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Real Nude Suko from Blush Novelties

– Made from silicone
– Dual density
– Strong suction cup base
– Variety in use
– Odd realistic/unrealistic appearance
– Messy cut at base


Real Nude Suko - full image

-About the Real Nude Suko-

The Real Nude Suko from Blush Novelties is a dildo that falls directly on the line between realism and fantasy.  Does it look like a cock?  Sort of.  Does it feel like a cock?  Kind of.  It’s the perfect middle ground for someone that doesn’t want an exotic product, and would prefer something that doesn’t resemble a severed member either.

Real Nude Suko - showing suction cup

I apologize for the odd color difference. It’s actually much lighter than this photo.

The base of this dildo not only allows it to be safely used anally (and in a harness), but it features a suction cup.  This cup is concave in the base of the toy, and holds extremely well.  It suctions to any clean, flat, texture-free surface.  You can use it in the shower, on your bedroom wall, on a wooden chair, etc.  You don’t have to worry about the suction accidentally breaking, or the toy slipping or falling.  The seal is strong, and needs to be broken by slipping a finger underneath it.  Tugging the dildo won’t get you very far, the suction is that strong!

Real Nude Suko - shapeThe actual shape of the Real Nude Suko is what I would call artistically realistic.  It features a prominent head, but the shape of the shaft is unique.  Rather than having a vein-y texture or being completely straight, it has a sort of muscular appearance.  These bulges add stimulation when thrust, which is a step up from ultra realistic dildos.  Since the dildo lacks a curve, this shape is really where it shines.  It makes up for the curve by holding your attention on each bulge as it slides in and out of you.  The sensation isn’t extreme, so it’s great for someone looking to advance from smooth toys, or for those that feel bored by straight dildos.

This dildo is made from silicone which is one of the best materials for sex toys.  It’s non-porous, body safe, latex free, and phthalate free.  It’s best to stick with a water-based lube (since silicone lubes sometimes cause a reaction to the material), but when well cared for, silicone toys can last a lifetime.  Because it’s non-porous, the dildo can be sterilized by boiling for a few minutes, cleaning with a 10% bleach solution, or using your dishwasher.  This is great if you want to use it anally and vaginally, since it reduces the risk of spreading bacteria.  For regular use, you can simply clean with soap and water.

Real Nude Suko - give to the siliconeThe Real Nude Suko is shiny which allows lint and hair cling to it with ease.  Fortunately, it comes with a great storage pouch, which helps eliminate some of that issue.  Still, it’s wise to wash your dildo before and after use.  It’s best to use some lubricant with the dildo to help it glide easily across the skin, but a little goes a long way.  Also, it’s not difficult to scratch or mark up the surface, so use extra caution if you have long nails or jewelry.

One of the things that make this dildo stand out from others, is the fact it features two different silicone densities.  The external layer is plush and comfortable, and the core is firm but flexible which makes it easy to thrust with.  The combination of the two layers makes it feel similar to an actual penis.  The head and outer layer are a little softer than what you’d expect from a cock, but dual density toys are as close as you’ll get to the real thing.

Real Nude Suko - flexibility and give

The size of the Real Nude Suko is suitable for those that enjoy some girth, but don’t want something that makes them feel stretched.  It’s certainly not a great choice for a beginner, but for those used to penetration, it’s a reasonable challenge to conquer.  The length is great because it allows some room for riding or using it against the wall, but it’s also manageable if you prefer to use it manually.  It’s 8 1/4″ long, with an insertable length of 7″.  The girth ranges in size from 4 3/4″ in circumference at the smallest area, up to 5 1/4″ at the largest.

Real Nude Suko - size comparison to hand

Real Nude Suko - packagingReal Nude Suko - SheVibe return sealThe Real Nude Suko arrives in a clear plastic package.  Though it’s not covered in tasteless images, it isn’t discreet.  You can see through all sides of the package and the information on the outside spells it out quite clearly.  Mine came from SheVibe and arrived with a temper seal on the package.  If the seal is broken, SheVibe can’t accept a return, so make sure the dildo is what you wanted before you tear open the package.  After removing the dildo, there’s a thin cardboard box in the bottom that holds the storage pouch.

-My thoughts-

Blush Novelties makes a lot of really cheap, low quality products, but I think they hit the mark with their Real Nude collection.  A couple years ago I received and tested Sumo, another dildo from this line.  After using both products, I feel confident in saying these are great options to consider if you’re interested in dual density dildos (and already have a bunch from Tantus and Vixen Creations).

Suko appealed to me because of the shape.  I liked the fact the shaft wasn’t simply straight or curved, and the bulges had me intrigued.  Sometimes I enjoy a lot of texture, sometimes I don’t, and other times my vagina is very picky about what type of texture it enjoys.  The Suko seemed to be a pretty safe option.  The bulges are comfortable because of the plush surface, and provided me with the exact sensation I was hoping for.  I wasn’t distracted by how it felt, and I didn’t have to question whether or not I enjoyed the feeling.  Instead, the shape woke me up, and grasped my attention.  Not because it’s extreme, but because it’s so naturally good.  I think leaving the surface Real Nude Suko - seam around suction cupsmooth and allowing the shape to shine really adds to the experience.  Had the surface been anything but smooth, I don’t think I would have enjoyed it quite as much.

My Suko arrived with a very messy edge around the suction cup base.  I’m not really sure what the reason is behind it, but it almost looks like it was roughly cut from another dildo and attached to the one I received.  It doesn’t effect the way the dildo performs, but it certainly isn’t attractive to look at.

The dildos in the Real Nude line are only available in two color options; Almond and Toffee, mine is the latter.  I think it would be amazing to see these dildos in bright colors that aren’t flesh tones.  It would add to the artistic element of the pieces, and I know would gain even more attention.

I really enjoyed Real Nude Suko, and think it’s a great dildo that’s a little different from what you typically find.  If you feel the size or shape isn’t right for you, there are several others in this line to consider.

Real Nude Suko was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review.  This is in compliance with FTC guidelines. 

  2 Responses to “Review: Real Nude Suko from Blush Novelties”

  1. Hmm, this is kind of an Uncanny Valley dildo to me. It’s a shame because I’m sure the Real Nude line feels great in use, but they’re so creepy looking!

  2. I think this line has a unique appeal to them and I am not really feeling them too much. I am glad to hear that you like this one even though the base cut was messed up. I have not found one that has really caught my eye.

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