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Fetish Fantasy Series Japanese Silk Rope from Pipedream

– Beginner friendly
– Easy to handle
– Soft against the skin
– Washable
– Color options
– Some quality issues
– Not actually silk (could be a pro)
– Might not be long enough for some


Japanese Silk Rope full image


Rope bondage can be quite overwhelming when you’re a beginner.  Looking up tutorials, selecting the right material, a suitable length, etc. can be a huge task.  It’s easy to see why some love the idea, but never try it for themselves.  This Japanese Silk Rope is a really great choice if you need something that’s comfortable against the skin, easy to use, and easy to clean.  With 35 feet of length, it’s suitable for a variety of different restraints, though your body size and the complexity of the knots will play a factor.  As a beginner myself, I’d highly recommend this to someone just starting out in rope bondage, but it probably won’t be long enough for a someone more experienced (who creates more elaborate restraints).


The Fetish Fantasy Japanese Silk Rope from Pipedream is a rope best used for light bondage.  This rope is suitable for binding wrists, ankles, breasts, etc. but shouldn’t be used for suspension.  You don’t have to be in a D/s relationship or even deeply into BDSM to have an interest in rope.  Tying up your partner (or even yourself) can be a very erotic and beautiful experience.  It’s really all in where you go with your play.

UberKinky has a great list of things to keep in mind if you or your partner are new to this type of play.  As always, make sure your play is consensual and you’re both comfortable.

UberKinky tips for beginner rope bondage

-About the Rope-

Japanese-Silk-Rope-close-upThough the name of the rope would immediately make you assume this is silk, it’s actually made from cotton.  It’s made up of many small strands woven together, creating a really nice pattern which may transfer onto the skin depending on how tight the rope is and how long you wear it.  There are a few really great things about cotton rope.  It’s soft, durable, easy to handle, and is even washable.  You can wear it over clothing if you prefer, but even against bare skin, it doesn’t irritate.

Washing the rope is really easy because of the material type.  You can put it in a lingerie bag (or pillowcase) and toss it in your washing machine, or you can hand wash in the sink.  There’s no specific information on how to dry the rope, but since it’s cotton, the best bet is to hang dry to prevent shrinking (which sometimes happens in the dryer).  It’s a good idea to wash the rope on a regular basis if you’re wearing it against your skin since it’s constantly absorbing sweat and bodily fluids (and practice good hygiene, because smelly pits make for smelly rope).

Japanese Silk Rope size comparison - in handThe rope doesn’t have any elasticity, so it’s very easy to tie and remains in place well.  If you plan on wearing it throughout the day, you might feel the need to readjust after a while.  Overtime, the smooth material will loosen a little, but all it takes is tightening the knots and you’re good to go about your business.

The length of rope is great for a variety of different restraints, but 35 feet seems a lot shorter once you start tying yourself (or your partner) up.  If you’re plus sized, be aware that this rope won’t be long enough for more complex ties.  Your body shape and size, along with the restraint type, will play a factor in how well this fits your body.  The thickness is about 1/4″ wide, which is really awesome.  It’s thick enough that you don’t have to worry about it pulling apart, but it’s thin enough to provide comfort.  Other than tying too tightly, it won’t cut into your skin and cause discomfort.

At each end, the Japanese Silk Rope has two silver foil pieces wrapped around them to prevent fraying.  They’re taped in place and can scratch the skin as you pull them through knots.  You can unwrap them to remove the foil, but that makes it more likely to fray.  Tying a single knot near the ends will prevent this from happening, but they might get a little caught up when you’re making knots.  Just something to keep in mind.

Japanese Silk Rope fraying and endThe rope is good quality in general, but mine showed up with some threads that weren’t woven into it.  As of right now, it’s not a problem (apart from cosmetic), but it may become one over time.  Your rope likely won’t show up with any quality concerns, but mine wasn’t perfect.

