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Silicone Gyration Sensations Gyrating 10-Function Satisfier from Cal Exotics

– Made from safe materials
– Waterproof
– Variety of functions
– Easy to use
– Decent power/rumble
– Beeping sound on some patterns
– Doesn’t actually gyrate


Silicone Gyration Sensations Satisfier full image


Cheap vibrators are everywhere, promising intense vibrations, powerful orgasms, and more.  How often do they live up to those claims?  Not often at all.  The Silicone Gyration Sensations Satisfier (the actual product name is slightly longer..) is an inexpensive vibrator that’s surprisingly good.  Not only is it made from body safe materials, waterproof, and easy to use, but there’s actually some decent power to it.  It doesn’t exactly gyrate like the name says, but it does have deeper rumbles that should satisfy most users.  If you’re on a budget and you’re looking for a textured toy with power, this is a great option to consider.


The Silicone Gyration Sensation Satisfier from Cal Exotics is a vibrator primarily designed to be used on the female anatomy.  The end of the toy has a small bulge that easily connects with the clitoris, nipples, and other sensitive areas; making it a great vibe to use during both masturbation and foreplay.  The shaft itself is straight, but the obvious texture makes up for the fact it’s not curved.  It might not connect perfectly with your G-spot, but the texture is stimulating enough that it shouldn’t matter.

The design of this vibe does limit the ways it can be used.  It lacks a flared base, so anal insertion is highly discouraged since it could cause both discomfort and embarrassment should it slip from your grasp.  It can safely be used externally on the perineum and anus, but don’t insert the toy anally and you won’t run into any problems.

Thanks to an o-ring around the base of the battery cap, you can safely take the vibe with you into the tub or shower without having to worry about water leaking inside your toy.  This is also helpful when you’re cleaning the vibrator since you can fully submerge it without worry.


The Silicone Gyration Sensation Satisfier is made from Silicone (the shaft) and ABS Plastic with PU Cote (the battery cap).  Both materials are body safe, non-porous, latex free, and phthalate free.  These are excellent materials for a sex toy because they’re easy to clean and care for without much worry.  After use, you can clean the toy using soap and water or your favorite sex toy cleaner, or you can sterilize the it with a 10% bleach solution.  Because of the texture, you need to pay extra attention when you’re cleaning (a soft bristled tooth brush used only for cleaning is a great solution).  Silicone and silicone-based lubes don’t always mesh, so it’s recommended you use only a water-based type with this toy.

The surface of the silicone is matte and drags across the skin.  It picks up some lint particles, but it’s not unreasonable.  Rinsing it off prior to use is enough to clean it off, and adding some lube will allow it to glide with ease.

The center of the shaft has a somewhat hollow feeling to it, and allows the vibrator to flex with a little force.  It’s not floppy or flimsy and still provides great pressure, but it creates that buffer that helps prevent it from causing discomfort when thrust.  The rest of the silicone is firm, which is great if you enjoy a lot of pressure, and makes the texture feel a little more pronounced.

Silicone Gyration Sensations Satisfier textureThe texture itself surrounds the whole shaft.  From the sides it looks like a swirled pattern, but the front and back look very different (see the Design section for all angles).  One side has bumps that remind me of scales, and the other looks like it could be the shape of a faceless woman with longer hair (maybe I’ve just had a long day…).  Either way, there’s no denying it’s covered in texture.  If you prefer smooth toys, this will likely be too much, but its perfect if you enjoy unique sensations.


The Silicone Gyration Sensations Satisfier is available in green and purple.  The green looks like a really fantastic color (hooray for green sex toys!), but I was sent the purple.  It’s a nice medium shade that I don’t find offensive, but it’s nice to have a color option that isn’t overly feminine.

The overall look of the toy easily gives away its use.  It would be very difficult to pass this off as anything other than a vibrator, so it’s best to keep it tucked away if you’re concerned about privacy.  The shaft of the toy is covered in a unique texture that gives it a different appearance from all angles.  It’s really difficult to describe, but the photos below should help.  The bottom of the toy has the plastic battery cap and compartment, and at the very end is the lone power button.

Silicone Gyration Sensations Satisfier design - all angles

The length of this vibe is reasonable, being 6 1/4″ long with an insertable length of 5″, but the girth might be too much for a beginner.  The varying texture of the toy makes the thickness range in size from 4 1/8″ in circumference, up to 5 3/8″ at the widest point.  That might seem pretty average, but the texture makes the toy feel larger than a smooth toy with the same dimensions would.

Silicone Gyration Sensations Satisfier size comparison - in hand


The Silicone Gyration Sensations Satisfier is powered by two AA batteries which aren’t included with the toy.  The cap on the bottom of the vibe twists a half turn, and pops off.  Inside the battery compartment, there are stickers that indicate how to insert the batteries, so you don’t have to worry about getting them in wrong the first time.  Once they’re in place, the cap lines up with the grooves and twists back on.

There’s one button that controls turning the toy on, cycling through the patterns, and turning the toy off.  It’s located on the bottom of the cap and is easy to find and press.  It’s important to remove the batteries if you’re traveling with the vibe and during storage since the button is so sensitive and could accidentally turn on.  One little touch is all it takes and the vibrations begin.  Nothing lights up or glows, so you’ll have to pay attention if you want to keep track of which setting you’re on.

