May 252014

Rose from SinFive

– Made from body safe materials
– Rechargeable
– Waterproof
– Soft and flexible
– Variety of settings
– Could be stronger/more rumbly
– No light indicator
– Expensive
– Lint magnet


SinFive Rose full image


Many body safe vibrators have only a thin layer of silicone over their firm internal parts.  This is wonderful if you enjoy a lot of pressure, but every now and then it’s nice to use something that’s a little squishy.  It can be a challenge to find a product that’s both flexible and soft without compromising on material safety.  That’s where the products from SinFive come in!  The Rose features many of the great qualities that are important to look for in a vibrator, but it has something many others don’t.  The silicone on this vibe is thick, allowing the shaft to bend upward while providing comfort to the user.  It’s a great step up from a traditional vibrator, but won’t be right for everyone.  There’s a lot of variety when it comes to the vibration settings, but they’re not as strong or deep as they could be.  It’s also challenging to know how long the vibrator needs to charge or when it’s about to die since there are no light indicators.  If money isn’t an issue, you respond well to average vibrations, and don’t mind charging it after each use (to prevent the battery from dying mid-session), this would be a good vibe to consider.  Otherwise, it might not be right for you.


The Rose from SinFive is an insertable vibrator that works best with the female anatomy.  The shaft is naturally curved at the end, but you can also lightly bend the toy so that it connects better with the G-spot area.  The tip of the toy can also be used externally against the clitoris, almost like having an external vibe on a stick.

Since the material is so soft and flexible, you can hand the vibe over to your partner without having to worry about them accidentally thrusting too hard and hurting you.  This is one of the best features of the toy.  Though you can use it with a partner, it wasn’t really designed with the male anatomy in mind.  You could run the vibe along sensitive external areas of the body, but it’s not suitable for anal insertion.  Though the base does get thicker toward the bottom, it’s not properly flared and should be avoided.

Thanks to the magnetic charging system, this vibe is completely waterproof, making it safe to use in the tub or shower, and makes it much easier to clean.


The Rose is made from ABS plastic (the silver ring around the bottom and internal parts) and silicone.  Both materials are body safe, non-porous, latex free, and phthalate free.  They’re wonderful options because they’re safe to use and easy to clean and care for.  Before and after use, you can wash the vibe with soap and water or your favorite toy cleaner (the silver ring around the base of the shaft is the only area you need to pay attention to, since fluids can get stuck between the plastic and silicone), but you can also sterilize it using a 10% bleach solution.  Unlike silicone dildos, this one can’t be boiled or cleaned in the dishwasher because of the mechanical parts.  This material is compatible with water-based lubricants only, since other types could cause the surface to degrade.

The surface of the silicone is matte and does slightly drag when you run it across your skin.  This can be fixed by applying a small amount of lube.  The big issue with the SinFive Rose flexibilitydrag is the fact that it picks up small particles so easily.  It’s important to wipe/wash the toy before use as well to remove all the lint.  The entire shaft is smooth and doesn’t have a texture or any seams.  It’s great if you appreciate smooth toys, but might seem lacking if you require texture in order to feel stimulated.

The surface is somewhat squishy and flexible, but isn’t floppy.  If you bend it upward, it will mostly remain in place, but you can’t manipulate otherwise.  If you need an extreme curve, you won’t be able to bend it that far, but it works much more effectively than a traditional style vibe.


The Rose is available in four color options, Violet, Raspberry, Black, and Pool Blue.  The Pool Blue is very vibrant and is a nice alternative to the typical purple and pink products you find.

SinFive Rose designThe design of this vibe is fairly straightforward.  The base has the controls in a convenient location and it’s the thickest area of the toy.  A silver ring separates the base from the shaft, where it then narrows in size.  The shaft is flexible and can be left in a straighter position, or curved upward to help it connect better with the G-spot area.  It’s quite basic as far as the look, it’s the flexibility that sets it apart from others.

The size is suitable for the average user, since it might be a little thick for someone who’s not used to any type of penetration.  Those that prefer toys with a decent girth will also find it lacking, but the flexibility might make up for it.  The full length of the vibe is about 8 1/2″, with approximately 6″ being insertable.  The thickest area of the toy (near the ring) is 5″ in circumference, but starts off at a very reasonable 3 1/2″ around.

SinFive Rose size comparison - in hand


SinFive Rose chargingThe Rose is rechargeable and comes with a USB charger.  There are no ports to plug the toy into, instead, it magnetically connects to the two metal circles on the base of the toy.  When the charger is connected and plugged in, the vibe will give a little “vroom, vroom”.  There are no lights to show that the vibe is charging, so it’s hard to tell when you can disconnect and use.  After a couple hours you should be okay, but I would charge after each use to avoid having issue with the battery draining during use.

SinFive Rose buttonsThe buttons are a little deceiving at first.  While it looks like the raised plus and minus signs are the buttons, they actually aren’t. The metal pieces that connect with the charger double as the controls.  The plus and minus signs just show you which button does what.  The top button turns the toy on, increases the intensity level, and starts the pattern settings.  The minus button decreases the intensity level, changes it back from patterns to steady vibrations, and turns the toy off.

