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Joyboxx from Passionate Playground

– Durable storage
– Holds several products
– Lockable
– Convenient Playtray
– Ventilated and hygienic
– Unassuming/discreet looking
– Doesn’t have a handle
– Charging hole isn’t large enough
– Locking feature could be improved


Joyboxx - close, full image

-About Joyboxx-

The Joyboxx from Passionate Playground is a plastic storage system.  With so many different storage options available (between regular totes and products specifically created for sex toys), it might be difficult to imagine how something like this could be improved.  It’s evident the creators really considered what should go into a good storage box design, and took it a step further.  This box is great for storing your intimate products, but doesn’t stop there.

From the outside, the Joyboxx looks similar to other lockable cases.  It has a simple shape that doesn’t give away it’s purpose, while providing a discreet home for your sex toys.  But here’s how it’s different:

  • It has a small storage compartment on the top (which is great for storing things such as condoms, lube samples, chargers, and small toys)
  • Features a charging hole in the back
  • Includes several holes around the rim which create ventilation
  • Comes with a Playtray which is excellent for drying your toys and for setting them down mid-session (it’s sort of like a really long soap dish)
  • Is dishwasher safe

Joyboxx - everything included The Joyboxx arrives with a cardboard sleeve around the case.  It’s covered in information about the product, but isn’t discreet.  Once removed and the box is opened, you’ll find the Playtray, the lock, and additional information.  Everything is packaged nicely and is easy to understand.

Joyboxx - insideThe outside of the box doesn’t have any markings that indicate what it’s designed for.  Inside the lid, you’ll see the company name, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be used exclusively for sex toys either.  You could use it for smaller items while you’re traveling, toiletries or makeup, and anything else you might not want someone else to touch.

The front of the case opens and locks into place thanks to a plastic sliding bar.  It can only open when the slider is all the way to the right.  With the slider to the left, the lid remains closed and a lock can be placed in the small hole next to it.  The lock doesn’t go through the top and base of the case, it’s only there to prevent the bar from sliding.  For that reason, it wouldn’t be terribly difficult to remove the bar and open the box.  Seeing the lock should be enough to deter most, but if someone desperately wanted to discover the contents, it wouldn’t be that challenging.  Most small locks will work with this case, but it comes with a combination lock.  It’s extremely simple to set (and change) which might make some feel uneasy.  Though honestly, that lock won’t prevent someone from breaking into the box if they really want in.

Joyboxx - locking system

Joyboxx - included lock and how to set it

Joyboxx - PlaytrayThe Playtray is oddly one of my favorite things about this case.  After washing a dildo I’m about to use, I always struggle with figuring out where I can set it down so it doesn’t collect lint while I get comfortable.  I almost always forget to grab something until my pants are around my feet and I’m ready to go.  The Playtray is a really awesome solution to that problem.  It’s nothing over the top special, but it creates a place to set your toys down before, during, and/or after use.  You don’t have to worry about lint getting on your toy, or resting your lube covered toy on the bed.  Because it’s made from plastic, it’s also very easy to wash after it’s been used.  Such a simple idea that solves a common problem I have.

Joyboxx - with Playtray inside caseWhen the Playtray isn’t being used, the design allows it to stand upright in the middle of the case.  It becomes a divider in the box which might help with organization.  One side could contain a few different lube bottles, while the other has your favorite dildos.  Either way, it has a function.

The size is great for holding your ‘go to’ items or your budding collection.  How many products fit will depend entirely on the shape and size of your items and if the Playtray is being used as a divider.  In my experience, I found I was able to fit a couple more items without the tray in place because the products were allowed more room to settle.  If you’re looking for a case that’s large enough to contain your wand massager, this likely work work.  However, it’s large enough to house a few products suitable for a girth lover, or something like a Fleshlight and lube, and whatever other small goodies you can tuck inside.  The smaller the items, the more that will fit.  Simple as that.

Joyboxx - full of sex toysJoyboxx - items that all fit inside case







The Joyboxx was clearly well thought out, but I have a few complaints.  Apart from the locking system I mentioned earlier, another complaint I have is the fact it doesn’t have a handle.  That might seem like a silly thing to complain about, but I think it would make the case more travel friendly.  It’s great for keeping in a drawer, under the bed, on a closet shelf, etc. but all the delightful silicone and motorized products make it fairly heavy when full.  It’s a good size for a weekend of fun, but it’s not as portable as I feel it could be.

As stated before, the back of the case features an oval hole near the bottom.  This hole was designed with ventilation in mind, but also for charging.  You can discreetly charge a vibrating product while the case is locked.  Sounds like a great idea, right?  Well, it would be if it worked with more chargers.  The hole is too small for a USB end to fit through, so all the products that charge magnetically?  Yeah, their chargers won’t fit.  Had they made the hole about 1/8″ longer, it would have worked really well, but it’s a tiny design flaw that really changes the use of this feature.

Overall I feel the Joyboxx is a good option for someone that doesn’t require a lockable case, but would feel more securing having one.  It’s durable, easy to use, and was well designed.  I feel there are some improvement that could be made, but it’s better than purchasing a tote from a department store.  The fact it can be sterilized, is ventilated, and comes with the Playtray immediately makes it a better option.  Yes, you’ll likely pay more, but it’s more suitable and sanitary for sex toy storage.

You can purchase your own Joyboxx and additional Playtrays in Purple or Black by visiting their website and other online retailers.

Joyboxx was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review.  This is in compliance with FTC guidelines.

  4 Responses to “Review: Joyboxx from Passionate Playground”

  1. I love the idea of a toy box with a charging hole! Something is always on the charge, and if I could get that done a little more discretely… Well, I certainly wouldn’t mind that. Too bad the execution isn’t so perfect. The idea though, mm. I’ll have to keep that in mind when looking for at possible storage options.

  2. I need a whole suitcase for what I own.

  3. What’s the swirly blue dildo?

  4. Worst company I ever had the experience of shopping with. I ordered the Purple Joyboxx for $34.99 from their website and they never sent me the product. They claimed it was “delivered” back the tracking number said so. Yet I didn’t have a package at my doorstep that day and I was home all day. I emailed the Owner Deborah and she basically said it was my fault that the package may have been stolen or lost and she would not send out a replacement because the tracking showed it as delivered. Horrible Company so BUYER BEWARE!!!

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