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Pleasure Purse

– High quality
– Spacious
–  Discreet/versatile
– Easy to lock/strong zippers
– Lots of different pockets
– Comes with an extra storage pouch
– Animal print fabric/no color options
– Not vegan friendly (might bother some)




Once you’ve purchased your fifth or sixth adult product, it starts to get more difficult to come up with discreet storage options that don’t scream “I’m trying to hide something!“.  This can be especially difficult if you live with snoopy roommates or have curious kids.  Before long, they realize the shoe box under the bed contains some colorful goodies that buzz when you press the buttons, which could also lead to uncomfortable conversation.  There are locking trunks and other boxes designed for toy storage, but they can be bulky, not very discreet, and unable to hold more than a few items.  The Pleasure Purse is an over-sized leather bag that’s portable, lockable, and very unassuming when sitting on a shelf among your other purses or luggage.  It’s discreet enough that you could use it for overnight trips without anyone batting an eye, but attractive enough that someone might just ask where you purchased your beautiful purse!  Apart from the way it looks, it’s extremely well made.  The zippers glide smoothly, the stitching is perfect, and it’s very high quality.  Both inside and out you’ll find a variety of pockets and enough space to fit many adult products.  From lingerie to lube, dildos to sleeves, this purse can hold just about anything in your collection!  The fabric inside the purse is animal print which won’t appeal to everyone, and it’s not vegan friendly, but it’s nearly perfect apart from that.


The Pleasure Purse is very elegant looking from the outside.  It’s primarily black, but has silver zippers and details.  The front pocket has the logo stitched onto the center of it in black, and the back features the logo in a small silver design.  Nothing about it gives away what the product was designed for, and the overall look of the outside feels very mature while remaining trendy.  The shape is fantastic for a variety of reasons and the attention to detail is truly impressive.  A lot of thought must have gone into the design, and it was well worth it.

The bottom of the purse is totally flat and has a piece of thick cardboard underneath the internal fabric which helps the bottom keep its shape.  When you flip the purse over, you’ll also see four little silver feet that allow the bottom to rest evenly on flat, firm surfaces.  The handles are connected with silver loops, which make them freely move side to side.  They aren’t stiff and are very comfortable and easy to use as a result.  On either side of the zipper there are D-rings that the included shoulder strap attaches to, making the purse easier to carry when you’re on the go.


When you unzip the bag, it’s like a totally different world!  The leopard print fabric jumps out and grabs attention, it’s fun and flirty and the contrast is a really great touch.  It’s almost like when the bag is zipped it’s all business, but the moment the lock comes off, the fun is revealed!  The external pockets are lined the same way, but it’s not obvious just by looking at it.  It would have been nice to see a variety of different fabrics offered, but perhaps that’s something the company will consider in the future.


Untitled-5The locking system is really interesting with this purse, and is unlike anything I’ve seen before (perhaps it’s a well known design, I just haven’t seen it).  The two zippers each have metal circles that extend from them, and when closed, they fit together like a puzzle.  When connected, there’s still a hole in the center, which is where the lock slides into place.  When the lock is closed, there’s no way for someone to so much as peek into the bag!  The zippers can’t be pulled apart at all, keeping your products safe and secret.  The lock and two keys are included with your Pleasure Purse and are quite cute when you consider how upscale the purse is.  The lock is in the shape of a heart with a small one attached to it and has the Pleasure Purse logo on it.  The top of the keys tie in nicely with the lock and have a heart shape at the top.  The lock is good quality and will keep out average snoopers, but would be easy to cut if you lost your keys (though you can also order more on their website if you can go without your toys for a little while).

Untitled-6Outside of the purse there are a total of three pockets, two open ones in the front, and one zippered one on the bottom of the back.  The zippered area is great for holding flat or thinner objects like books, cuffs, DVDs, etc. but it’s important to keep in mind that this area can’t lock.  If you’re overly concerned about someone snooping, it would be best to keep the items PG to avoid someone assuming what the locked purse might contain.  Oddly, the fabric in this area is also sort of inside out.  It makes sense since the fabric inside the purse needed to be face up, but it doesn’t look bad.  The pattern just appears lighter than in other areas.  The open pockets on the front are great for holding every day items like gum, lip balm, makeup, a small digital camera, or something similar.  Since they’re open it’s more likely for the items to be seen, but they’re fairly deep so items shouldn’t easily fall out.

