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Luna Smart Bead from LELO

– Made from body safe materials
– For beginners to experts
– Ergonomic design
– Can be for exercise or pleasure
– Routine based on performance
– Requires one AAA battery
– Vibrations could be stronger
– Expensive


Luna Smart Bead - full image

-About the Luna Smart Bead-

The Luna Smart Bead from LELO is a Kegel exerciser like no other.  This unique product features LELO’s  innovative SenseTouch™ technology, which keeps track of your progress, and provides the right workout to suit your specific needs.  Working your PC muscles is important for a variety of reasons.  Not only does it help improve or prevent urinary incontinence (due to age, childbirth, etc.), but stronger muscles often lead to stronger orgasms (you can learn more about Kegel exercises here.).  Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of that?

Though the primary use for this product is for muscle strengthening, it can also be used as you would a regular vibrator.  Use it on your clitoris, nipples, and other sensitive areas of your body.  You can turn on the steady vibrations and insert the toy vaginally, but it’s not safe for anal use.  I wouldn’t purchase it for pleasure alone, but it’s a great bonus if you’re considering an exerciser.

The Luna Smart Bead is made from ABS Plastic (ring around the battery cap, cord, and internal parts), and Silicone.  Both are body safe materials that are non-porous, latex free, and phthalate free.  It’s easily cleaned with soap and water or your favorite sex toy cleaner, but make sure to pay extra attention around the battery cap and company name.  Lube and bodily fluids can get trapped in these areas, so using a soft bristled tooth brush is helpful.  You can also sterilize the toy using a 10% bleach solution.  Because of the material type, it’s important to use only water-based lubricants, or spot test if you’re interested if using a silicone lube.

The silicone is a thin skin over the internal parts.  It’s very firm, which you might not expect considering this product was designed to be squeezed with your muscles.  The surface is buttery smooth, and though it does collect some lint particles, it’s very easy to wipe clean.  The retrieval cord isn’t stretchy and feels securely attached to the vibe.  It’s easy to loop your finger through and gently remove it without issue.

Luna Smart Bead - shape/designThe vibe is naturally smooth which keeps your focus on squeezing your muscles when prompted.  The only texture you might feel during use would be the plastic piece that separates the battery cap from the vibe.  I couldn’t feel it, but someone who’s more sensitive than I am might.  The overall design is very ergonomic and works with the shape of the vagina to provide comfort and ease of use.  Beginners to more experienced users should feel comfortable during insertion and exercising, but that rule won’t apply for everyone.  If you’re not used to penetration, make sure you use plenty of lube and relax.

Luna Smart Bead - size comparison to handThe shape of the Luna Smart Bead is pretty basic.  It’s sort of oval but bulges in the center.  The design compliments the shape of your vagina, making it comfortable to wear and use – even for beginners.  Because the bulge narrows at the bottom, you don’t have to worry about feeling stretched or too full during use, and the small tip makes it easy to insert.

The length of the vibe itself is 3 1/4″ long, with a 2 1/2″ cord that extends from it.  The thickest area of the vibe is 4 1/8″ in circumference, which should be a suitable size for most.

The Luna Smart Bead requires one AAA battery that’s included (you’ll have to replace your own once it dies – it’s not rechargeable).  You simply twist off the cap, insert the battery (minus side down), and place the cap back on.  Once the battery is inserted, you can begin using the toy.

On one side of the vibe, you’ll see a small, circular button.  This simply turns the toy off and on.  There are no settings to cycle through, but how you turn the vibe on determines how it functions.  If you want to use it for pleasure, you press and hold the button for a few seconds until you feel the steady vibrations begin.  You would follow the same steps to also turn it off.  However, if you’re using this vibe for Kegels, press and release the button and watch how many times the light indicator flashes.

Luna Smart Bead - power button/light indicatorThe light flashes show your experience level on a scale of one to five.  The levels are: Beginner, Amateur, Intermediate, Advanced, and Master.  The first time you use the vibe, it will begin on the intermediate setting, and the light with flash three times.  Once you see the flashing light, you have 30 seconds to insert the vibe and get ready to Kegel.  Inserting the vibe isn’t difficult, but might be awkward if you’re not used to it.  Make sure you’re well lubricated and relax; it’s not much different than inserting a tampon.  Find a spot that’s comfortable for you, and slip it inside with the button to your left.

Before beginning your routine, you’ll feel three pulses, telling you that the routine has begun.  The routine consists of steady vibrations and rests that suit your experience level.  The higher the level, the longer and more frequent the vibrations are.  During each vibration, you need to squeeze around the Bead until it ceases.  Rest when there’s no vibration, squeeze when there is.  Each squeeze will make the vibration power increase, but the booklet states you may or may not notice the difference (I did).  The whole routine takes five minutes to complete, no matter which level you’re on.  When it’s finished, you’ll feel the same three pulses and the vibe will turn off on its own.  Removing the toy is easy thanks to the strong retrieval cord.  Simple relax your muscles, loop your finger around the cord, and gently pull it out.

 Based on your performance, the product will determine where you should begin the next time you use the toy.  You may advance quickly, or it might take a few days before you advance from one level to the next.  Everyone is different and experiences will vary.  Even if you feel like you’re not doing well, keep at it.  You will only get stronger in time.  Like any muscle, working it out regularly will make you stronger, but neglecting to work out will make you back track.  Make the Luna Smart Bead a part of your daily routine, and you’re bound to see results.