The rope arrives in a hank, but is very easy to unwind.  If you don’t care to take the time to wind it back up into one, that’s okay.  Even if the rope gets tangled up during storage, it’s quite easy to manage.  I make a loose hank (not nearly as neat as it arrives), which makes it easy to toss into a drawer, knowing it won’t be knotted or tangled when I remove it again.

Japanese Silk Rope rolled up


Japanese Silk Rope PackageThe Japanese Silk Rope arrives in a a cardboard box that not only features the product name all over it, but also a nude model that’s tied up.  You don’t see full nudity, but the packaging is far from discreet or tasteful.  The box opens from the top, and inside you’ll find the rope and a free mask inside, both in separate plastic bags.  The blindfold is about what would you expect as a free item; it’s an odd material, has an elastic band, and doesn’t block out light from around your nose.  It’s okay in a pinch, but definitely not good enough if you’re interested in using one on a regular basis.  Once the items are removed, the box can be broken down and disposed of.  You could use it for storage, but it’s not made to last forever and clearly gives away what it contains.

Japanese Silk Rope contents


Up until this point, I’ve admired rope bondage from a distance.  My husband and I play around with cuffs here and there, but bondage isn’t something that’s really a major part of our sex life.  Still, I’ve always thought about rope with overwhelming curiosity, so I had to try it at least once.

The Japanese Silk Rope was really great for me as a beginner.  It took me quite a while to figure out how to tie myself up (because I knew this was something my husband couldn’t help me with), but I was finally able to get the hang of it.  I nearly gave up, but Vikki, the Brand Manager for UberKinky, sent me some great video tutorials that made it so much easier!

Japanese Silk Rope tied upI was able to tie myself in a basic Karada (using this video), and though it wasn’t perfect, I certainly felt quite accomplished!  After attempting it a few more times, I advanced onto another video she sent me – The Rope Pentagon.  I was able to successfully create it, however, the length of rope was too short for me to tie it off.  I was quite disappointed, but having a larger frame means certain ties won’t work with this length of rope.

As a beginner, I’m extremely pleased with this rope.  Had I been tying up someone else, I would have gotten the hang of it faster, but I think I did well considering my lack of experience with knots in general.  The feel of the rope made it easy to try over and over again, because it’s soft against the skin.  If I pulled the rope too fast, it would obviously create some friction discomfort, but that’s to be expected and could be avoided by removing the rope a little more slowly.

My husband knew I had the rope to review, but he was never home when I practiced tying myself up.  He noticed my camera was out and asked what I was taking photos of.  When I showed him, his eyebrows raised and he said, “Wow, sometime you’ll have to do that when I’m around, only naked!” – I guess he thought it was pretty awesome as well!

Having this rope has really been a first step for me.  I definitely see myself getting some longer rope and continuing to try different restraints.  I love how it looks, I really started enjoying it, and it’s obviously something my husband is interested in.  Had I been thinner, this rope would have been long enough for a variety of restraints, but I can’t hold that against the rope.  It’s just something to keep in mind when purchasing.

If you’re interested in buying your own Fetish Fantasy Japanese Silk Rope, or other restraints, you can find it at UberKinky by clicking the banner below.

Fetish Fantasy Japanese Silk Rope was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review.  This is in compliance with FTC guidelines.

  3 Responses to “Review: Japanese Silk Rope from Pipedream”

  1. Wow I am so proud of you getting those designs I did not learn any but used my rope for other things LOL. I am glad you enjoyed using this.

  2. Go you! What a nifty thing to learn :)
    This rope has a ridiculous name, but I’m pleased to hear that it’s user friendly and soft.

  3. Nnnn…. you’re review is so exciting! I am in love with rope bondage, but I’ve only tried it on a friend once. I really want to get into doing self ties.
    I don’t know if all rope is machine washable ( I mean… I have this gazing from afar kind of love with rope bondage for the most part… ) but knowing that it is washable? I could buy this rope before winter kicks in, learn self ties, and then wear it under my sweaters, sweat all over it, wash rinse repeat! I like that idea. [:

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