Jun 282014

Tango from We-Vibe

– Rechargeable
– Discreet/compact
– Variety of functions
– Waterproof
– Powerful
– No travel lock
– Low battery indicator issues


We-Vibe Tango full image


Bullet style vibrators are extremely popular, and it’s completely understandable why.  The small size makes them perfect for someone who’s looking for something discreet, compact, and easy to conceal.  However, not all bullet vibes were created equal.  The Tango is certainly a step above most and features many great qualities that are important to look for when considering which products to purchase.  It’s made from safe materials, is rechargeable, waterproof,  has a variety of patterns and intensity levels, and though it has the lipstick style tip, it can also be used in most dildos and other products that have a bullet hole.  Sound good?  It is, but it has one major fault.  This recently updated version now has a light indicator that flashes when the battery is low – or should I say – almost all the time.  Not only that, but it will completely stop vibrating even when there’s still some battery power left (saving juice to power the flashing light?).  If you can get past the light indicator issues, it’s a great vibe, just make sure you keep it charged – always.


The Tango from We-Vibe is a compact vibrator with impressive power.  Easy to use and non-threatening, this vibe is a great addition to anyone’s toy collection.  Add in the variety of use and it’s really hard to pass up!

No matter what gender you are or what kind of relationship you’re in, there’s a use for Tango.  It’s great for female masturbation (for broad and slightly pin-point stimulation), but can also be used with a partner during foreplay to tease sensitive areas of the body (nipples, perineum, etc.).  The terribly weak, one-speed bullet that comes standard with many other adult products (such as dildos and anal toys)?  This vibe is a great replacement!  It’s slightly longer than most, but it has the same diameter, and many more functions.  Though safe to use inside an anal toy, it’s not safe to insert the vibe into your body.  Stick with using it externally or inside an anal safe toy (like the ones from Rocks-Off) and you won’t have any problems.

If using it on your own, with a partner, or even inside a dildo bullet hole wasn’t enough, you can also use it safely in the tub or shower.  Since the vibe is waterproof you can use it to help relax during a bubble bath, or to heat things up as you shower with your partner.  It also makes cleaning so much easier since you don’t have to worry about water getting inside the vibe.


We-Vibe Tango raised letteringThe Tango is made from ABS thermoplastic with a silicone button and two metal charging pieces.  All materials are body safe, non-porous, latex free, and phthalate free.  These are great materials for a sex toy since they’re so easy to clean and care for.  After use, you simply wash the vibe with soap and water or your favorite sex toy cleaner.  If you’re sharing with someone else, you can also sterilize the toy with a 10% bleach solution.  We-Vibe recommends using only water-based lubricants with this product.

The plastic is shiny, smooth, and easily glides along the skin without the addition of lubricant.  Naturally, it’s a solid material that doesn’t have any moving parts.  The only area that has any type of give is the button on the end of the toy.  It doesn’t attract dust or lint, and is very easy to wipe clean.  Around the base of the toy, you’ll find the company and product names in raised letters.  The words can be felt lightly with your hands, but aren’t felt during use because of the location.


Tango is available in two color options – Pink and Blue.  The blue is an attractive medium shade and is a great option for those that don’t care for pinks and purples.

This vibe is similar to your standard bullet, with two major differences; the length, and the tip style.  Most bullets are either totally round or narrow to a rounded point.  The top of Tango is similar to lipstick and allows you to use the flat area for broad stimulation, or the tip for more targeted pleasure.  You can’t get pin-point stimulation from it (like you can with We-Vibe Salsa), but it’s still much better than the round ends of most bullets.

The overall shape and size is very discreet and shouldn’t cause much unwanted attention (other than when your battery is running low).  You could toss it into your purse, makeup bag, nightstand drawer, etc. without anyone thinking anything of it.  If someone were to pick it up, they might be able to tell what it is, but it blends in well with other items.