The vibrations are very quiet, but not very powerful.  The buzzy sensation isn’t irritating when used for Kegels, but it’s not going to be strong enough to orgasm from if you need deep, powerful vibes.  If you’re okay without deep power, it’s fine for pleasure purposes, but many won’t feel it’s strong enough.

When you’re not using the toy, it’s recommended you remove the battery to help preserve it.  Don’t worry, even after removing it, the toy will remember which level you need the next time you use it.  This is a really great feature that prevents you from having to start over each time the battery is replaced.

The packaging the Luna Smart Bead arrives in is clean and simple.  It does contain images and information on all sides, but it’s very tasteful.  Once the sleeve is removed you’ll find a white box that has the company name on the top.  Opening the lid will immediately reveal the product, which is held in place thanks to some soft white foam.  Below the foam is the user manual, battery, lube sample, warranty registration card, and storage pouch.  You don’t have to keep the packaging since it includes a pouch, but it’s small enough that it doesn’t take up too much space.

Luna Smart Bead - contents

-What I liked-

The whole idea surrounding this vibe pleases me.  I’m always doing Kegels but somewhere in the back of my mind I constantly wonder if I’m doing them enough or properly.  After vaginally delivering three above average sized babies, the stereotype of having a gaping vagina has always stuck with me.  Do I know it’s incorrect?  Yes.  Does that relieve all my concerns?  No.  Having a routine that’s tailored to my experience level is a really cool feature, and one that’s going to benefit me in the long run.  If I’m not challenging myself, how can I get stronger?

Not only does the whole concept excite me, but it’s really fun!  Setting goals and watching yourself climb the ranks is always exciting; it almost becomes a game where you’re constantly challenging yourself.  It’s rewarding watching as the light flashes more when you turn the vibe on.  The changes feel obvious because of how the product works, and it keeps you interested in using it far more than other exercisers (or using nothing at all).

It doesn’t take much time out of my schedule, which is a huge deal.  Just about anyone can take 5 extra minutes out of their day to focus on Kegels.  And if you can’t, try setting your alarm clock 10 minutes earlier and avoid the snooze button.  Whether it’s in the morning, before bed, after a shower, etc. it’s likely you have a few minutes each day you can dedicate to using the toy.

I love, love, love that I can feel the power increase when I squeeze around the toy.  Being able to feel the change gives me confidence in knowing I’m doing well.  This is probably my favorite element of the toy beyond the concept.  Not only can I track my progress, but I can feel it with every squeeze; it doesn’t get much cooler than that!

-What I didn’t like-

The Luna Smart Bead has a lot of great things going for it, but it’s not perfect.  The first thing that disappointed me was the fact it’s not rechargeable.  I love that LELO makes so many rechargeable products, but I also know they come with a higher price tag.  As it is, the Luna Smart Bead seems a little steep.  Had the product been rechargeable, I feel like the price would have been justified.  The SmartTouch technology is what makes the power increase while you’re squeezing, and senses which level is best for you.  I imagine this technology is why the price is so high, so it makes sense, I just wish it was rechargeable too.

The vibration power and depth is lacking for me.  This won’t be an issue for everyone, but it prevents me from using the toy as a clitoral vibe.  It would be difficult for me to orgasm while using it, so I just stick with the Kegel side of things (and that’s okay with me).  I definitely think having the steady vibrations was a smart idea, I just wish it had more power behind it.

LELO, what’s up with the color choices?  I think everyone got really excited when we saw that the Hula Beads were available in Ocean Blue and Black, why couldn’t the Luna Smart Bead come in those colors as well?  Pink and darker pink are the only two options.  It’s really disappointing there isn’t at least one neutral color to choose from.  I don’t mind pink (though it’s not my first choice) but there should be more options.


I’ve really enjoyed doing Kegels since receiving the Luna Smart Bead.  The features are great, it’s easy to use, and it shows my progress.  If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, this might be worth trying out; especially if you’re more sensitive to vibrations.  I think LELO did a great job with this product, despite the little things that drive me crazy about it.

You can purchase the Luna Smart Beads and other awesome products directly from LELO


Luna Smart Bead was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review.  This is in compliance with FTC guidelines.

  2 Responses to “Review: Luna Smart Bead from LELO”

  1. That sucks that it is not rechargeable, I am shocked they did not make this that way. I am not a fan of toys that operate on AAA batteries period they are never strong enough. It is a pretty toy though.

  2. Hello Popsy,

    Thanks for taking the time to review our new LUNA Smart Bead. We’re delighted you’re a fan and hope you really enjoy all your longer, stronger orgasms!

    I just wanted to let you know the battery in the Smart Bead lasts for 200 routines, so your’re right, it’s to keep costs down.

    The LUNA Smart Bead is our most technology advanced LELO and in order to keep the price affordable we switched from our usual rechargeable batteries, to allow as may women as possible the chance to have more intense orgasms.

    I hope you understand why and best of luck with your training!

    Kat @ LELO

    PS I’d love to see it in Ocean Blue 😉

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