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Soft Skin Greta from Vamp Silicone

– Made from silicone
– Hand poured/unique colors
– Variety in use
– Soft and squishy
– Perfect for girth lovers
– Size might be too much
– Doesn’t include bullet


Vamp Silicone Greta - full image

-About Soft Skin Greta-

Greta from Vamp Silicone is a dildo that resembles a penis in shape, but is available in fun and wild colors.  Since each piece is hand poured, no two are exactly alike, making the dildo you purchase uniquely yours.  If super realistic looking toys are a turn off for you, you prefer large toys, and love fun and funky colors, this might be just the product you’ve been waiting for!

Vamp Silicone Greta - bullet hole

Seen with We-Vibe Salsa

The exaggerated shape and size of the dildo were well thought out and seem to effortlessly connect with the G-spot.  The bulbous head and foreskin provide two great popping sensations, while the girth does a great job of filling you up.  The base of the toy makes it harness compatible, anal safe, and easy to hold.  The bottom also has a bullet hole in the center which provides another sensation to your play – vibration.  The hole was made to fit any standard bullet, but you’ll have to purchase it separately since one isn’t included.

All products from Vamp Silicone are, obviously, made from silicone.  This material is body-safe, non-porous, latex free, and phthalate free.  It’s one of the safest materials you can purchase, and with proper care, can last a lifetime.  It can be washed easily with soap and warm water or your favorite toy cleaner, but can also be sterilized (the bottom of the shaft has the logo imprinted, pay extra attention to cleaning this area). Vamp Silicone Greta - squish and flexibility If you’ve shared with someone else, used anally, or feel it needs a little extra sparkle, you can boil it for a few minutes, clean with a 10% bleach solution, or even utilize the top rack of your dishwasher.

Using a good lubricant with this toy is very important because of the size.  Silicone sometimes reacts poorly to silicone-based lubes (sometimes causing the surface to degrade), so it’s best to avoid or spot test on the base to see how it reacts.  There are many water-based lubes that are thick, long lasting, and work well for both vaginal and anal use.  If you’re primarily using the dildo for anal use, you can also use an oil-based lubricant which will likely last longer without needing to reapply.

Greta is available in regular or soft silicone.  The soft silicone, referred to as soft skin, is plush and squishy and feels more realistic than the regular silicone the company offers (see my Heidi review for examples).  Unlike Vixskin, Tantus 02, etc. this dildo doesn’t have a firm inner core.  The whole dildo is plush, but the thickness prevents it from being floppy.  It’s soft enough to provide comfort, but not so soft it could be used as a packer.  It’s sort of a ‘just right’ balance for the size.

Vamp Silicone Greta - prominent bulgesThe surface of the silicone is matte and does drag across skin when lube hasn’t been applied.  Though it’s more manageable than most silicone products, it still attracts lint and should be wiped/washed prior to use.  There’s no texture to speak of since the silicone is so smooth, but the shape is what makes the toy so stimulating.

The double bulges are prominent, and more extreme than you would assume based on the look alone.  You can easily feel both areas popping in and out while thrusting.  However, you can shallowly thrust so just the head is popping, which is a little less overwhelming.

The size is far from beginner friendly, and will likely be too large for those that prefer average dildos.  Yes, this is for girth lovers who have a need to feel full inside.  The length isn’t unrealistic but perhaps a little longer than some are used to, with measurements of 8 1/4″ long with an insertable length of 7″.  The girth is what makes this toy above average.  The thinnest area of the toy is at the base of the shaft, and the thickest is around the bulge of the head.  The girth ranges in size from 6 1/8″ in circumference to 7″ around – pretty thick for a realistic shaped dildo.

Vamp Silicone Greta - size comparison to hand

Vamp Silicone Greta - coloring from the topThe Soft Skin Greta that’s available from SheVibe comes in a red and silver swirl.  The color will vary since marbling can’t be replicated and the colors used may change slightly.  As you can see, the Greta I received has a Vamp Silicone Greta - coloring from the sideswhite swirl instead of a silver one.  I’ve been told that this isn’t common, so expect yours to look more like the image on the product page.

The coloring of mine is very odd, having a lot of marbling on one side, and very little on the other.  This may be similar to how your Greta turns out, but it could have more even marbling throughout.  Either way, they’re each unique and there’s no way to know exactly how yours will look until it’s in your hand.

Vamp Silicone Greta - packagingGreta arrives in a large plastic box that more than accommodates the size of this dildo.  The product is easily seen through the package from all angles, but there’s nothing trashy looking about it.  On the front is a sticker with the Vamp Silicone logo, and the back contains some information about the company and product care.  Because it’s so much larger than the dildo, finding a different storage option might work better depending on the space you have – or you could store a few 100% silicone dildos with your Greta.  The package is certainly durable enough to last a while, and will protect the soft silicone well.

-What I liked-

The size of Greta appealed to me on paper, but was even more favorable in use.  Using this dildo gives me a full feeling without experiencing any uncomfortable stretching; just what I want in a dildo.  The shape works very well with the size, and the head effortlessly finds and stimulates my G-spot without fuss.  It’s always a pleasant surprise when you don’t have to try shifting a dildo around to make it work well for you.

The plush silicone is amazing.  I just want to squeeze and squish it all day long, and curl up with it at night.  Using it as a stress ball is nice, but it’s even better in use.  The size is large, but feels much more reasonable than a firm silicone or hard material would.  I don’t have to take a lot of time warming up before I’m comfortable using the dildo, which is something I definitely appreciate.  It also lends a hand in making the popping sensation not quite as aggressive, while still managing to give my G-spot the pressure it enjoys.  Well done, Vamp Silicone, well done.

The overall design is fantastic.  I love that the base is flat on the bottom and stands easily, it has a bullet hole in the base, and that it’s realistic without going overboard.  There are also other small elements that really make the look that much more appealing to me.  The hexagon base is a nice change from the testicles or simple circles you typically see.  It’s artistic looking, which really compliments the coloring, and takes away from the realism.

The packaging is actually large enough to hold the dildo without harming the silicone!  YES!  This was a major complaint in my Heidi review, but it seems as though some things have improved.  It’s much larger than necessary, but I’ll take that over cramming my dildo into a tiny tube and causing damage.

-What I didn’t like-

Thrusting quickly with Greta just isn’t an option for me.  While I love a good popping sensation, the double bulges are just too much at times.  When I take it slow, they’re amazing, but if I accidentally get a little too into it, it causes me some discomfort.  This is manageable, and purely based on my own anatomy, but it’s worth noting.

Though I always replace mine, it drives me crazy when bullets aren’t included with dildos that have bullet holes in them.  If you’re going to make the bullet hole, the least you could do is toss in a bullet to go with it.  Not everyone can just reach in a drawer and grab a bullet, most would have to make a second purchase to experience how it works as a vibrator.  The hole is deep, but some bullets will stick out the end.  This isn’t an issue for solo pleasure, but may cause issues if you were planning on using the dildo inside a harness (the cavity was designed to house a bullet for use with a harness, but just falls short – any pressure applied to the end of the dildo presses on the base and causes the bullet to turn on/off).  Just something to keep in mind.


Greta is one sexy dildo that preforms just as well as it looks.  I’m in love with the plush silicone, the fantastic girth, and the fun colors.  The small things that annoyed me could be easily overlooked.  As a whole, this dildo is a hit and surpassed my expectations!  If you’re not sure Greta is the right dildo for you, there are a variety of other sizes, colors, and shapes available.

The red and silver marbled Greta and other Vamp Silicone products are available from SheVibe.

 Greta was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review.  This is in compliance with FTC guidelines.

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