May 102014

Key Comet II from Jopen

– Made from body safe materials
– Rechargeable
– Variety of patterns
– Great design
– Waterproof
– Could be more powerful
– Shape/size won’t be right for everyone


Key Comet II Wand full image


There’s a saying that goes something like, “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it”.  This is wonderful advice, but it doesn’t apply to the Key Comet.  After releasing a sought after and well designed dildo, Jopen decided to release a second version; this time taking the same great shape and adding vibrations.  This vibrator has a lot of wonderful qualities that sex toy users are looking for – it’s made from body safe materials, is rechargeable, waterproof, and has a variety of patterns.  Not only that, but the bulbous head and obvious curve make it easy to reach your internal pleasure zones.  Sounds amazing, but there are a few hang ups.  The power behind the vibrations could be stronger and there’s no way to increase the intensity (no matter which setting you’re on).  This might cause a problem for someone that needs strong, deep vibration in order to climax.  The second issue might actually be the same thing others really enjoy – the shape.  The prominent end paired with the curve might cause discomfort depending on your anatomy.  If you commonly use toys with a similar shape without an issue (like the Pure Wand) you probably won’t have a problem with it, but it’s something to take note of.


The Key Comet II from Jopen is a rechargeable vibrator that effortlessly finds and stimulates some of the most sensitive areas of the body.  The curved design and bulbous head seem to lock into place, providing pleasure to the G-spot area or prostate, but work on external areas as well.  If you enjoy broad clitoral stimulation, this will likely work well for you, though it’s designed primarily for internal use.

Typically I warn against using toys anally unless they have a flared base, but the design of this one makes it perfectly suitable.  That being said, it’s not sized for anal beginners.  Though I’m not a beginner, I’m certainly not an expert either, and don’t really care for anal play.  You’ll just have to check out Mr. Will’s thoughts, as he has a little something I don’t (*cough* prostate *cough*).

Though this vibe isn’t marketed as a couple’s product, you could certainly use it with a partner (though it think it’s best for solo play).  It’s not something you could easily use on external areas of your body during penetrative sex, but you could hand the toy over and allow them to control your pleasure.  A word of warning, the vibe is very firm and might cause your partner discomfort if used aggressively (make sure to use the toy in a rocking motion rather than just in and out thrusting.  It’s much more comfortable and stimulating that way).

One of the wonderful features of this vibe is that it’s waterproof.  You can take the toy with you into the tub or shower without worrying about water leaking inside the toy and ruining it, and is also easy to clean.


Key Comet II is made from three materials – Silicone (as a skin over the insertable portion), ABS plastic (for the handle), and Stainless Alloy (for the button).  All three materials are body safe, non-porous, latex free, and phthalate free.  They’re some of the safest materials you can use and are easy to clean.  For regular use, you can Key Comet II Wand textureuse soap and water or your favorite toy cleaner, but you can also sterilize it using a 10% bleach solution.  If you’re sharing with a partner or switching orifices, this is an important step.  Since there are internal parts, you can’t boil or use the dishwasher, so stick with the bleach solution.  Being silicone, it’s best to use a water-based lubricant since silicone-based types could cause the material to degrade.

The matte silicone surface is really smooth, glides easily along the skin, and doesn’t double as a lint brush.  While it might pick up small particles, it’s very easy to manage by simply wiping it clean.  The silicone is smooth, but the surface does have some texture to it.  Along both sides and the bottom of the toy are some raised areas that flow with the curve of the vibrator.  The texture is light, and should only bother those that despise any type of texture.

The silicone acts as a skin over the internal parts, so the toy is very firm.  There’s no flexibility, no give to the surface, and no comfort bumper while thrusting.  Basically, you need to treat this as you would a naturally hard toy (like glass, plastic, wood, ceramic, stone, etc.).  It’s great for applying pressure, but can potentially cause discomfort if thrust too aggressively.


The Key Comet II is available in three color choices;  Pink, Lavender, and Blue.  It’s always appreciated when a product is available in a variety of color options, and the blue is vibrant (and sometimes looks more teal depending on the lighting) and different from what you commonly find.

The design of this vibe is not only effective for G-spot/prostate stimulation, but also gives it a very elegant appearance.  The top of the toy acts as the handle and features a rounded end (where you’ll find the Key logo on the side that doubles as the function button) that’s glossy looking and smooth.  It makes up about 3″ of the vibe before meeting the silicone area.  The insertable portion starts out with a bulbous head and features a strong curve.  It’s best to rock the toy in and out of your body, working with the shape of it, rather than just trusting straight in and out.

Design of the Key Comet II Wand

The size of the Key Comet II isn’t huge, but the design makes the tip feel larger than the measurements.  This really isn’t beginner friendly, but would work best for someone who’s used to penetration and enjoys some girth.  The full length of the toy from tip to tip is 8″ (not measuring along the curve) with an insertable length of 5 1/4″.  The bulb is the thickest part of the vibe and measures 5″ in circumference.  The area immediately following is 4″ around (which is quite a jump from the end) and thins to 3 1/4″ right before the silicone meets the plastic handle.

Key Comet II Wand size comparison, in hand


Key Comet II Wand charger connectionThe Key Comet II is rechargeable and comes partially charged.  Prior to your first use, you should plug the vibe in to fully charge the battery.  Included with the toy is a USB charger that magnetically connects to the back of it.  When properly connected and plugged in, a red light will flash just below the magnets.  When it’s fully charged, the light will turn off, showing you it’s ready for action!

