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Sneaky Sack from Holistic Wisdom

– Easy to conceal
– Works on any coat hanger
– Doesn’t slip or sag
– Three pockets (different sizes)
– Waterproof/washable
– Can be used for adult products or other items
– Bottom isn’t flat
– Doesn’t come with a lock


Sneaky Sack informational card


The need for discretion when it comes to your adult products can become necessary for a variety of reasons.  Perhaps you have a  roommate or live with family that would disapprove, or maybe your children are getting older and are starting to snoop.  Whatever your reason, discreet storage is vitally important to protect your privacy.  Many boxes and bags are being sold as sex toy storage options, but they all draw attention to themselves; anything with a lock can really drive a chronic snooper mad.  You might even try to get clever with storing your products; putting them between folded clothes in your dresser or stuffing them under your mattress.  It can be a real pain to keep your toys safely hidden.  That’s why the Sneaky Sack is such a smart storage option.  It fits securely on any regular size coat hanger (no matter the type – metal, plastic, wood, etc.) and is completely hidden underneath the hideous Christmas sweater you wear once a year to please your Great Aunt Betty.  The Sack is very durable, and is able to handle as much weight as the hanger will allow.  It’s also both waterproof and washable, so if your lube happens to leak while inside, you can easily toss it in the washing machine and all is well (other than the fact you’ll need more lube…).  The price is very reasonable, and it’s a must if you’re looking for something completely concealed.


The Sneaky Sack from Holistic Wisdom is a creative storage option that’s perfect for keeping your personal items private.  This sack is wonderful for storing your sex toys, lube, and even erotica, but it could be used for so much more.  Important documents, jewelry, weapons, gifts, cash, and anything else you’d prefer to keep hidden and out of site can be stored inside.  It’s extremely versatile, especially since there are three different sections inside the sack to place the items.

If you plan on storing heavy objects, make sure the hanger you’re using can handle the weight.  The sack does rest evenly on them without sagging, but might cause cheap hangers to flex under the weight.  It’s also important to use a dark colored article of clothing over it (jackets are best since they’re nice and thick) since the bag is black and can be seen through lightly colored or thin clothing.  The more the bag is packed with toys (or other items) the bulkier it becomes; making it a little more obvious.  To keep things as discreet as possible, try to avoid over filling it, or make sure it’s deep enough in your closet that someone would overlook it.

How to use the Sneaky Sack


The Sneaky Sack reminds me of a bag you would use while traveling to hold your toiletries.  Without anything inside, it’s very unassuming and isn’t something that stands out as sex toy storage, or even something you would hide in your closet.  It’s simply black, has no markings on the outside of the bag (or tags inside), it doesn’t come with a lock, and it’s not something that’s very flashy or eye catching in general.  In this case, that’s actually a good thing!  You want the outside to look plain so it doesn’t attract attention, and you can always fill it with your beautifully colored pleasure objects!  Simple on the outside, wild party within!

Sneaky Sack full imageThe sack is shaped like a rectangle with rounded edges on the top and square ones on the bottom.  It rests on a coat hanger thanks to the two loops on the top that are perfectly spaced to sit evenly without worrying about it slipping off and causing attention.  These loops are attached well and are wide enough to handle a good deal of weight.  The bottom of the bag isn’t flat, which makes it easy to fold when not in use, but would have helped the bag look a little smoother when full.  The front of the bag has one zipper (with two pulls) near the top that goes across the full width.  If you would feel more comfortable, a small lock could be attached that would prevent someone from opening the sack should they stumble upon it in your closet.  The opposite side of the bag is completely plain.

Peek at the inside of the Sneaky SackThe inside of the bag is a navy blue and features three separate compartments.  This separation is great for organizing your products, storing a variety of items (perhaps sex toys and jewelry), and preventing certain products from being stored together.  Each of the compartments are open at the top and can hold many different items.  It would have been nice to see at least one zippered compartment, but it works fine being open as well.