We-Vibe Tango size comparion to hand

The size is very reasonable at 3 1/5″ in length, and is your standard 5/8″ in diameter.  It will fit in many different bullet holes (have tested in both Tantus and Rocks-Off products) and doesn’t take up much space.  It’s a great travel friendly size, but lacks a travel lock.  Make sure there’s no way for the toy to accidentally turn on when tucked away, or travel with the battery drained (don’t forget the charger!).


Tango is USB rechargeable and arrives with a partial charge.  The average charging time for your product is approximately 90 minutes, which is really fantastic when you’re excited about using your new vibe.  With a full charge, you can expect to get up to 2 hours of use (according to the paperwork), but on the highest setting, 30 minutes is much more realistic.

We-Vibe Tango chargingThe charging system for the Tango is very simple and easy to use.  One end of the USB cord gets plugged into the charging cap, and the other into your computer or wall adaptor (which isn’t included).  The cap then magnetically connects to the metal pieces on the end of the toy.  The magnet is quite strong, which helps keep it properly in place.  If you have the first version of Tango or a Salsa, you can use that charger as well, but it has a very poor connection and is difficult to fully charge.  The new system works much better.

When connected, a yellow light on the charging cap will glow, indicating that the vibe is properly connected and charging.  Once the charge is complete, the light will turn off, indicating that your toy is juiced up and ready for use!

We-Vibe Tango power buttonThere’s one button on the bottom of the toy that controls all functions.  To turn the toy on, you simply press the button once, and you’ll start off on the first setting (if this is the first time you’ve used the vibe).  Each press after that will take you to the next setting.  When you’ve reached the final pattern, the next press will turn the vibe off, it doesn’t continuously cycle.  Rather than pressing the button several times, you can also turn the vibe off by pressing and holding down the power button.  If you’re on the third setting and you turn the toy off, that’s the same setting you’ll be on when the toy is turned back on – it always remembers your place.

There are a total of eight settings – four intensity levels and four patterns.  The range is great if you need a little something to warm you up, and the highest setting it suitable for those that require a lot of power in order to climax.  The variety of patterns is also nice since they aren’t just different pulsations (like many other vibes).


The vibrations don’t feel focused in one particular area, so you can easily feel them while you’re holding onto the vibe.  You probably won’t experience numb fingers, but it might annoy some.  When I’m masturbating, I avoid this by tucking the vibe against my clit and holding my legs together – providing hands-free stimulation.

Along with the great power, are deep, rumbly vibrations.  It’s truly amazing just how much power comes from such a small vibe!  If you’re more sensitive, the lower levels shouldn’t be too much for you, and the patterns are reasonable as well.  The power levels are great for a variety of different needs.

With all that power you’d assume this toy would be quite loud, but you’d be wrong.  You could easily use it behind closed doors without anyone knowing, and might even be able to use it in the same room with others.  As long as there’s other noise in the room (TV, music, etc.) you shouldn’t get caught.

We-Vibe Tango low battery indicatorOne of the new features of the updated Tango is a low battery indicator.  When your vibe is running out of juice, a light from behind the button will flash every five seconds.  This is a warning that your toy needs to be charged and will likely die soon if you were to turn it on.  Sounds great, but can be a little annoying.  Often times the vibe will still have plenty of power left, but will turn off well in advance to reserve power for the flashing light.  This can be extremely frustrating if you started using the vibe when it was fully charged and it suddenly turns off in the middle of your session.


We-Vibe Tango packagingTango arrives in a cardboard box that’s tasteful, but not discreet.  The front features an image of the product, along with text that gives away what it’s for.  The back of the box contains additional information (most of which is in other languages), including five points that highlight the best qualities of the toy.  When the box is opened, Tango is immediately in view, resting inside a piece of white foam.  Below that, is a small cardboard flap that covers the charger, storage pouch, and included paperwork.  The booklet coveres both Tango and Touch, and is written in several languages.  The pouch is quite large and can hold the vibe, charger, and booklet with additional space.  The package is suitable for storage, but it’s much larger than necessary.