To turn the toy on, you have to press and hold down the plus button (the top metal circle).  When the vibrations start, you’ll be on the first vibration intensity.  This setting is extremely low and is only suitable for teasing or for very sensitive users to use as a warm up for higher settings.  It’s very, very low.  There are seven more intensity levels after the first, increasing in power from extremely low, to high.  You can either press the button, or hold it down for the vibrations climb.  At any point, you can use the minus button to decrease the power if it’s too much for you.

Once you’ve reached the highest intensity level, another press of the plus button will bring you to the patterns.  There are a total of four patterns:

  1. Surging
  2. Long and Short Escalations
  3. Roller Coaster
  4. Variety – Pulses and Escalation

Once you’ve reached the patterns, pressing the plus button will continuously cycle through them.  If you want to access the intensity levels, you have to press the minus button.  No matter which setting you’re on, you can turn the toy off by pressing and holding down the minus button.  Every time you turn the toy on you’ll start on the first intensity level, the vibe doesn’t remember the last setting you used.

The vibrations are average and should work for those that are more sensitive to vibrations all the way up to someone that enjoys some power.  It’s unlikely it would be enough for someone that requires a lot of power, especially because the vibrations lean toward the buzzy side.  The thick silicone really decreases the intensity, which is sad since it’s also one of the best things the vibe has going for it.  On the lowest setting the vibe can’t be heard, but the volume increases with the power.  On the highest setting someone in the same room would be able to hear you, but if you were behind a closed door (with some white noise) no one would know what you were up to.


The Rose arrives in a cardboard box that’s surrounded by a thin white sleeve.  The end of the sleeve shows which color it contains and the name of the toy, but doesn’t contain any other information.  Once you remove the sleeve, an elegant box appears.  It’s covered in a beautiful floral pattern with the company name in the center of the top.  The bottom contains some information about the product, but in general, it’s fairly discreet looking, and certainly attractive.  One end of the box is closed, but the opposite side has a little ribbon that you pull on to remove the tray.  The color of the cardboard inside the tray reflects the color of the vibe you chose.  Resting inside is your Rose, nothing else is immediately in view.  You have to remove the inner cardboard piece to reveal the magnetic charger and the paperwork.  The only included information is displayed on a thin piece of cardboard that’s laying flat in the bottom of the box.  It contains only the most basic information in five different languages.  No storage pouch is included, so the package is your best bet for storage.  It’s larger than necessary for the vibe, but it’s sturdy and will work well for long term storage.

SinFive Rose packaging


Rose was first brought to my attention by the lovely people over at SinFive.  I had reviewed their traditional style vibe (Grace) and their clitoral vibe (Sue) on another adult site, and they were interested in seeing how I liked Rose.

I knew how to use the vibe since it functions the same way as the other two, but I was really interested in seeing how the curved shape would work for me.  After taking photos and charging the toy, I was ready to check out the vibrations.  When I turned the toy on it surprised me how much weaker it felt than Sue, but then it clicked – Sue is smaller, so there’s less silicone to dampen the vibrations.  I was disappointed, since I figured this would be a toy that would work well for me, but I kept an open mind.

I really enjoyed how the silicone felt inside me.  It was comfortable, and easily reached all the right areas.  The vibrations weren’t enough for me (since I need deep, strong vibes in order to climax), but when I paired it with my go-to clit vibe, I found myself really enjoying it.  It definitely increased my pleasure, but on its own wasn’t enough for me.  Even when I tried to use the end of the toy externally it wasn’t quite enough for me.  I love the fact that the silicone is such a nice, thick layer over the internal parts, but I can’t help but feel like the added power would be worth slightly thinner silicone.

Naturally, whether or not this product is right for you will depend entirely on your own personal needs.  If you want something comfortable, flexible, and only need average power, this might be right for you.  However, I found myself holding down the plus button for longer than necessary, just hoping it would increase a little more.

Interested in purchasing your own Rose or another product from SinFive?  You can by clicking the banner below.

SinFive Banner

Rose was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review.  This is in compliance with FTC guidelines.

  5 Responses to “Review: Rose from SinFive”

  1. That is such a pretty blue! I’ve never tried any of the SinFive toys, but I’d be willing to get the Rose just to have that lovely shade of blue in my toy chest. :)
    I’ve grown fond of magnetic charging systems, but the USB only thing still irks me. It looks more stable than We-Vibe’s new system though, so yay for that.

  2. I really like the Pool Blue color!! I think it will be a color I will look for when purchasing future toys so hopefully companies change up their color styles and add nice shades of blues!! The flexible aspect is a good selling point but from how you describe the power of this toy, I don’t think it’ll be enough for my lady.

  3. The blue is such a gorgeous colour. I wish more toys came in blue.

  4. Sorry to hear this one did not work for you it is a pretty color though.

  5. Weird how the packaging almost has better aesthetic design than the actual product. Something about the toy itself just looks off, like it was shaped out of clay.

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