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Icicles No. 57 from Pipedream

– Body safe material
– Double ended
– Great shape
– Can be used for temperature play
– Phallic design might bother some
– Color/texture might not be right for some


Icicles No. 57 full piece


To put it simply, double ended dildos are fantastic.  For the price of one product, you have the pleasure of experiencing two different textures, shapes, sizes, etc. without forking over more money.  The Icicles No. 57 is a perfect example.  One end features a bulbous head that resembles a penis, and the opposite side has a twisted, ribbed-like texture.  Both are unique and provide completely different sensations.  If you’re looking for a high quality glass dildo that can be used in a variety of ways, this is a great choice to consider.  However, if you’re turned off by phallic shapes or pink colored sex toys, you might want to consider a different product from the Icicles line.


The Icicles No. 57 from Pipedream is a dual ended glass dildo that’s designed with vaginal use in mind.  Each end offers a different texture, and the subtle curve of the glass works with your body, helping the piece connect with the G-spot and other sensitive areas.

This dildo can be used with a partner, but it’s important to be cautious with thrusting.  Glass is an unforgiving material, and when you add in the length of this toy, it’s possible to accidentally thrust too hard and cause your partner discomfort.  Without a proper flared base, it’s best to avoid using this anally, though some experienced users might feel the shape and weight make it a suitable choice.  I wouldn’t recommend using it anally, so only use it how you’re comfortable.

One of the best things about glass, in my opinion, is how well it absorbs and holds onto temperature.  You can put it in the fridge or give it an ice bath to cool it off, or you can place it in a sink of warm water to heat it up.  The packaging itself says you can microwave and freeze the dildo, but those aren’t good choices.  Microwaves heat unevenly and you could accidentally burn yourself, and frozen glass and damp skin don’t always mix well either.

Heating/cooling the toy can really add increased sensations when you or your partner are blindfolded.  There’s something really amazing about a cool toy sliding inside of you without knowing beforehand (always make sure your play is consensual, let them know you have certain ideas in mind. You don’t have to give away your plan, just make sure they’re comfortable and stop if they say no).  Always make sure to place the glass against the inside of your wrist before inserting to make sure the temperature will be comfortable for your partner.


The Icicles No. 57 is made from Borosilicate Glass which happens to be the same material that makes up your Pyrex bakeware.  It’s a body safe material that’s non-porous, latex free, phthalate free, and totally safe to use.  One of the major concerns people have with glass toys is that they’ll break during use.  This type of glass is shatter resistant, and is a surprisingly durable material.  If you were to drop it, it’s more likely to break into large chunks than to shatter.  Always inspect the toy if you have dropped it, and if you find any chips or deep scratches, it’s important to retire the toy.  It’s better to purchase something new than to hurt yourself during use.

Cleaning is easy, but you need to pay a little extra attention to the textured end (a soft bristled tooth brush set aside just for cleaning is great).  Use soap and water or your favorite toy cleaner for regular use, or you can sterilize the toy if you’re sharing or switching orifices.  The best option is to use a 10% bleach solution, but you can also place it on the top rack of your dishwasher.  It’s best to avoid boiling the toy, because though it’s stronger than most glass, the stress of extreme temperature change could cause it Icicles No. 57 texture - opposite endsto fracture.  All lubricant types are compatible with this material, and a little goes a long way.

Each half of this dildo has a totally different texture.  The phallic end is bulbous and creates a nice popping sensation.  It only has some light texture at the base of the head, but it’s not very noticeable.  Beyond that, the glass is totally smooth.  When your using this end, the focus is directly on the popping sensation and targeted G-spot stimulation.  The opposite side is where you get the texture, and sort of feels like an intimate juicer.  This side is all about grabbing your attention with each thrust, rather than focusing on targeted pleasure.  If you’re not sure how you feel about texture, this is awesome!  Even if you don’t care for the twisted end, you still have the bulbous end to use, and vice versa.  However, if you prefer smooth toys in general and don’t enjoy the popping that comes from bulbous ends, I would consider a different Icicle.