Each section inside the bag is a different size, making it easier to keep track of your bullets, chargers, and smaller items without having to dig around to find them.  The bigger sections can hold some pretty large products, but naturally leaves less space for other items.

Showing pockets of the Sneaky Sack

  • External Height: 18″
  • External Width: 14″
  • Straps: 4″ tall by 1 5/8″ wide
  • Main Compartment: 13 3/4″ tall (to zipper) by 13″ wide
  • Front Pocket: 7 3/4″ tall by 13″ wide
  • Back Pocket: 13″ tall by 13″ wide
  • You can use the main and back pockets for taller items, but they would have to be tucked behind the top zipper flap.


According to the website, the Sneaky Sack:

“..has a soft and silky exterior made with a fabric called Lustra (a Cotton blend) and the Interior is made with SOFlux which is a waterproof breathable, fluidproof, cleanable fabric (commonly used in hospitals) that does not crack like other vinyl fabrics.”

The outside doesn’t exactly feel silky, but it’s not rough either.  It won’t cause any kind of snagging or damage to the clothing you place over it, but it does collect some lint and hair.  The fabric inside the bag is very different.  One side feels like the material used for windbreakers, but the other side of the fabric feels more like vinyl.  It’s not soft, but again, won’t damage the products you put inside of it.  This seems to be a great material for this type of storage because it resists bacteria growth, is waterproof, and easy to clean.  Should something leak inside the bag, it won’t seep through and leak onto the floor or the article of clothing that surrounds it.  To clean, you can hand wash, or you can machine wash in cold and hang to dry.

The sack itself is double layered which makes it able to support the weight of heavy items and is less likely to tear.  The inside feels like very durable fabric, but you should use caution when storing sharp objects like pinwheels or knives; making sure they have their own containers within the sack.  The stitching is well done throughout the bag, leaving nothing to be concerned about.  Mine had a couple loose threads, but they weren’t attached and were easily pulled out (not effecting the quality).  The zipper glides smoothly and seems as though it will function well for a long time.  Overall the quality is really great, especially at this price point.


My children are getting older and though they’re not old enough to be left home alone, I’ve started seeking out some smart storage ideas for when they start getting a little more curious about things.  Having a large collection, I knew I wouldn’t be able to fit everything inside the Sneaky Sack, but it’s able to hold a lot more than many of the other sex toy storage containers available.

When my sack arrived, I was actually pretty impressed by the size.  It was larger than I had expected, which was a pleasant surprise.  I was a little skeptical at first if it would be easy to conceal, and was happy with the results.  I filled my sack with a variety of different sized products, placed it on a hanger, and covered it with my motorcycle jacket.  Jackets like the one in the image below work best because there’s a lot going on.  There are zippers and details that would easily conceal any bumps created by the bag beneath it.  I found articles of clothing that were solid colors and didn’t feature a pattern or any details made the sack more obvious, but wouldn’t necessarily catch someone’s attention if they didn’t know about it.

Sneaky Sack on a hanger and underneath jacket

This has to be the most clever storage option available and I strongly recommend purchasing one if you need your sex toys (or other items) to be hidden.  It’s a reasonable price, a great size (can hold between 10-20 items depending on the size/shape – maybe more), and doesn’t take up much space!  Whether you have 1 or 100 adult products, it’s a wonderful option to resolve (some of) your storage dilemmas!

Interested in purchasing your own Sneaky Sack?  You can by clicking the banner below!



 The Sneaky Sack was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review.  This is in compliance with FTC guidelines.

  4 Responses to “Review: Sneaky Sack from Holistic Wisdom”

  1. Wow, this is pretty awesome and it looks like it holds a good amount of toys. I would enjoy having this in my closet.

  2. I think I need one of these. More discreet storage is always a good thing!

  3. As someone who lives with others, this looks like a really good solution to storage. As it is, I have been hanging plastic bags from my coat hangers.

  4. These are brilliant. I like that they’re truly discreet; no cheetah print, no lipstick print, nothing like “naughty” or “shh” printed on it, just plain, black fabric. If I still had a closet I’d buy a dozen!

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