullet hole is great, though I don’t take advantage of it often.  Including a bullet with the dildo is really handy for those that don’t have a massive supply of sex toys like I do, which is great for testing those waters.

The color options are really fun when you purchase directly from their company.  The color of mine is a little more basic than some, and is called White Wedding.  There’s a drop down menu that allows you to select from six colors, or to request a custom color in the comments when your order is placed.  I love when companies offer options like this, but be prepared to wait as it may take a while for your order to be completed, and the company is a little slow when it comes to communication.

-What I didn’t like-

The silicone Heidi’s made from is very firm.  It doesn’t flex or bend easily, and doesn’t have a lot of give when you squeeze it.  This is great for someone that prefers a lot of pressure, but can cause discomfort if your partner is thrusting too aggressively.  As a general rule (which I have broken a time or two) I prefer plush silicone.  I like something that’s large, but provides me with some cushion.  Nothing kills the mood quite like something being rammed into your cervix when you least expect it (ouch!).  If you’re like me, you might want to consider checking out the Soft Skin version of the same product.  It’s the exact same shape, but the silicone isn’t as firm.  I’m not sure if this is an improvement over the Regular Skin or not since I haven’t tried it, but some say it’s really too soft to enjoy.

The included bullet is from The Screaming-O and is your basic one speed, watch battery operated plastic vibe.  The vibrations don’t travel well through the silicone because it’s so weak and buzzy.  I think it’s awesome they included one, but realize you’ll need to replace it if you need a little umph behind your vibes.

Heidi from Vamp Silicone - damage from packagingOddly enough, apart from the silicone being a little too firm for my taste, my biggest issue was how the dildo arrived.  Heidi, and I assume 99% of the other products available from Vamp Silicone, arrives in a plastic cylinder.  That might not seem like a big deal, and it wouldn’t be, if it weren’t for the fact that this dildo has balls.  The tube was entirely too long and not even close to being wide enough to properly house the dildo inside it.  Again, probably sounds like a small complaint, but when I was looking over the toy for the first time, I found scrapes in the silicone near the base.  “They’re a smaller company, these things happen sometimes”, was what I thought.  But when I went to put the dildo back into the tube, I realized that they were created when the dildo was first shoved inside the package.  Yes, the scrapes don’t directly impact use because that area isn’t inserted, but that’s not the point.  This could have been avoided by using packages designed to work with the shape of the specific dildos their selling.

-Overall Thoughts-

I can’t say enough how much I completely enjoy the shape and size of this dildo.  It has many really great qualities that I appreciate in a sex toy, and the fact it looks attractive is just icing on the cake.  Though it’s more firm than I prefer, I still enjoy using it, both with my husband and on my own.

Heidi is expensive (which isn’t uncommon for silicone toys – and is usually justified).  Had I paid for this dildo, I would have been extremely upset with the way it arrived and the condition it was in.  You shouldn’t pay $75+ and end up receiving a toy that’s been damaged from being stuffed in a cylinder it doesn’t belong in.  I’m sure purchasing their packages in bulk saves money, but it’s not always the wisest decision if it’s going to damage product.  If you want to avoid this issue, I would look into one of their dildos that doesn’t have balls until the packaging issues are resolved.

Clicking the banner below will take you to all the goodies Vamp Silicone has to offer.  However, if you don’t want to wait on a custom order, you can always head over to SheVibe and check out the selection there.


Heidi was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review.  This is in compliance with FTC guidelines.

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  1. This is a pretty dildo indeed and you get to insert a bullet too. Sucks about the knicks in the toy and it being caused from the packaging and sucks that it is firm too. I am glad besides the little issues you enjoyed using it.

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