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Papaya Ice from Papaya Toys

– Made from body safe materials
– Interchangeable pearls
– Double ended
– Easy to clean and care for
Pearls are difficult to remove
– Curve might be too much for some


Papaya Ice full image


Sometimes the most basic looking toys are the ones that preform the best – and sometimes they’re just plain boring.  You’re thrusting away just waiting to experience something different, only to end up bored and frustrated instead.  Papaya Ice might have a somewhat familiar shape, but it has something a lot of other dildos don’t – interchangeable pearls that slightly extend from the toy.  These pearls are very friendly and have the ability to reach out and shake hands with your G-spot, providing the attention it deserves!  Basic?  Might seem that way, but with two pearls to choose from and two different ends you can insert, you’re able to experience various sensations within one product.


The Papaya Ice from Papaya Toys is a silicone dildo that’s double ended and designed to provide a unique pleasure experience.  Not only is one end curved to help connect with the G-spot, but it features something many other products don’t.  The pearls really target the G-spot and surrounding areas since they slightly extend from the silicone, and truly make the dildo stand out from others like it.  If the curve is too much, you can always start off with the opposite end, which is a little more basic and comfortable to insert.

Using the dildo internally isn’t the only way you can enjoy this toy.  The tip can be used in place of a finger and rubbed against the clitoris, perineum, and externally around the anus.  Inserting the dildo anally isn’t a wise choice since it doesn’t feature a flared base and the pearls are removable.  Though they’re firmly in place, it’s better to be safe than end up in the emergency room with an acrylic dildo attachment stuck inside of you.

Because there are no internal parts, you can safely take the toy with you into the tub or shower without having to worry about anything happening to the product.


The Papaya Ice is made from two materials; silicone for the dildo, and acrylic for the pearls.  Both materials are body safe, non-porous, latex free, and phthalate free; making them excellent choices for a sex toy.  Not only are they safe, but you can sterilize them as well.  For regular cleaning, you can use soap and water or your favorite toy cleaner (removing the pearls first to properly clean), or you can use a 10% bleach solution.  The dildo itself can be boiled or placed in the dishwasher, but you should avoid doing the same to the acrylic pieces (that’s why I love using bleach!).  Silicone toys and silicone-based lubes don’t always work well together, sometimes causing the surface of your toy to degrade.  For that reason, it’s best to stick with a water-based lube to preserve the life of your dildo.

Papaya Ice FlexibilityThe surface of the dildo itself is buttery smooth and glides easily across the skin.  Should you require lubricant, a little goes a long way since the toy is so smooth to begin with.  It hardly picks up any lint or dust, only the finest particles, but it’s very easy to wipe clean.  The pearls themselves offer some resistance if your skin is damp, but it actually works with the toy rather than against it.  This difference really keeps your attention on the pearls, targeting your pleasure zones.  Even while using lube, you can feel the difference.

The silicone is very firm, and doesn’t have any give.  It’s also not very flexible.  Where the curved head meets the shaft is the only area that can bend, but it takes a lot of effort.  For that reason, you should treat this toy like you’re using a solid material (like glass, wood, steel, etc.) because there’s no buffer if you thrust too hard.  The length makes it easier to manage and less likely to happen, but the possibility is still there.

While the area around the curved side is smooth (apart from the pearl) the opposite end features five sides that are smoothly rounded.  It’s not specifically textured, but it feels a little different than your typical round dildos.  Should be acceptable whether you enjoy texture or not, but this end might not be enough for those that need it.

Papaya Ice close up of acrylic pearl topsIncluded with the dildo are two pearls.  One that has a smooth face, and the other that’s faceted and looks like a gem.  Both pieces are shaped like an oval and extend slightly from the toy – the faceted one more than the smooth.  The smooth piece feels nice and slick during use, but the faceted one really grabs your attention; and is perfect for texture lovers.  If a lot of texture isn’t something you enjoy, the smooth piece will work well for you, helping you experience something a little different than your normal dildos without it being uncomfortable or overwhelming.

Papaya Ice - showing the difference between the acrylic pearls


The Papaya Ice comes in two color choices, Midnight Violet and Caribbean Blue.  The blue is soft shade that’s really attractive and different from what you typically see available as an option.

Papaya Ice showing the design and shape

The design of this dildo is fairly common, featuring a curved side that comes to a rounded point, and a straight end that starts off narrow and increases in size.  The straight side is great for warming up, with the opposite end being curved for G-spot stimulation.  Might sound familiar, but there are two obvious things that make this toy really stand out from others.  Rather than being totally round, the shaft has five sides, and looks like a star when you view the toy from the end.  This might seem like a small difference, but if you’re used to smooth round toys, this really changes things up.  The other major difference are the acrylic pearls that can be inserted into the dildo.

