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Leo from Vixen Creations

– Made from silicone
– Uncut, semi-realistic details
– Great shape
– Variety of uses
– Modest size
– Needs extra attention when cleaning
– Suction cup could be stronger


Vixen Creations Leo - full image

-About Leo-

Leo from Vixen Creations is a versatile, semi-realistic, uncut dildo.  Unlike many other products from this company, it doesn’t come in flesh tones, have a skin-like texture, or feature realistic looking veins.  However, the qualities that make it penis-like, also add to the experience.  The smooth shaft helps draw your attention to the beautiful curve and prominent head, where together, they work as a team to gently stimulate the G-spot area.  The round base of the dildo is flared which makes it both harness compatible and anal safe; allowing it to be used by anyone, in nearly any type of relationship (or on your own).

This silicone dildo is body safe, non-porous, latex free, and phthalate free.  It’s one of the best choices for a sex toy because it’s completely safe to use (you don’t have to worry about chemical reactions), it’s easy to clean (can be washed with soap and water or toy cleaner), and was designed to last (with proper care, your silicone sex toys are likely to out-last you).  Not only that, but you can also sterilize it with a 10% bleach solution, boil for a few minutes, or clean it in your dishwasher.

Vixen Creations Leo - showing textureVixen Creations Leo - showing detailsThe silicone Leo is made from has a matte surface which attracts a lot of lint and particles.  It’s easy to wipe with a damp cloth or rinse it, but needs to be cleaned directly before use.  The surface also requires water-based lubricant in order to slide easily across the skin.  Fortunately, because the dildo is mostly smooth, a little goes a long way.  There are only two areas of texture; the base of the head, and the single raised vein on the shaft.  The vein is very light and it takes a lot of focus to really feel the lines that make up the retracted foreskin.  If you don’t care for a lot of texture, this is a really great choice.  However, if you require that extra stimulation to feel pleasured by a dildo, this won’t be right for you.

Vixen Creations Leo - flexibility/softnessMany of the dildos available from Vixen Creations are dual density, meaning they have a firm core and a plush outer layer.  The company calls this Vixskin which was designed to look and feel more realistic than single density silicone.  Leo is made from only one silicone firmness, but there are many Vixskin options available from UberKinky if this isn’t the right dildo for you.

The firmness of Leo is about a medium, perhaps leaning slightly toward the firm side.  It’s flexible and compresses when you squeeze it, but it’s not floppy or difficult to thrust with.  This makes the dildo comfortable to use and eliminates some concern about causing discomfort.  However, if you need a lot of G-spot pressure, this may not be enough.

The size of Leo works well for those that prefer mid-range toys.  If you’re not used to any kind of penetration, I wouldn’t recommend starting with this dildo.  It’s great if you’re advancing from thinner dildos, and is perfectly fine if you’re used to being penetrated by a partner, but it might be uncomfortable otherwise (especially for anal use).  If you like a little girth to your toys, you won’t find it here.  Leo’s shape and smooth shaft are pleasurable, but it won’t provide you with a stretched or full feeling.  The dildo measures 7″ in length with about 6 1/4″ being insertable.  The thickness doesn’t change much throughout the piece, and is about 1 1/2″ in diameter.

Vixen Creations Leo - size comparison to hand

Vixen Creations Leo - suction cup baseThe base of the dildo features a suction cup, which will work on most smooth surfaces.  The strength of the suction varies based on the surface you’re using; it works on a regular wall, but it holds more Vixen Creations Leo - packagingsecurely against a shower wall.  Some dildos hold really strong because of the design, but Leo falls a little short.  It works for a little while, but after a few thrusts, the suction breaks.  Even without worrying about gravity, it doesn’t hold strong.

Your Leo arrives in a (mostly) clear plastic cylinder with two red caps.  The front features a sticker that includes basic information about how to care for the dildo, how to clean it, and cautions against using silicone-based lubricant along with it.  You’ll also find the address, phone number, email, and website information for Vixen Creations.  This tube is perfectly sized for the toy and works well for storage.

-What I liked-

It’s no secret I’m a member of the girth squad.  Once I started using thick toys, I couldn’t get enough of them.  In fact, I use them so often, it feels like a totally new experience every time I reach for a slim silicone dildo.  When I first saw Leo I knew it was much smaller than what I’m used to, but I had a lot of hope for the overall shape and design.  I wasn’t disappointed.

The great curve and smooth shaft kept my full attention on the head.  Without being distracted by textures, and without my attention being directed to the fullness of a thick dildo, I was able to experience my G-spot as the star of the show.  The soft silicone gently rubbed my G-spot with every thrust, in a tender and gentle way.  This softness made it feel more personal to me; I wasn’t fucking myself with a piece of silicone, I was pleasuring myself with the familiarity of my partner.  It blew my mind!

-What I didn’t like-

There are only two things that I didn’t care for about Leo, the suction cup performance, and having to take extra time to clean the small textured area.  Now, these are pretty small complaints compared to how this dildo performs, but they’re worth noting.

I really, really enjoy suction cup dildos.  Being able to back up against or squat over a dildo adds an element of realism I really enjoy.  Sometimes the idea of manually thrusting a toy is such a turn off, I don’t even bother.  When I tried using the dildo while it was suctioned, it took about five thrusts before it broke free and I had to press it down again.  Naturally, it’s easy to see how this could become a major distraction when simply trying to masturbate, so I pretty much gave up on it.  The only positive element is the fact the dildo is smaller/lighter than what I’m used to, so I can use it longer without my arm becoming fatigued.

The texture beneath the head requires extra attention when cleaning.  I highly recommend using a soft bristled tooth brush, because the wrinkles are hard to properly clean without one.  This isn’t a major issue for me because I have to do this with many of the toys I use, but it’s still something I would rather not worry about.


Leo really took me by surprise and in the best way possible.  The fantastic shape, smooth shaft, and subtle texture are a truly impressive mix.  The soft silicone and unrealistic colors make this dildo non-threatening, but won’t be quite right for everyone.  If you require a lot of G-spot or prostate pressure, or if you’re looking for something to provide you will a full feeling, this won’t hit the mark.  Still, I believe this dildo is versatile and stimulating enough that it’s worth checking out.

Leo is available in two color options; a swirled purple, and black.  The website displays an image of a black swirled dildo, but the one you receive will be a solid color.  If you’re interested in purchasing your own Leo or another product from Vixen Creations, you can find them by clicking the banner below.

Leo was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review.  This is in compliance with FTC guidelines.

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  1. I love the color of this toy, glad you liked it. it looked a bit bigger until I read the size, it would be a perfect fit for me.

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