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Rub Me Massage Bar from Pleasure Works

– Easy to use
– Works well/long lasting
– Fantastic scents
– Natural ingredients
– Doesn’t feel greasy
– Can melt if kept in a warm place




If you love giving or getting massaged, this is the product to check out!  You don’t have to deal with pouring too much oil, a slippery bottle, or the horrible greasy feeling many other products leave behind.  These bars are in solid form until you rub them against your warm skin or hold them in your hands.  It doesn’t take much to heat them up, which is a good thing when you’re massaging, but can be a bad thing when you’re storing them.  If they get too warm they can melt, leaving quite the mess.  As long as you keep them away from heat, they stay perfectly solid.  They’re inexpensive, last through many uses, and leave your skin feeling soft.  What more could you want?


The Rub Me Massage Bar is a fantastic luxury bath and body product from Pleasure Works.  It’s a great replacement for messy massage products since the oil is easy to control and you’re not left with a greasy feeling on your skin.

The bar can be rubbed between your hands to oil them up, or you can use the bar directly on your partner’s skin.  As it glides over their body the bar melts slightly, providing a thin layer of oil that’s slick, but isn’t going to run down onto the surface below them.  When you feel the need to apply more, you simply run the bar back over their body, or hold it in your hands.  It’s impressive how it responds to warmth, but stays in solid form otherwise (apart from being exposed to elevated temperatures).

There’s no need to heat the bar up in order to liquefy it and you shouldn’t microwave or use other methods of heating the bar.  It will last longer and work more effectively when you simply use your body temperature.  Not only that, but using the microwave could cause it to heat unevenly, possibly burning either your hands or your partner’s skin.

Untitled-2This bar is for external use only and isn’t latex friendly, so keep it away from you and your partner’s genitals and you shouldn’t run into any issues.  Though it’s great to use along with a partner, you can also use it on your aching feet, hands, etc. and it leaves your skin feeling nice and soft.

The ingredients list is extremely short and shouldn’t contain anything that is concerning.  However, if you experience any discomfort while using this bar (rashes, burning, etc.) immediate wash and discontinue use.

Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Fragrance Oil


Untitled-4The Rub Me Massage Bar starts off in solid form, but is very smooth.  As it warms, the bar leaves behind a thick oil that feels surprisingly light and natural on your skin.  It spreads easily as you run your hands over your partner (or the other way around) and a little goes a surprisingly long way.  The bar is fairly small (being 2 oz), but it should get you up to a dozen uses depending on how much of the body you’re rubbing and how much oil you prefer.

Untitled-5There’s no specific texture to the bar, nothing but smooth oil.  It might take a moment for it to glide perfectly across your skin, but once it does you’ll find the texture to be very pleasant.  When first applied to the skin, it feels a little heavy, but as it’s absorbed it feels light and comfortable.  By the end of your massage, there’s no need to wipe off the area, and no need to shower unless you’d prefer to.  The oil leaves your skin feeling soft, which makes sense when you look at the ingredients.  Both cocoa butter and shea butter are often used for moisturizing the skin.


The Rub Me Massage Bar is available in a total of seven different scents; English Lavender, Pomegranate Mint, French Vanilla, Morning Dew, Coconut Lime, Amber Rose, and After Dinner Mint (Chocolate Mint).  There’s a wide variety of scents to choose from, so there should be something that will work for everyone.

The Coconut Lime is the scent I’m reviewing.  It’s a very fresh scent that reminds me of an expensive candle or air freshener.  You can pick up on both the coconut and lime, but it’s nice and subtle.  The soft scent will fill the room you’re in while the massage is taking place, and the scent will remain on the skin for hours after.  It’s not a feminine or masculine scent, it just smells very clean.  You have to bring the bar up to your nose in order for it to be too overpowering, but it’s quite the perfect balance while you’re using it.

If you happen to put your mouth on your partner’s body after having a massage, you’ll be met with a soapy taste.  It’s not bad, but it’s not something you want to intentionally have in your mouth.  I don’t imagine you’ll be bothered by the taste, so it shouldn’t distract you from anything else that might be going on, but it will be obvious if you get it on your lips.