Papaya Ice showing the hole where the acrylic crystals goThe curved end has an oval hole in the center where the pearls are inserted.  Both the pieces and the dildo are designed to lock together so the pearls don’t accidentally come out during use, but this makes them more difficult to remove as well.  Inside the hole you’ll see a little nub on the bottom.  The acrylic pieces start to slide into the hole (with some force) and each have a notch to prevent them from being pushed all the way through or easily come out.  The design works Papaya Ice showing the design of the acrylic crystalsreally well, but make them challenging to remove and replace.  Included with the product is a small paper that shows you how to put them in and take them out.  When you want to remove them, you have to press on the back of the pearl until it starts to extend from the front.  As you start to push it through the back, you pull from the front; removing the pearl.  It’s a little difficult at first, but once you’ve done it a few times it gets easier.

The size of the dildo is very reasonable, and should be suitable for the average user.  If you’re not used to penetration it will be a little too large, and if you’re looking for a good stretched feeling, it will be too small.  The shape was naturally designed for G-spot stimulation, so it will work best for someone looking for targeted pleasure.  The overall length is 7 3/8″, the insertable length depending on which end you’re using.  The straight side can be inserted about 4 3/4″ before reaching the dip before the curve, but the curved side can be inserted much further.  The thickest area of the shaft is 4 1/2″ in circumference, but increases to that girth, the curved end is 4″ (not including pearls), and the area between the two ends is about 3″.

Papaya Ice size comparison - in hand


The Papaya Ice arrives in a narrow cardboard box that features an image of the toy on the outer sleeve, as well as information about the product.  It’s not discreet since it’s obvious what the package contains, but it’s done in a fun and tasteful way.  The sleeve covers four sides of the box, leaving the two small sides exposed.  One end has a small black ribbon that helps you remove it, and the other is flat.  There isn’t a cover for the box apart from the sleeve, so make sure nothing happens to it if you plan on Papaya Ice with storage pouch and second acrylic pearlstoring the toy inside.  Once the box is opened, a small paper is exposed that gives you the basic information you need to know about the toy, including an illustration that helps you understand how to insert and remove the pearls.  Once the paper is removed. the toy is in full view, with one of the pearls placed inside the cardboard below.  Underneath the dildo is a black drawstring storage pouch, perfect for holding your toy and both pearls for storage.

Papaya Ice packaging


My G-spot and I are still learning how to get along, so when I see a product that’s a little different, I jump on it!  The Papaya Ice really stood out to me thanks to the acrylic pearls, and I couldn’t help but wonder just how they would feel inside me.

The first time I used the toy, I started with the straight end, and found it pleasantly enjoyable at first.  It was a step up from completely round toys that are straight, but after a few minutes I found my mind kind of drifting off.  This side clearly didn’t hold my attention, but I think it’s wonderful for those that need warming up before using something larger, textured, or curved.

The first time I inserted the curved end, I used the smooth pearl.  I really enjoyed how different it felt inside the dildo.  Though the silicone is very smooth, there’s still an obvious difference between the two materials, and it was certainly enough to catch my attention.  Unfortunately, the curve of this side is quite sharp and I had to be careful with how I was using it, otherwise it caused me discomfort.  I found thrusting didn’t work well for me, but sort of turning the toy side to side was really great.  After using the smooth pearl, I switched it out for the faceted piece.  I can see why some would really love this one since the texture stands out more, but I didn’t enjoy it as much as the smooth one.

If you’re looking for something a little different than the standard G-spot dildos, this is certainly a great option to consider, especially if you enjoy a sharp curve.  I think this is a really fantastic concept and would love to see more companies creating toys that feature interchangeable pearls like this one.

Interested in picking up your own Papaya Ice?  You can by visiting SheVibe – the banner below will take you there!

Papaya Ice was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review.  This is in compliance with FTC guidelines.

  8 Responses to “Review: Papaya Ice from Papaya Toys”

  1. Beautiful toy. And such a unique feature! I’m really curious as to how it would feel rocking it against the g-spot.

  2. It’s really pretty! It looks a little large, but the versatility might make up for it…

  3. I read this in my inbox the other day but am now commenting. This toy looks amazing, it does look a little big for me though. I am glad you like it. I like how you can change the emblems out as well to get two different feelings.

  4. The pearls are such a neat feature, you can experience something new each time (sort of). It’s like the toy that just keeps on giving.

  5. Oh, I’m really interested in this, I didn’t know the straight end was shaped that way, and it makes it more appealing to me. I love the color, that blue is gorgeous. Maybe if I’m lucky, I’ll get to review it.

  6. Wow, the first time I saw this I figured it was a Lelo Ella knock off, but clearly I was wrong! And it’s blue!

  7. Beautiful blue color and the design is really cool with the pearls. Not something I’ve seen before. I bet my lady would be interested when I show her a picture :)

  8. I have no opinion on textures (yet), but the five-sided end could be something interesting (I know, weird to talk about that end rather than the curved one). Also it’s such a pretty blue *.*

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