Key Comet II Wand buttonThe silver circle at the end of the toy is the single button that turns the toy on, cycles through the patterns, and turns the toy off.  The button must be pressed and held down for a few seconds in order to turn on, so it’s not easy to accidentally power it up.  There are a total of seven different functions; one steady setting, and six vibration patterns.  You can’t increase the power behind any of the settings, what you feel is what you get.  Each press of the Key button will bring you to the next setting and will continuously cycle.  To turn the vibe off, you simply press and hold the button until the vibrations cease.

The vibration settings are:

Key Comet II Wand patterns







The vibration intensity is average and can be felt throughout the whole toy, but is strongest in the bulb.  It’s not really powerful and rumbly, but it’s not buzzy and weak either.  It should satisfy the average user, but will be lacking for someone who requires a lot of power.  The good news is that the II has the same shape as the first Key Comet, so even if the vibrations aren’t enough for you, you’ll still receive the same stimulation as the original by using the toy as a dildo.

The sound level is a little on the loud side, but won’t wake the neighbors.  If you were in the same room with someone else, they’d be able to hear the toy, but it’s unlikely someone would be able to hear you through a closed door; especially if you had on some background noise.


The Key Comet II arrives in a cardboard box that’s colored to match the product inside.  The top of the package features a half sleeve that prevents the box from opening up.  It’s not discreet since it obviously has the product image on both the front and back, and features information on all sides.  It’s done in a tasteful, attractive way and doesn’t contain nudity.  When you remove the sleeve, the box looks a little more discreet since there isn’t an image of the toy, but the information gives it away.  This part of the box has a flap that lifts to reveal the toy and charger nestled inside a piece of black foam.  Once you remove the toy and foam, you’ll find the user manual (which is very basic) and storage pouch below.  The package is suitable for storage, but you can certainly use the pouch and dispose of the box to save space.

Key Comet II Wand packaging


I never had the opportunity to check out the original Key Comet, so when I heard they were coming out with a second version, I was thrilled!  I’ve grown to really appreciate and enjoy dildos, but I think I’ll always prefer vibrators; so I suppose the waiting paid off for me.

The Key Comet II surprised me in a few unexpected ways.  When it arrived I thought the size was very reasonable and would be comfortable and easy for me to use.  That was my first wrong assumption.  I made sure I was comfortable and ready, lubed up the toy and inserted it.  Immediately I found myself making a face and trying to understand what the hype was about.  The large bulb at the end is still smaller than a lot of the products I own, but the size difference between the tip and the shaft left me quite uncomfortable.  I found that once the bulb was inside me it was okay, but I had to be very careful with how I moved the toy, otherwise it felt like it was catching my pubic bone.

I tried rocking the toy in and out, but it kept catching, so I tried to figure out a solution.  Rather than moving the toy in and out, I moved it side to side; left to right and back again.  When I angled the toy just right, I was able to stimulate my clitoris with the vibrating handle.  The bulb wasn’t exactly in the right location, but the sensation of having something inside of me while pleasuring my clit with the same toy was enough to make me orgasm.

Which brings me to my second wrong assumption.

Before even inserting the vibe inside my body, I wrote off the vibrations.  I shook my head in disappointment at the power, wishing desperately I could increase it, even a little.  I made the toy work for me, and while it wasn’t the traditional way to use the toy, it suited my needs.

The shape of this toy won’t work for everyone.  If you’ve used bulbous toys in the past and felt like they got hung up on your pubic bone, this one will likely do the same.  I love bulbous toys in general, but this one was just a little too extreme for my needs.  It’s a great quality toy that many other sex bloggers and toy users enjoy, it just didn’t fit my anatomy as well as I had hoped.

If you’re interested in picking up your own Key Comet II (or another body safe product), you can find it at Peepshow Toys by clicking the banner below!


The Key Comet II was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review.  This is in compliance with FTC guidelines.

  7 Responses to “Review: Key Comet II from Jopen”

  1. I wonder if this would be more forgiving than the Ophoria Beyond One was? The top looks a little flatter, but the silicone also more draggy…

  2. I have heard that people have had issues with it hitting their pubic bone, so far I have not had a toy do that yet, I still want to try this out though don’t get me wrong. I also just got the Njoy and hoping I don’t run into that problem but we shall see, if I do then I will know that the Comet won’t work for me. I am glad you were able to use it another way though and it did something for you.

  3. I’m really fond of my Comet, but I know buying a Comet II would be silly.
    Why does the blue call my name anyway?!

  4. Wow that blue! Don’t have any toys that curve like this yet but it’s only a matter of time. Appreciate the advice on using a rocking motion rather than a thrusting one. Not all toys can be used in the same manner and I sometimes have to be reminded by my partner of that :p

  5. I love the colour of this toy. The curve looks a little extreme though. I haven’t used any with such a curve yet and I’ve heard a lot of very different opinions, so I’m a little nervous about spending the money on one.

  6. I have a hard time imagining that I could get internal and external stimulation from this at the same time. I don’t have the right body for it, I guess?

  7. One of our featured products; you nailed the review. I dont know if its just me but the curve was something that hit the right spot every time.

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