We-Vibe Tango contents


I’ve been a huge fan of We-Vibe for a long time now.  Their original We-Vibe II was actually the first vibrator my husband and I purchased together.  Overtime, we added others to our collection, and their Salsa became my go-to vibe – the only one(s) that can be found on my nightstand at all times.  Along the way I purchased the original Tango, and though it was good, it didn’t provide the pin-point stimulation Salsa could, so I passed it on to someone else.

When I heard Salsa was being discontinued, I sort of panicked.  Yes, I have three of them, but when they all finally die (which is inevitable), what could I replace them with?  The updated Tango was released and I decided it was time to revisit this design and see if the updates would make it nightstand worthy.

Naturally, I knew the lipstick style tip wouldn’t be perfect for me, but I kept an open mind and (re)tried it out.  The power was great, which is no surprise, but it took me a little longer to climax than normal because the type of stimulation isn’t perfect for me.  I used it for about 10 minutes, and noticed once I turned it off, that the light indicator had already started flashing.  I turned the vibe back on and let it run for another 10 minutes without a problem, before turning it off and charging it.

The next time I used it, I decided to test out the low battery feature.  After use (10-15 minutes), I turned the vibe off and noticed it was flashing.  I set it down on my nightstand (lucky vibe!) and left it alone.  Two nights later my husband asked me to cover it with something because the light was driving him insane.  Three days after that I couldn’t wait any longer and I charged it.  Five days?  And it could have gone longer?  Why does the vibe start flashing so early, when there’s still so much power left?

After a longer session the vibe turned off on me.  I’d been using it for about 20 minutes and it just turned off and started flashing.  I turned the vibe back on and got another five minutes out of it before it turned off again.  I think the idea of a light indicator is great, but it’s far more annoying to me than useful.  I don’t want my vibe to die on me in the middle of a session when there’s still enough power for five more minutes of use.  I honestly prefer the old version to this.

If you can get past the light indicator issues and constantly keep the vibe charged, you shouldn’t run into any issues.  It’s decent, but I don’t see it becoming nightstand worthy for me.

Interested in purchasing your own Tango?  You can find it, and other We-Vibe products, at Lovehoney by clicking the banner below.


Tango was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review.  This is in compliance with FTC guidelines.

  7 Responses to “Review: Tango from We-Vibe”

  1. It flashed for five days?! That’s so strange. I adore my Salsas and I am not looking forward to their demise. I’m glad the Tango is available, but it’s clearly not the same.

  2. That flashing light sounds like it could get annoying pretty quickly, but I think I’d be willing to put up with it for such a good vibe. It sounds like this one is the closest to the Salsa and the Salsa seems to have been universally adored so I really want to give this one a try.

  3. Big fan of this guy. Almost wish there were a Lelo Mia-size version.

  4. I have both the Salsa and the first Tango, I love the Salsa and the Tango took me a longer time to get off as well. I am tossed up on if I want to try this one though. That is weird about the light being on that would drive me nuts as well.

  5. Never got the pleasure of owning a Salsa so definitely have to try something related to it, even if the charging issue can get annoying. I like that it is compact and doesn’t make too much noise. Definitely would go with the blue!

  6. That flashing feature sounds like it would be very annoying and, yeah, a warning pulse to let one know the toy’s juice is running low would be better than just clicking off in the middle of a session.

  7. I don’t know if I could deal with that flashing light…the five second pause would probably be what would do it, too. I’d have to put a piece of electrical tape over the end while using it or keep it obsessively charged. I don’t know if I would be able to orgasm with that flash.
    I also feel a little offended it would turn off mid session to save power for the flashing light… honestly I’d rather run it dry. At least then I don’t think I would fault the toy. Maybe a couple minute warning would suffice with the flashing, and shut off when it was really kaput.

    I’m probably still going to wind up buying this vibe at some point anyway, but… I think I’d rather it be under different terms….

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