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NoMoreWetSpot Waterproof Blanket

– Waterproof
– Well made/durable
– Easy to clean
– Convenient size
– Comfortable to use
– Expensive
– Not enough color options
– Waterproof barrier makes some noise


NoMoreWetSpot - folded, right out of package

-About NoMoreWetSpot-

Sex is awesome.  Having great sex and then sleeping in the damp spot you created?  Not so much.  NoMoreWetSpot is a waterproof blanket designed to remedy this common issue.  The same size as a regular throw, this blanket can be placed on your bed, couch, chair, or wherever else you’re about to have sex.  The surface acts as a barrier, preventing fluids from leaking through, no matter how wet things become.

Aside from using it during masturbation and sex, it also can be used in a variety of other ways.  Just went swimming but don’t want to get your car wet?  It works way better than a towel.  Potty training your toddler?  It’s soft enough for nap time comfort.  Entering the final weeks of pregnancy?  This will protect your mattress if your water breaks.  It’s family friendly and discreet; no one would ever think you purchased it with sex in mind.

NoMoreWetSpot - showing absorbency While it’s great for protecting the surface below, it also prevents your body from getting wet when placed over damp areas.  Cover grass, park benches, take it with you to baseball games; the options are seemingly endless.  The size makes it much more convenient than toting around a regular blanket, and it provides more surface area than a beach towel.

When it first arrives, the NoMoreWetSpot blanket completely repels fluids.  Water bounces along the surface rather than being absorbed.  However, after the first wash fluid is immediately absorbed by the material.  For that reason, it’s best to wash the blanket prior to your first use if things tend to get really wet while you play.  The blanket won’t prevent the surface below from getting wet if fluids do nothing but roll off the edge.

NoMoreWetSpot - colors and trimThe blanket is made from 100% Polyester that’s made with a “cool dry” fleece, according to the website.  It’s double sided and has a layer between that acts as a barrier.  So while the fabric will absorb fluids, they won’t soak through to the other side.  These three layers aren’t separate, they work together as one piece.  So you don’t have to worry about adjusting the layers or whether or not it will shift during use.

The material is very durable, and doesn’t stretch or warp after being used or washed.  It’s soft, similar to fleece lined jackets, but it’s not velvety smooth or silky.  It’s comfortable enough to lay your naked body on, and nice enough to sit on outside, but it’s not the softest blanket you’ll ever touch.  There are two color options to choose from; Purple and Turquoise, and Red and Grey.  Each side is a solid color and the perimeter features black trim.  The quality is great, well constructed, with no loose threads or poor stitching.

After use, the tag says to wash with cold water, don’t use fabric softener, and tumble dry on low.  You can also hang dry if you’d prefer.  You shouldn’t use an iron, but it doesn’t seem to have any issues with wrinkling after it’s been washed.  I always wash the blanket on its own and it cleans and dries very easily.

The size of NoMoreWetSpot is perfect for intimate play, no matter where your play takes you.  My bed is a full (pictured below), and it lays over the top perfectly.  Even if you have a larger bed, the surface area should be suitable.  The full size is 50” x 60”, which folds up well to lay at the foot of your bed.  Easily accessible and completely unassuming.

NoMoreWetSpot - size compared to full size bed

NoMoreWetSpot - packagingThe NoMoreWetSpot arrives in a thin plastic box that’s mostly clear.  The front features an informational paper that tells the key points about the product and has a model  laying on top of a blanket.  It’s done in a tasteful way, but it’s obvious what the product was primarily designed for.  The back of the box includes a small hole that allows you to feel the material without having to open it up.  Overall, the plastic package is very thin and should be disposed of once you remove the blanket.

-What I liked-

The quality and durability is fantastic with this blanket!  I’ve washed it a few times, but you’d never know.  It looks exactly the way it did out of the packaging (minus the wrinkles).  This makes me feel confident that the blanket will last a long time with minimal wear.

The blanket stays in place really well, even with shifting and changing positions.  Because the surface isn’t silky smooth it doesn’t slide around on my bed, so we don’t have to worry about fixing it each time we decide to switch things up.  It makes it easier to enjoy myself when I don’t have to constantly readjust to make sure the blanket is right where it needs to be.

