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Raptor from Exotic-Erotics

– Made from silicone
– Customization options
– Unique design
– Suitable for girth lovers
– Anal safe base
– Sizes might be too large
– Extreme change from shaft to knot
– No option for suction cup


The Raptor - full image

-About the Raptor-

The Raptor from Exotic-Erotics is the company’s first dinosaur themed product.  This prehistoric beast isn’t for the faint of heart!  The muscular looking shaft is large, which is great for girth lovers, but eye-widening for those that prefer slim toys.  In general, you’ll find a lot of fantastically girthy toys in their shop, but they also cater to those that require something more manageable; having small sizes and thinner designs available as well.

This particular dildo can be used by any gender since the base makes it anal safe.  The shaft has a nice curve that helps connect with the G-spot or prostate, but your individual experience will vary.  Though it can be used by anyone, it’s not suitable for strap on play.  The design of the base and the overall shape wouldn’t work well in a harness, but that shouldn’t deter you from using it on your partner.  The larger your toy, the heavier they become, and it can be really nice to just lay back and let someone else do the work.  Just keep in mind the size is quite large and you/your partner should warm up to it.

Exotic-Erotics includes a short written piece that’s designed to spark your imagine when considering your purchase or once your Raptor is in hand.  You don’t have to be into dino play to find this toy appealing, but the below description might give you a jump start into this fantasy:

The Raptor - drawing from website “A turkey, huh? Okay, try to imagine yourself in the Cretaceous Period. You get your first look at this ‘awkward turkey’ as you enter a clearing near a stream. He moves like a bird, lightly, bobbing his head. And you keep still because you think that maybe his sexual desire is based on movement like T. Rex – he’ll lose interest if you don’t move. But no, not the Raptor. You stare at him, and he just stares right back, moving closer all the while. And that’s when you catch a glimpse of this… a thick, ridged, two pronged member.

We don’t actually know anything the Raptor’s mating behavior. Maybe he wants you low on the ground as he moves sensually behind you, or maybe he wants you on your back where his bulbous head can massage the G or P spot. The point is, you are in ecstasy when you’re with him. So you know, try to show a little respect.

The Raptor is made from 100% silicone.  It’s a body safe material that’s non-porous, latex free, and phthalate free.  It can be cleaned with soap and water or toy cleaner, but can also be sterilized if you use for both anal and vaginal play or you’re sharing with someone else.  You can boil for a few minutes, clean with a 10% bleach solution, or even clean it in your dishwasher.  Being silicone, it’s best to use a water-based lubricant with this dildo.  Silicone-based lubes may cause the surface to degrade, but you can spot test an area of the base if you’d rather use that kind.

The Raptor - squish The Raptor - flexibility The surface is matte and requires lube to glide easily across the skin.  It does collect some lint, but it’s much more manageable than other silicone dildos.  Just make sure to wipe it off before use and you won’t run into any problems.  Because of the customization options, you can choose which silicone softness will best suit you.  My Raptor has a medium shaft and a hard base.  As you can see from the images, the medium is squishy and flexible, which makes it more comfortable during use.

The Raptor is an imaginary design based on what some might assume the penis of this dinosaur would resemble.  It features a veiny shaft with bumps along the bottom, massive bulges, and some feathery texture on the base.  All of this follows the unique double pronged tip.  The design is certainly unique, and the shape holds your attention.

The Raptor - details and textures

The color customization options are nearly limitless.  Nothing is more fun than selecting the colors for your new dildo.  My other reviews for Exotic-Erotics give a greater color breakdown, so I won’t repeat that information here.  There are three sections you can select the color for; the shaft, the base, and the feathers.  Mine has a blood red shaft, a purple base, and yellow feathers.  There’s a list of options you can select from, or you can choose ‘custom’ and let the makers know just what you want your dildo to look like.  Currently they can’t do marbled colors in the shaft, but the sky is the limit from there!

eemediumraptorExotic-Erotics is great about providing a range of sizes for their customers to choose from.  This particular design is available in four sizes; small, medium, large, and extra large.  While you might imagine small would be a pretty reasonable size, in this design, it’s not suitable for beginners.  Make sure to check the handy size chart prior to purchasing to make sure you select the size that will work best for you.  My Raptor is a medium, which is usually the size I choose from Exotic-Erotics.  However, the size changes abruptly because of the knot which makes the toy feel much larger, so keep that in mind.