The Icicles No. 57 is a light pink color.  It’s not intense, but not everyone enjoys ‘girly’ colors; especially with something that’s supposed to resemble the head of a penis.

The overall design of this dildo isn’t discreet.  You couldn’t leave this one out and call it a sculpture, unless you’re really open and into that kind of thing (which I’m a little jealous if you are).  It doesn’t have a flat surface, so it doesn’t stand well, and the phallic end easily gives away what the product is used for.  It’s best to keep this one out of sight if you value your privacy.

Icicles No. 57 design

The shape of the dildo varies.  One end resembles the head of a penis, the center of the glass is totally smooth, and the opposite side ends with a twisted texture that looks like the top of a unicorn horn.  It’s a very interesting design that works well for its intended purposes.  Since the piece has a nice curve in the center, it works much better for reaching internal pleasure zones than completely straight toys.

The size is a little large for a beginner, but should work for most.  Keep in mind, there’s no give to the surface; it’s very unforgiving and will feel larger than a soft toy of the same size (especially the textured areas).  The full length of the piece is 9″ (measured straight across, not along the curve), but the insertable length varies.  The girth also changes throughout the dildo.  The head is 4 1/2″ in circumference at the widest point, and narrows to 3 5/8″ for the majority of the shaft.  The textured side starts out at about 3″, but increases in size to 4″ at the widest area.

Icicles No. 57 size comparison - in hand


The Icicles No. 57 arrives in the packaging that’s standard for the Icicles line of toys.  Outside the cardboard box you see an image of the dildo on every side, along with a variety of information that gives away what the package contains.  The front of the box has a flap that opens up to reveal a plastic window that proudly shows off the dildo without even opening the package.  It closes magnetically so you don’t have to worry about it flapping open, but the package isn’t discreet either way.  The only information that comes with the toy is inside the flap and on the back, and a lot of it is exactly the same.  The box opens from the top, where you’ll pull out a white foam tray.  The dildo is completely protected and isn’t moving around inside the package during storage.  It doesn’t come with a pouch, so you’ll have to keep it in the box (which is larger than necessary for the toy) or find a different solution for long term storage.

Icicles No. 57 packaging


I love glass toys, and the Icicles line is full of wonderful shapes, textures, and sizes to suit most.  The Icicles No. 57 didn’t catch my eye at first, but after using it the first time, I’m certainly glad it ended up in my hands!

Toys that provide a popping sensation are a favorite of mine.  I find myself taking my time with them because when I’m too aggressive it can cause discomfort.  You might think that would prevent me from enjoying them, but it’s not often I make myself slow down and really enjoy something.  So naturally, I knew I was going to enjoy the bulbous end, and I wasn’t proven wrong.

The twisted texture is amazing, and I’m able to use it quite differently than the bulbous end.  I go crazy with this side!  The faster the better, and the sensation is very attention grabbing.  I can see how someone would feel like it’s too much for them, but I can’t get enough of it!

If you’re looking for a double ended glass toy that truly provides two unique sensation, look no further than Icicles No. 57!  You can purchase your own by clicking the banner below.

Icicles No. 57 was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review.  This is in compliance with FTC guidelines.

  4 Responses to “Review: Icicles No. 57 from Pipedream”

  1. You spoke directly to person in my who loves sales and discounts when you spoke about the price and the value of purchasing a double-ended dildo.
    I do like the popping sensation, though I am also pretty picky about my phallic toys… the twisted side, though, I have absolutely no hang ups over. It looks lovely!
    Besides being interested in glass already, you’re review has given me something to think about with this toy. Thanks!

  2. Omg, I saw this and was like I have to have it. I love the design of both ends of this piece. I am glad you enjoyed using this and glad to hear it provides that popping sensation. I have a couple that do that and enjoy it very much.

  3. I love toys that are made for twisting, so half of this is perfect for me. The bulbed end could either be really pleasant or really uncomfortable depending on what time of the month is is. Overall, definitely one to consider!

  4. That bulb looks amazing, and having read your description of the pop. I want. They should make another version with a good base for butt play!

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