Inside the purse it’s like magic pocket land!  On one side there are two open mesh pockets with elastic tops and one zippered mesh pocket, and the other has a fabric zippered pocket that extends the length of the side.  The mesh pockets are great for holding smaller items that you don’t mind being seen; chargers/batteries, small bottles of lube, bullet vibrators, etc.  The zippered mesh pocket takes up half the side, and the two open ones each make up a fourth.  The variety in sizes is great since there seems to be a perfect little spot for everything.  The long pocket on the opposite side isn’t see through, and it’s fairly large.  You can easily fit several dildos inside (or other larger items), but it’s also great for hiding that special piece of lingerie you slipped into the purse before you left.


The main area of the purse can hold any and everything you’d like.  Dildos, vibes, sleeves, c-rings, cuffs, lingerie, DVDs, books, etc.  If you remove the products from their packaging the purse will be able to contain more, but it can also easily hold many packaged toys as well.  How many items it will fit really depends on the size of the items you have.  If you have 100 c-rings, they will likely all fit, but if you have really large strokers or dildos, the purse won’t be able to hold as many.  You can expect to fit a few dozen average sized products inside the purse (without packaging), though the exact amount will depend on the products themselves.

Also included with the purse is a large storage pouch made from the same leopard print fabric.  It’s 13 1/2″ tall by 9 1/2″ wide and closes with black draw strings.  Including a pouch like this with the Pleasure Purse was a great idea since it helps you organize some of the products you’re putting inside the bag.  On the inside of mine some of the fabric is fraying, but it’s really a small thing compared to the quality of the purse itself.

Above I mentioned the approximate amount of product the Pleasure Purse is able to accommodate, but here are the measurements of the purse itself.  More can be provided by request:

  • Bottom Width: 9″
  • Bottom Length: 16″
  • Purse Height: 11″


Being leather, the outside of the Pleasure Purse has a lightly textured surface that’s soft and durable.  The bag doesn’t feel stiff, and can be carefully folded (to avoid bending the bottom) when not in use.  The leopard print fabric inside is silky to the touch which really makes the whole product feel very luxurious.

The quality is extremely impressive.  The stitching is great, but I’m even more impressed by how effortlessly the zipper glides.  It’s obvious the best quality pieces went into creating this purse, and there’s no question in my mind these were designed to last a long time (if not forever).  The price point might seem high, but it’s no more expensive than a smaller brand name purse that doesn’t lock or have all the great pocket space – and it’s not much more than a lot of the smaller cases that are being sold for sex toy storage.  You get what you pay for, and the Pleasure Purse is worth the investment.


My toy collection is quite large and I’m always looking for something secure to hold my products – especially now that my children are getting older.  When I stumbled upon the Pleasure Purse I was curious to see if it was something that would work well for me.  I loved the fact it was unassuming enough that my husband and I could fill it with goodies for a weekend trip, while having enough space to store my favorite products at home.

When the purse arrived I was really pleased to see the size.  The dimensions don’t make the purse sound very large, but there’s a lot of room inside.  If we wanted to stay overnight as a couple, there would be enough space to pack a change of clothes (for each of us), our bathroom necessities, and some sexy time items.  It’s a little too large to carry around as a purse in general, but it’s perfect for travel, even without including many adult products.

I’ll be the first to admit, the quality surprised me.  Almost every item I’ve seen something sold as a sex toy storage item, it’s been cheaply made and far more expensive than it’s worth.  If you were to purchase a designer overnight bag, you’d end up paying more than you would for the Pleasure Purse.  With how versatile it is, how unassuming, and how attractive it is, this is a truly fantastic storage option for your adult goodies.  I couldn’t be more impressed with this item, and highly recommend purchasing one for yourself!


The Pleasure Purse was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review.  This is in compliance with FTC guidelines.

  6 Responses to “Review: Pleasure Purse”

  1. I’m excited to get mine. I’ve owned sex toy storage from 3 or 4 different companies now, and have never loved the quality.

  2. This looks pretty awesome, I am always looking for new storage ideas. Right now I have a big tote full of stuff.

  3. This looks awesome! I will definitely look into purchasing this in the future for my lady and me. I really like the locking system and by your review I can safely assume that the quality is just as good as it looks in the pics. Hoping for some more colorways in the future!

  4. As far as sex toy storage goes, the Pleasure Purse is pretty cool. I actually have a purse about this size, so I can’t justify buying one, but for people that must have something that locks I think this is a good choice. I just wish they had different fabric options.

  5. Right now I have a my toys in an anime girl messenger bag. I really love the bag, and it’s in good condition, but it doesn’t have a lot of storage. It’s also kind of sexy, but more sexy/cute than sexy/take-me-seriously.

    I’m really intrigued but the pleasure purse, and with such favorable reviews as this i may purchase one. But I think I’ll wait to see if there are going to be any other lining options.

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