Just as you’d imagine, NoMoreWetSpot does a great job of absorbing lubricants, bodily fluids, etc. without soaking all the way through.  We can have our play time, toss the blanket to the side, and slip under the covers.  This has been a major issue for us in the past.  I always end up being the one with a wet circle underneath me, it can be a little annoying and gross to deal with, and I often end up trying to sleep on a towel so I don’t wake the kids up by changing my sheets in the middle of the night.  Knowing I can lay the blanket down, avoid dealing with a damp sheet, and just wash the blanket in the morning, is not only convenient, but appreciated.

The size is really great for us.  It covers the entire top of our full sized bed, but it’s small enough that we can easily pack it in the car for use on the go.  I love that we can use it on the ground while we’re out with the kids, and no one would assume anything was off about it.  Products that are this versatile make me feel like I’m getting more out of my purchase than items that can only be used in private.

-What I didn’t like-

The price.  The NoMoreWetSpot blanket is great, but it comes in a heavy price tag of $79.95 plus a flat shipping rate of $15.  It is less expensive than the well known Liberator Throes, however, it’s also smaller.  I haven’t had the opportunity of getting my hands on one, so I can’t say whether or not the added expense is worth it.  Still, I wouldn’t pay $94.85 for this blanket to be delivered to my door.

The color options are really limited.  You have super bold colors with the purple/turquoise combo, but nothing completely neutral.  The red/grey is great because the grey works with our bedding, however, there’s no red in our bedroom which makes the blanket stand out more.  It would be nice to see other options added since not everyone will favor these colors.  A few neutral and some wild and crazy combos would really make this company shine.

The third thing I don’t care for is very minor.  The barrier between the fleece layers makes a little crinkle sound when you move the blanket around.  It’s very minor, and probably only noticeable when you’re the one handling it (I didn’t notice any noise while we’ve used it, just while folding and moving it around).  To me, it makes it more obvious that the blanket isn’t just a regular throw.  It’s still much better than other waterproof pads you can purchase from department stores, but it slightly annoyed me (probably unnecessarily).


If you’re sick of sleeping on a towel, or using one to avoid soaking the bed, a waterproof blanket is a smart item to purchase.  I’m not a big spender, so for me, a blanket that costs more than $30 is ridiculous.  However, you’re paying for convenience.  This is a really handy product that certainly saves some hassle if you and your partner(s) are known for having really wet sex.  Price aside, I couldn’t be happier with this blanket.  It’s well made, comfortable, and works great!  Now that I have one, I don’t know how I managed before!

You can purchase your NoMoreWetSpot waterproof blanket by clicking the banner below.


NoMoreWetSpot was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review.  This is in compliance with FTC guidelines.

  6 Responses to “Review: NoMoreWetSpot Waterproof Blanket”

  1. I’ve had both this NMWS blanket and 2 Liberator throes – both the less and more expensive versions for over a year and my verdict would be go for either the NMWS or the Facinator by Liberator which is a lot more expensive than the NMWS. NMWS is extremely durable, although eventually like all plush it ends up not so luxurious; but it still functions fantastically and takes up less space travelling than the Facinator. The Facinator truly IS luxury and continues to look and feel that way after a TON of washings but it’s obvious that its a special blanket, so if you are going for discretion (say also using it for children or others with incontinance issues when travelling) go for the NMWS. Liberator also has exorbitant shipping prices, it’s not unique to NMWS, in fact several retailers don’t include Liberator items including throes in their ‘free shipping’ deals and have higher rates for them than usual. NMWS is a great product!!

    • For US residents who purchase directly from Liberator, all purchases over $75 are free and include a free gift. So the shipping, if you’re within the US, is so much better if you go with Liberator (and if you catch one of their Throes on sale, they’re comparable when you consider shipping). I guess location will play a large factor in price, I hadn’t thought about Liberator charging more to ship to CA.

      It’s definitely good to hear it holds up well over time. Thank you for sharing your experience!

  2. Thanks for the great review. We hope you continue to enjoy the blanket for many “special” moments :)
    I just wanted to add, that the shipping is a flat rate of C$15 no matter the quantity and the C$ -> US$ exchange rate makes it a bit cheaper as well.

  3. Great review! I totally agree about the limited color selection. With the way my bedroom is set up, bedding that isn’t black or burgundy has a hard time fitting in!

  4. Awesome review, glad to hear it does what it is meant to do but sucks about the color selection.

  5. This type of item is always too expensive for me to bother purchasing. But so far Liberator continues to have the ones that I think look best. Maybe one day when I visit the their flagship store I will have some extra change to purchase one :) Thanks for the great review!

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