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Lovehoney Lockable Toy Case (Large)

– Good size
– Durable zippers
– Great for travel or storage/lockable
– Zippered internal pocket
– Discreet looking
– Expensive for size
– Only available in black with purple
– Included lock is cheap


Lovehoney Lockable Toy Case (Large) - full image

-About the Lockable Toy Case (Large)- 

The Lockable Toy Case from Lovehoney is available in three sizes, but I’m here to tell you about the largest.  This case is great if you have a handful of toys you want to keep hidden, or if you’re looking for a locking storage option to take with you on the go.  This size would fit easily between folded clothes in your suitcase or duffle bag, but a smaller size would be best if you’re looking for something to fit inside a large purse or tote bag.  The size you’ll need depends on your desired use and the products you intend to place inside.

Lovehoney Lockable Toy Case (Large) - inside compartmentsThis case, along with the other two sizes, is made from a flexible PU plastic shell that has an antibacterial lining within.  The plastic double zipper surrounds three sides of the case and is very durable.  Inside you’ll see storage areas on both top and bottom.  One area is an open mesh pocket with two elastic bands at the top, and the other has one large mesh pocket that zips closed.  The mesh pocket is great for smaller things that you don’t want moving around much inside the case (such as condoms, lube packets, bullets, cock rings, etc.), and the other side gives you room to fit longer and larger products you simply can’t leave home without.  While it’s not long enough to fit your Doxy, it does work well with other wand style vibrators, so that’s something to keep in mind.

Lovehoney Lockable Toy Case (Large) - open and closedThe case is attractive looking and discreet if you’re not familiar with the Lovehoney logo.  The outside is all black, but the center of the top contains the Lovehoney heart we’ve grown so familiar with.  It’s simple, cute, and could be mistaken for a makeup case, or even a CD wallet if someone where to stumble upon it.  The size is thin and long, but fits a surprising amount of toys, lube, and an assortment of other items.  Because the plastic flexes, you can feel confident your items aren’t being crushed as you’re zipping it closed.  Naturally, if you overfill it you’ll have issues, but the extra give in the material is a plus when you consider the various shapes and sizes of sex toys.  The dimensions of the case are: 13 1/2″ long, 7 1/2″ wide, and about 2 1/2″ tall when empty.  Inside the case measures approximately 13″ long and 6 1/2″ wide.  The amount and type of products you’ll be able to fit within will vary, but it should effortlessly fit your essentials for on the go.

Lovehoney Lockable Toy Case (Large) - included padloclLovehoney Lockable Toy Case (Large) - external zippersThe zipper on the outside of the Lovehoney Lockable Toy Case fits together so you can place a lock through them.  This is great if you have children, roommates, live with your parents, etc.  The included lock is a heart shape which also has the Lovehoney logo on it.  It’s a padlock that allows you to create a unique three number combination.  The paperwork included with the case tells you how to use and set it, so there’s no confusion.  If you really want your case to be secure, I would suggest purchasing a different lock since the plastic covered wire isn’t very durable.  Might be good for deterring a housemate, but if someone wanted to break into it, they wouldn’t have any issues.

The case comes arrives surrounded by an informational paper and is shrink wrapped.  The paper gives away what the case is for, but can be disposed of once you change the combination of your padlock.

-What I liked-

Lovehoney Lockable Toy Case (Large) - full of toysThe toy case is a really great size and shape.  I can slip it underneath my bed, put it under folded clothes in my drawers, or even leave it laying around without attracting much attention.  I love that the material has give since it allows some flexibility when it comes to the contents.  No, it won’t fit even a fraction of my collection, but it would be perfect for storing the essentials should my husband and I venture out for the weekend.

The amount of products that fit are quite surprising.  It doesn’t look like a very large case from the outside, but I was certainly impressed.  It fit more items than I expected, and there was still room for more.  I wasn’t even close to filling it (I wanted to make sure I didn’t go overboard) and it fit Tantus Splash, Hank, Perfect Plug, Perfect Plug Plus, and their Beginner C-Sling, PicoBong Transformer, Silvarus Double Drop, L’amourose Rosa, Coconu Water-based Lube, SpunkLube Samples, UberLube Sample, and some condoms.  The zippered portion wasn’t even close to being full, but you want to leave a little extra room because the top rests directly against it.

-What I didn’t-

Lovehoney Lockable Toy Case (Large) - broken padlockThe lock that comes with the case is really poor quality.  The wire loop isn’t connected well to the plastic heart and literally disconnected the first time I used it.  I didn’t abuse it or pull on it.  When I pressed the heart to open it, the wire literally fell off.  So, I didn’t even get to try it out before it was broken.  Fortunately, small locks are inexpensive and it can be replaced, but when you’re paying over $40 for a locking toy case, you should be able to immediately use it without having to spend more money.

The lack of color options available is really a shame.  The purple is a nice shade, but it’s certainly not going to be a color that works for most.  I think having an all black option (or another neutral color) would appeal to a wider audience.  Colors like this don’t bother me, but I know my husband wouldn’t want to store his sex toys inside a purple-lined case.


The case itself is quality, it holds the essential items and more, and has convenient pocket spaces.  It’s more expensive than pouches and cases that aren’t designed specifically for sex toy storage, but there are definitely perks about this case that make it worth the additional cost.  You might want to purchase a small lock to go with it, since the included one may need to be replaced (and I assume would be easy to break into), but the overall design and quality is good.

If you’re interested in purchasing the small, medium, or large  Lockable Toy Case you can find them at Lovehoney.

Free delivery on all orders over $40

The Lovehoney Lockable Toy Case was sent to me in exchange for an unbiased review.  This is in compliance with FTC guidelines.

  2 Responses to “Review: Lovehoney Lockable Toy Case (Large)”

  1. I have this and agree about the lock. I tried to change the combination and it wouldn’t work. It doesn’t matter because the lock still opens with any combination of numbers.

    That isn’t a problem for me, but it defeats the purpose of having a lockable toy case!

  2. This is a cute case and the lock is adorable but it sucks that it is not sturdy enough. It seems to hold a decent amount it would be great for the things I keep out and use more while camming.

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