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Lucky from Happy Valley

– Made from silicone
– Dual density
– Variety in use (harness compatible/anal safe)
– Sized for girth lovers
– Warped base (might just be mine..)
– Only available in flesh tones
– Lint magnet


Happy Valley Lucky - full image

-About Lucky-

Lucky from Happy Valley is a realistic dildo designed with girth lovers in mind.  If you like your orifices filled with delicious silicone, look no further!  This dildo features a large base which makes it easy to hold for solo pleasure (or for your partner to hold while they pleasure you), is completely safe for anal use (advanced users only), and allows it to fit securely in a harness (for pegging and strap-on sex).  No matter what gender you are or your relationship type, if you love above average sized toys, this is a fantastic option.

Lucky is made entirely from silicone which is a body safe material that’s non-porous, latex free, and phthalate free.  Silicone is very easy to clean and care for, and can even be sterilized between use (and should be when switching orifices or sharing).  After regular use, you can wash the toy with soap and water or your favorite toy cleaner.  When it comes time to sterilize, you have a few options.  You can use a 10% bleach solution, boil the toy for a few minutes, or clean it in your dishwasher.  This material is compatible with water-based lube only, as other types could cause the surface to degrade.

Happy Valley Lucky - showing flexibility When you want a realistic feeling dildo, you can’t get any closer than dual density silicone.  The inner core of the dildo is made from a firm, but flexible silicone, and the outer layer features silicone that’s much softer and easier to compress.  It’s squishy, comfortable to use, and feels more Happy Valley Lucky - showing firmnesslike an actual penis.  The core starts below the head, so it compresses much more than the shaft.  The testicles feel very similar to the shaft, but the bottom is shiny and made from the firm silicone only.  The dildo curves upward, which is great for G-spot and prostate stimulation, and naturally bends in that direction.

The surface is matte, but smooth, and isn’t textured.  A little lube goes a long way and helps the toy glide smoothly across the skin.  The silicone has a sort of tacky feeling to the plush outer layer, and picks up lint with ease.  It washes easily, but lint is an issue the moment the dildo is set down.

The design is difficult to mistake; it’s meant to look like a penis and features all the obvious elements without being overly realistic.  It has a bulbous head and testicles, but it doesn’t have fine details like veins and wrinkles.

The size is definitely on the large side, and isn’t suitable for those that prefer slim toys or aren’t used to penetration.  That being said, the outer layer does add some extra comfort, so the size feels less extreme than it would in a hard material like glass.  The full length from the bottom of the base, straight to the tip, is 8″ with about 6 1/2″ of insertable length.  The girth ranges from 5 1/2″ to 6″ in circumference, but the tip is thinner and provides a natural increase in size.

Happy Valley Lucky - size comparison to hand

Happy Valley Lucky - hang tagLucky arrives in a clear plastic bag with a cardboard hanger stapled to the top.  It’s not discreet since the toy is in full view from both sides, but it’s tasteful.  The tag has the company name on the front, and some very basic information regarding care on the back.  Once the toy is removed, the plastic can be disposed of since it doesn’t double as storage.  Because the material is so soft, it’s important to keep it away from sharp objects, so it’s important to find a pouch that will protect it.

-What I liked-

When I first laid eyes on Lucky, I was immediately drawn to the design, and it didn’t disappoint.  It has a bulbous head that provides a beautifully soft popping sensation, and a thick, smooth shaft that keeps my focus on the full feeling it provides.  The size and shape suit my needs almost perfectly, and the plush silicone means I don’t have to worry about spending a lot of time warming up first.

What I didn’t realize when I saw Lucky, was that it featured both a firm core and plush surface.  Dual density dildos are some of my favorite, but only a few companies create these realistic feeling, body safe toys.  Adding another to my collection of Vixen Creations Vixskin products, Tantus 02, and Blush Novelties Nude line certainly didn’t hurt my feelings, especially because this one differs from the others.  It’s more plush than the Tantus 02 items, it doesn’t have the veiny surface most of my Vixen Creations dildos do, and it has a larger base than the dildo I have from Blush Novelties.

I really like the design of the base because it’s really easy to hold and fits securely in a harness.  I don’t have a partner to use this on, and no one uses it on me, but I can put it in my thigh harness and attach it to my Liberator Whirl and ride it with ease.  The rounded top helps hold it in place and prevents any slipping, at least while using it on my own.

-What I didn’t like-

Happy Valley Lucky - curve, can't stand on its ownWhile it doesn’t entirely bother me, it would be nice to see Lucky available in fun color choices.  That seems to be one of the biggest things I hear people complain about regarding realistic looking toys.  Yes, the shape is great, but the colors really weird some people out.  The dildo I received is their Cocoa color, but it’s also available in Caramel which is a lighter flesh tone.  I think this dildo would be far more popular if fun and funky color options were added (which you can see with their other products).

Happy Valley Lucky - warped baseI love that the dildo is dual density, I really, really do.  However, the base on mine is all messed up because of it.  The sides have curved upward, leaving the bottom rounded instead of flat.  This doesn’t impact harness use or how it feels, but it does mean it won’t stand on its own.  For a dildo that collects so much lint, this is a major problem.  It’s a challenge to wash the dildo, go back to my bedroom, and get comfortable and ready without setting the toy down.  No matter how hard I try to get it to stand up, the curve paired with the rounded bottom make it completely impossible.

I also really didn’t care for the packaging it arrives it.  It felt very cheap for a product of this price point, and I would be concerned about the material being damaged while in the warehouse or during shipping.  It wouldn’t be difficult for something to pierce though the bag and into the soft silicone.  I don’t expect luxury packaging, but something that would protect the toy would be best (extra points if it could double as storage!).

-Overall thoughts-

Lucky is a winner in my book!  It’s nice and thick (makes you feel full without being stretched), dual density, and can be used in a variety of ways.  The price is comparable to similar dildos, so it’s certainly in the running if you’re looking for something that feels fairly realistic.  If you can overlook the lack of color selections and possibility of having a rounded base doesn’t bother you, there’s really nothing else for you to do but go buy one for yourself!

Lucky and other products from Happy Valley are available from SheVibe.

Lucky was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review.  This is in compliance with FTC guidelines.

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  1. Nice to see another company in the dual density market, and I like the look of the head and curve on Lucky. I agree with you about colors though…I prefer bright colors over flesh tones.

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