The Raptor - size compared to hand

The Raptor - inside storage pouchAll Exotic-Erotics products come with a perfectly sized cotton pouch, but only if you make sure the box is checked.  You’ll see it as you go through the customization options.  When it arrives,  the dildo is sealed in a plastic bag and inside the included pouch.  If something is wrong with your order, you can exchange it, but only if the clear bag hasn’t been opened.

-What I liked-

Though the description itself says, “That doesn’t look very sexy! More like an awkward turkey.” it was one I saw and immediately needed to try.  The design intrigued me, and having never used a knotted toy, I decided it was time to put on a brave face and give it a shot.

I love the firmness of the shaft because it’s squishy/flexible without being floppy, and the firm base prevents the toy from flopping over.  I really love the silicone Exotic-Erotics uses.  It doesn’t really attract lint (not much at least) and doesn’t require much lube to get things nice and slick.  The medium firmness is my favorite because it provides some cushion while still applying pressure where it’s needed.

The shape of this dildo effortlessly found my G-spot, and the two prongs fondly caressed it.  I was impressed that the tips were so stimulating, which was definitely an added bonus.

-What I didn’t like-

Unfortunately, this is the first Exotic-Erotics dildo that just really didn’t work for me.  I bit off more than I could chew with the size, and ended up loathing the dildo more than enjoying it.

The size of the knot wasn’t the issue for me, it was the shape and the extreme jump in size.  I consider myself a member of the girth squad, but perhaps I should return that badge of honor, because I failed.  I warmed up, slathered myself with lube, and took it slow.  No matter how relaxed and ready I was, no matter how I eased into it, the moment that knot hit my vagina my whole body screamed, “Oh hell no!”.  It hurt.  It hurt a lot.  I tried several other times and in a variety of ways, and I just couldn’t get comfortable with the knot.  I can use the top of the shaft and it’s nice, but definitely disappointing that I can’t take advantage of everything the dildo has to offer.

There isn’t an option for a suction cup base.  The dildo is large and it gets heavy in a hurry, which is why a suction cup would be really handy.  Not only that, but the shape of the base is pretty awkward to hold.  I ended up having to use two hands, which wasn’t exactly the most comfortable position to be in.


This dildo wasn’t right for me.  I’m almost positive I would have felt the same way had I gotten a smaller size.  The shape is very interesting, and certainly caught my attention, but I couldn’t make it work for me.  It’s still a really creative dildo, made from silicone, and can be customized.  If you’re unsure if the design will work out for you, I strongly suggest you look into the Hippocampus.  The increase in size is much more gradual, and is far more stimulating in my opinion.

If you’re interested in purchasing your own Raptor or another interesting dildo, please visit the banner below.


The Raptor was provided to me for the cost of shipping in exchange for an unbiased review.  This is in compliance with FTC guidelines.

  3 Responses to “Review: Raptor from Exotic-Erotics”

  1. Knots are a funny thing…sometimes they can be hard to take even when you know you can manage similar girth with another toy. And I know quite a few folks whose bodies and knots just don’t get along. There’s no reason to question your membership in the Girth Squad just because this toy didn’t do it for you. :)

    • I was genuinely surprised with how my body responded. I’m hoping it was just the shape of this one, but I’m definitely nervous about trying another knotted toy. I hope it’s not something that just doesn’t work for me. There are so many awesome looking knotted dildos!

  2. Do not know why you don’t have more comments on this. That is the craziest looking dildo I have ever seen. Ever.

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