Mar 272014

Sensuelle Pearl from Novel Creations

– Rechargeable
– Unique functions
– Motion and vibrations controlled separately
– Made from body safe materials
– Loud/motion makes very mechanical sounds
– Buzzy vibrations
– Only water resistant
– Motion isn’t very stimulating
– Odd texture/obvious seam




After using so many vibrating toys, it’s exciting to come across something that’s different.  The Pearl not only vibrates, but features a ball in the tip of the toy that moves up and down; sort of simulating finger movements.  This ball is controlled separately from the vibrations, so you can use these functions separately or together.  The concept is really appealing, and it has other great qualities  (it’s rechargeable, made from silicone, etc.), but it misses the mark.  The vibrations aren’t very powerful, the motion function isn’t very stimulating, and it just didn’t have the wow factor I was hoping for.  If you’re just graduating from using your hands to purchasing toys it might be an okay choice, but the high price tag isn’t enough for me to say it’s worth the risk.


Sensuelle Pearl from Novel Creations is a unique toy that offers two different sensations.  You have standard vibrations (with multiple settings) and a massaging ball in the tip that moves up and down.

Best used on the female anatomy, this vibe can be inserted to stimulate the G-spot and surrounding areas, or it can be used externally on your clitoris and other sensitive areas of the body.  While there’s no obvious curve to the shaft, the tip of the toy sticks out which allows the ball within to easily come in contact with the desired area.  Even when you’re only using the vibrations, it provides more targeted stimulation thanks to the overall design.

Being straight and lacking a flared base makes the vibe unsafe to insert anally.  It’s best to keep your anal stimulation strictly outside of the body to prevent the vibe from accidentally slipping in further than desired.  You can also use it on other areas of the body, with or without a partner; the penis, perineum, nipples, etc.  If the toy was quieter, it would be a good toy to use during foreplay as a way to tickle and tease your partner since the movements are light.  If you have some music on it would help, but the sound might still be too distracting.

Unfortunately, this vibe is only water resistant which means it’s not safe to use in the tub or shower.  The instruction manual clearly states you shouldn’t wet the base of the product, so use caution while you’re cleaning the toy.


The Sensuelle Pearl is made from silicone (the skin covering the shaft) and ABS plastic (for the base and internal parts).  Both materials are body safe, non-porous, latex free, and phthalate free.  When you’re ready to clean the toy, you can use soap and warm water or your favorite sex toy cleaner (being careful not to wet the base).  If you want to sterilize the toy, which you always should if you’re sharing with someone else, you can use a 10% bleach solution.  You should only use a water-based lube with this toy since other types could cause the surface to degrade.

Untitled-6The silicone shaft is buttery smooth in your hands and easily glides over the skin.  The surface does pick up small particles, but they’re very easy to wipe away since the surface is so smooth.  The internal parts are very firm, so the toy doesn’t flex in any way.  However, the bulged part of the tip has a soft area which allows the ball to move back and forth underneath the thin layer of silicone.  It doesn’t change the way the toy feels as far as the firmness level, but allows the toy to function.

The tip is covered in three rows of small bumps, and has an obvious seam running down the center.  The seam itself can’t be felt during use, but the texture can be a bit uncomfortable.  When the vibrations are turned on, it’s not as obvious, but when you activate the motion settings it can be a little rough.  Lubricant helps, but if you’re sensitive to textures or even particular about them, this one might not be right for you.  The rest of the shaft is totally smooth until it connects with the plastic base.  Had the whole toy been smooth I think it would have produced better results.


The Sensuelle Pearl is available in three color choices – Black, Pink, and Purple.  No matter which option you select, the plastic handle will be black and silver for each.


The design of this vibe is quite basic when you look at the shape, but the silver plastic accent piece gives it a more interesting look.  The shaft is mostly straight, being thicker at the bottom and a little more narrow just below the head.  Once you reach the end, you’ll see the bulged, textured area that provides the motion function of the toy.  It’s a broad area, but the ball inside gives it a more targeted sensation.  The tip of the head is then angled downward, which also draws focus to the ball, and ends in a rounded point.

The size is very reasonable and would be suitable for a beginner.  The texture might pose a problem for some, but the size shouldn’t be something to worry about.  The length is really great for this toy since it allows you to insert the vibe as far as you need while still having a nice handle to hold onto.  The full length of the toy is 7 1/4″ with about 5″ of insertable length.  The girth ranges in size from 7/8″ in diameter to 1″.