Silicone Gyration Sensations Satisfier battery compartment and power button

When the vibe powers on, you’re experiencing the first of 10 functions (three intensity levels, and seven patterns).  Unlike many vibrators, the first setting is actually the strongest, and it decreases from there.  Each press after the first will bring you to the next function.  Once you reach the end, you’ll loop back through them all.  The only way to turn the vibe off is by pressing and holding the button for a few seconds.  If you’re on the fourth setting when you turn the toy off, you’ll start on the fourth seeing when the vibrator is turned on again.  It remembers your place, making it easy to grab the toy, and instantly experience your favorite setting.

The 10 functions are:

  1. Steady High
  2. Steady Medium
  3. Steady Low
  4. Gradient Burst
  5. Intermittent
  6. Surge
  7. Intra-Surge
  8. Even Step
  9. Roller Coaster Spurt
  10. Pulsate

The variety of settings is really nice, especially since there’s actually some decent power behind the vibrations.  Unlike many inexpensive battery operated toys, this one is on point.  If you need an extreme amount of power, this probably won’t be enough, but it should satisfy most.  Even better – the vibrations aren’t buzzy!  No, they aren’t the deepest of rumbly vibrations there is, but you won’t experience any numbing (in your fingers or otherwise).

On the fifth, eighth, and tenth patterns, there’s a horribly annoying beeping sound.  It can be extremely distracting, which really takes away from the experience.  Fortunately, it’s only on those settings, however, if you’re someone that enjoys patterns, but can’t tolerate annoying beeps, that narrows your patterns down to four.

The vibrations travel well through the toy, which makes sense given its reasonable size.  The only real problem, is that it doesn’t actually gyrate.  Nothing about the vibrations are unique.  So if you’re considering purchasing this toy because of the gyration appeal, don’t buy into it.  It’s a really great inexpensive vibrator, but it’s nothing out of the ordinary.

The sound level is on the discreet side.  Someone could easily hear you if they were in the same room with you, but wouldn’t through a closed door if you had background noise – which is honestly for the best if you plan on using the three annoying beeping patterns.


Silicone Gyration Sensations Satisfier package - front and backThe Silicone Gyration Sensations Satisfier comes in a thin cardboard box.  The package boldly shows off what’s inside and between the images and the information, it’s far from discreet.  It doesn’t include nudity, but it’s very obvious what the box contains.  Inside you’ll find the vibrator inside a plastic bag, and two folded up pieces of paper.  One includes generic information that covers a variety of Cal Exotics products, and the other provides battery and function information.  Very basic, but more information wasn’t really necessary.  The package isn’t suitable for long term storage and can be broken down and disposed of.

Silicone Gyration Sensations Satisfier everything in the package


It’s not often I wrongly judge a sex toy before using it, but that was exactly what happened with the Silicone Gyration Sensations Satisfier.  I took one look at the package and told myself there was no way this was going to work for me.  I expected to feel the buzzy, weak vibrations that have become all too common with inexpensive battery operated toys.  But I didn’t experience that at all.

When I first turned the toy on and felt it in my hands, I thought it seemed okay.  A lot stronger and deeper than I was expecting, but I didn’t figure it would do much for me.  Yup, wrong again.

You know that bulge near the top of the vibe?  The moment that touched my clit I was in shock.  I expected to lay back and force myself to have an orgasm, but instead I found myself grinding it against me, jerking it back and forth, and loving every second of it!  This bump doesn’t have a pin-point tip, but it was the perfect size to work my sweet spot into an intense orgasm.

Now, using it internally didn’t knock my socks off, but I have a harder time finding products that do.  But externally?  I was utterly shocked.  This inexpensive vibe did the trick for me, and did it well!

If you’re looking for an affordable vibrator, love texture, and need a little more ‘oomph’ than a lot of cheap vibrators provide – I recommend picking this one up.  It’s far from being perfect, but for the price, it’s well worth it!

The Silicone Gyration Sensations Satisfier can be purchased from Amazon.com

calex250The Silicone Gyration Sensations Satisfier was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review as a part of the Sexpert Program.  This is in compliance with FTC guidelines.

  7 Responses to “Review: Silicone Gyration Sensations Satisfier from Cal Exotics”

  1. Great review! The swirled texture looks pretty bad ass, I have to admit. I’m now off to see if there is a similar design with an anal safe base :-)

  2. I think honestly the Gyrations thing is just part of the name. Cal Ex did a whole line of “Gyration Sensations” toys that are geared to have rumbly vibrations instead of buzzy. From what I remember when I was working in the shop, they all had that feature.

    • The package itself says, “Intense Gyrating Action with 10 Functions”. I don’t want anyone to be mislead based on the product information.

      • Yeah, I thought that was pretty misleading, too. Any reasonable person would assume that “gyration” means circular motion, not rumbly vibrations. But hey, its CalEx so you can’t really ask too much. The toys themselves are pretty neat, but the name is way off.

  3. I totally see the faceless lady.

    Though I really like the design of this toy… The beeping means I’ll have to pass. It looks fun, and hearing it has at least moderately rumbly vibrations is great! but I’m really sensitive to the sounds that my toys make in use. Oh well.
    Also having the toy automatically start on it’s most intense setting and backing off from there…. I just don’t think we’d be compatible.

    Really appreciating the pictures that you use in your reviews! I like the shot with the packaging in this one.

  4. I’m not sure how much that beeping would bother me. This is really promising; body safe, inexpensive, and rumbly? A sure hit. I might need to add it to my collection, especially since it comes in green!

  5. Awesome glad this worked for you I adore the swirls on it too.

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