Untitled-3Each Rub Me Massage Bar arrives wrapped in a foil that’s colored to reflect the scent you’ve selected.  The top of the bar has a sticker on it telling you the scent at the top, the name in the center, and on the bottom it shows that it’s a part of the ‘Me – Bath and Body’ collection from Pleasure Works.  Along with these fantastic massage bars, there are a variety of other items (massage oils and candles, bath products, etc.) from the line that work with this bar, and are available in the same scents.

The back of the bar as another sticker that tells you all the important things you need to know about it.  How to use it, what the ingredients are, etc.  This sticker is what keeps the foil covering in place.  Once the foil is removed, you’re met with a thin paper that’s sort of like wax paper.  Having two layers helps prevent the oil from melting and leaking out of the package.  I pulled back the inner paper, and held that part against my hand while I used the bar on my husband’s back.  It prevented my hand from getting too slick and helped me keep a good grip on the bar.  Since you can’t really wrap the bar back up in the foil, it’s best to use a sandwich bag for storing it.  Try to avoid keeping it in warm environments and you should be all set.

The bar itself looks almost like it could have been made in a muffin tin.  One side is a little more narrow than the other, and the bar is in a circular shape.  The size is really ideal for holding it while you’re applying it since it’s not too big and not to small.  I really appreciate the design and feel it works really well.


I really love massage products.  Anything that gives me a reasonable excuse to run my hands all over my husband and I’m on it!  When I saw these massage bars I was intrigued.  Up to this point, we’d only used your regular liquid oils and massage candles.  My curiosity got the best of me and these massage bars made their way into our home.

I told my husband about them, and he gave me a funny look.  While he loves having his body rubbed down, some products leave a horrible greasy feeling that makes us want to shower after.  For us, if you’ve gotten a massage and are all relaxed, feeling like you need to take a shower right after kind of defeats the purpose.  I assured him if he didn’t like it we wouldn’t use it again, and he said he was up for it.

The first thing we noticed about the bar was how good it smells.  Even he was impressed by it.  I loved that the scent sort of lightly filled our bedroom as I worked it into his back and body.  I was instantly surprised by how easily the bar leaves oil behind when you run it against the skin.  I rubbed it left to right and right to left, and his back and a shine to it.  I made passes like that over his whole back and had enough oil to massage him for 15 minutes without doing it again.  To say I was impressed is an understatement.  I asked him how he felt after, if his skin felt greasy or odd at all, and he said he felt perfectly fine.

For further research I insisted on having him test it out on me.  You know…so I could write about it.

He rubbed the bar on my back a lot more than I did with him, and I ended up telling him he had probably used enough.  It allowed his hands to effortless slide over my back and it felt amazing.  I was a little worried that he had used too much and it was going to feel heavy on my back, but I waited until he was finished to really pay attention to how I felt.  I’m far more sensitive to the way things feel on my skin than he is, and I was sure I was going to need to shower after.

Much to my delight, I didn’t have to.  The oil could still be felt with my hands, but it didn’t feel heavy or greasy as I laid there.  Even moving into a more comfortable position didn’t change the way it felt.  I was honestly shocked!  We went to sleep after that, and you could still lightly smell it on my skin and the sheets the next morning.  Just a light, clean scent.  It was lovely!

I highly recommend these bars and plan to always have one or two on hand.  They last a surprisingly long time and work better than many of the liquid products we’ve used.  It’s not often my husband and I agree on a body care item working well, but we both really loved this massage bar!

If you’re interested in purchase a few for yourself (and you should), or another fantastic bath and body product, you can by clicking the link below.


Rub Me Massage Bars were provided to me free of charge in exchange for my unbiased review.  This is in compliance with FTC guidelines.

  4 Responses to “Review: Rub Me Massage Bar from Pleasure Works”

  1. Ooh, me wants! My mom would love these! She likes foot rubs/scrubs, but does’t like too much oil on her feet.

  2. I want, I want, love when you say your hubby gives you that look. I am glad you enjoyed these. They sound wonderful and I love non greasy massage products.

  3. I’m no stranger to massage bars, but these sound more promising than most! My dude hates “being moisturized”, usually because it feels heavy/sticky. These might be a better option! I don’t see many reviews for romance products (usually just toys), so this was an excellent find!

  4. These sound really promising. One of the things I hate about – well pretty much anything I put on my skin really – is the greasy, heavy feeling they usually have. But these sound like a lighter, more pleasant alternative, and the scents sound heavenly :)

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