Untitled-9The Sensuelle Pearl is rechargeable and comes with both a USB charger and wall adapter.  The vibe comes with a partial charge, but will need to be plugged in for approximately an hour to complete.  To charge the toy, you first need to plug the cord into the back of the base, make sure the metal pieces on the bottom of the vibe line up properly with it, and plug it into your computer or regular outlet.  While it’s charging, a little light on the charging base will flash red and green.  When it’s finished, the light will remain green.  On a full charge, you can expect to use the toy for approximately an hour, but it varies depending on which functions you’re using.

Untitled-8There are two white buttons on the bottom of the toy that are clearly labeled.  One has an ‘M’ (movement/motion) and the other has a ‘V’ (vibration).  When you press the ‘M’ button, the little ball in the tip will start moving up and down and a blue light will glow between the buttons on the bottom of the vibe.  The motion goes pretty fast on the first speed, but it can be increased two more times.  The difference in speed isn’t that noticeable, especially with the first setting already being so fast, but it does get quicker.  When you’re ready to turn off the motion, you can press and hold the button until it stops, or you can cycle through the speeds.  When you turn the motion back on, it will remember you place and start on the last setting you used.

Pressing the ‘V’ will start your vibrations and a red light will glow between the buttons.  There are a total of 10 different functions; four steady settings and six patterns.  They are:

  1. Low
  2. Medium
  3. Medium-High
  4. High
  5. Pulse
  6. Roller Coaster
  7. Two Short Pulses, One Long (repeat)
  8. Surging
  9. Fast Pulse
  10. Rapid Pulse

The vibrations are turned off the same way as the motion; you can hold the button down, or cycle through the patterns.  When you turn the vibe on, it will start on the last setting you used.

If you want to use both the motion and the vibrations, you find the setting you want for one, and then start the other.  You don’t have to press them at the same time, just one after the other.  When both settings are being used, the light between the buttons will glow both red and blue, having a slight purple appearance to it.

Untitled-7The motion is very light.  In your hand it feels promising, but when you put it against your skin it feels like more of a tickle than anything.  The faster the speed, the lighter it feels.  I was really hoping this would provide a finger-like sensation to the clitoris at least, but it probably won’t be enough for most users.  While you can feel it moving up and down, it doesn’t provide enough pressure (even when you press down firmly).

The vibrations have some power behind them on the higher settings, but they aren’t deep and rumbly.  The power is focused evenly through the shaft, but is weakest in the base of the toy which means your fingers won’t feel numb.  Even when using both functions together, it won’t be powerful or stimulating enough for the average toy user.  For someone who’s very sensitive it might provide a nice sensation, but it might not be enough to make you climax.

The sound level won’t wake the neighbors, but it might be enough to drive you insane.  Perhaps not so much how loud it is, but the sound it makes.  When using the motion setting, it produces a very mechanical sound.  It makes perfect sense when you consider what this product does, but it’s a major distraction for me.  On the highest setting the vibrations might be heard through a closed door, but only if someone’s near it.  When you pair that with the mechanical sounds, it’s enough that you might want to consider using it when no one else is home.


Untitled-10The Sensuelle Pearl arrives in a white cardboard box with a clear plastic window that’s molded around the shape of the toy inside.  Each side of the box contains information about the product, and though it’s tasteful looking it’s not discreet.  Rather than having a sleeve that pulls off or a top that pops up, the package features a flap that goes over the top of the box, around the side, and magnetically connects to the back.  I don’t care for this design because you have to keep the box in the right position while you open it or the toy could just fall out.  Had it attached to the site of the box, it would have been a much better design.

Untitled-1Once the top of the box is lifted, the toy is sitting on a plastic tray and is already inserted into the charging base.  After removing the toy, the tray lifts up to reveal a small box that contains the adapter.  You’ll also find the storage pouch and the instruction manual.  The manual is very basic, and is simply a folded piece of paper that gives you the basic rundown of how the toy works, how to charge it, clean it, etc.  It would have been nice to see more information added, but it’s enough to figure out how to use the toy.  One of the things that bothers me most about the lack of information is that it doesn’t even tell you what the toy is made from.  The package mentions that it’s phthalate free, but nothing beyond that.  I had to visit the company website to read that it’s made from silicone, which isn’t at all how it should be.



When I first learned about the Sensuelle Pearl, I was very interested.  Up until the age of 23 I only used my fingers to masturbate with, so I figured this would be something that would work really well for me.  When I turned the toy on the first time, I was a little put off by the mechanical sound it created, but it was something I could overlook if the toy preformed well.  The vibrations were also disappointing, especially after experiencing the power behind the Sensuelle Point bullet, but that wasn’t what had me interested in this product.

When it came time to try it out, I turned on the motion function alone at first, really interested in seeing how it felt.  I started externally, resting it against my clit where I would normally rub my finger.  I had to stop for a moment, spread my labia, and try again.  I closed my eyes, trying to focus on the sensation, but had to look down to see if I was even in the right spot.  I pressed down a little more, and though I could feel it moving back and forth, the sensation just wasn’t strong enough for me.  I added the vibrations and while that was a little bit better, there’s no way I could get off using it.

When I used it inside my body, I was even more disappointed.  The texture wasn’t pleasant to me, and actually felt more irritating than pleasurable while the bead moved up and down.  When I held it in place it felt okay against my G-spot, but if I tried thrusting with it at the same time, it was very uncomfortable.

I even did a test run on my husband who’s very sensitive and even HE felt like it wasn’t strong enough.  I placed the tip of the toy against his penis with only the motion function on, and he literally laughed at me.  He said he could hardly feel it…now THAT’S saying a lot.

I think the concept is great, but it really falls short.  I think the design could be improved, it shouldn’t have a textured surface, the vibrations should be more rumbly, the bead could extend further from the toy, it could be waterproof, etc.  For the right person it might be great as it is, but I have a hard time seeing how anyone would be able to climax while using this toy.

If you’re interested in checking out the Sensuelle Pearl, or other body safe products, you can by clicking the banner below!


The Sensuelle Pearl was provided to me by Novel Creations in exchange for an unbiased review.  This is in compliance with FTC guidelines.

  8 Responses to “Review: Sensuelle Pearl from Novel Creations”

  1. Oh, sure, the vibe with 2 buttons only has 10 functions *grins* The Pearl’s shape looks weird at first glance but it sort of makes sense when you consider the motion option. I don’t care for the silver band since it’s more to clean and less insertable length, although it looks pretty good when the Pearl is sitting in its base. These bases look awesome btw. Not exactly discreet, but if you want to display your toy or just keep it upright when you set it aside (which I do) they’re the answer to your prayers.
    Anywho, I’m disappointed. I love finger fun and I would shell out for a toy that simulates good fingering in a heartbeat!

  2. Damn sorry to hear you did not enjoy this toy at all. It is unique but also funky too. That base is cool though.

  3. It’s disappointing that there’s so little power in this toy. It sounds like it could be a really great product if they made it stronger – and waterproof. These days there’s not really any excuse to not have waterproof toys.

  4. Any body have any problems with it not changing after a certain time or stop working within a short time

    • Hello Angel,

      I haven’t had that issue with mine, but it seems like the Sensuelle line of products might have some issues with charging (based on what many are saying about the bullet I also reviewed from them).

      How long have you had it? Is the light on the base working? Do you know if you can return it to the place you purchased it from?

      Hopefully you’re able to get the issue resolved!!

    • Yes mine is only a month old and used only like 4 times. And today the vibration was on then it just quit but the motion one comes on. Any suggestions?

    • I purchased one of these in May of this year and used it only a couple times. I was never able to get it to a full charge. Then it died completely. My guess is that it never was charging at all. I wanted to return it to the manufacturer and started the process, but found out I would need a receipt. I didn’t keep mine, so I contacted the store where I bought it and was told they couldn’t recreate the receipt for me. HOWEVER, they are a reputable store and the owner replaced mine free of charge. That was earlier this week. So far, I haven’t been able to get this one to a full charge either, even though I’m following the instructions in the booklet to the letter. I’m concerned that this one, too, will die soon. Considering the cost of the item, I’m very disappointed and would never recommend this brand to anyone. It’s also making me extremely gunshy of ever purchasing a “rechargeable” item again, even as appealing as that is.

  5. Hell i got the sensuelle point 20 in pink i love it so much an some how the charger is gone is there anything i can do about that do i have to buy another charger or a whole toy again please let me know…

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