Jun 122015

The Womanizer Clitoral Stimulator

– Uniquely stimulates
– Rechargeable
– Great storage case
– Easy to hold/use
– Loud
– Limited Uses
– Color options


Womanizer - full image

-About the Womanizer-

The Womanizer is an external stimulator like nothing I’ve experienced before.  It’s not a vibrator, it’s not a pussy pump; it’s totally unique.  This product not only vibrates around the clitoris and nipples, but also provides suction.  The unique sensation is fantastic, but has limitations and isn’t the most versatile product on the market.  It can’t be used internally, doesn’t work well on penises, and isn’t waterproof.  It’s easy to see why someone would pass on this product for at least one of those reasons, but I would encourage you to reconsider.

Womanizer - with silicone cap removedThe womanizer is made from plastic and silicone, some of the safest materials available in a sex toy.  Both are non-porous, latex free, phthalate free, and can be sterilized.  The plastic can be wiped down with alcohol, but the removable silicone head can be boiled or cleaned with a 10% bleach solution.  If for any reason the head becomes damaged, another is included.  For regular cleaning, soap and water is fine, just avoid getting the unit too wet.  The company recommends using a cotton swap to clean the pressure chamber (inside the suction area), which works best since the area is difficult to reach otherwise.

Womanizer - easy to hold onto textureThe silicone is soft and pliable, and doesn’t create friction like other types.  Still, if you would prefer, a little water-based lube would allow the tip to slide more smoothly while getting the toy in place.  The handle is easy to hold onto.  The shape and size make it a great choice for someone with arthritis or other hand/wrist problems, and the textured plastic is easy to grip even with lube on your hands.  Both buttons are easy to locate because they stand out from the toy.  The function button is faceted, making it easy to find without looking.

Womanizer - size comparison to handThe Womanizer isn’t the sexiest vibrator I’ve ever seen, and reminds me more of an Otoscope or an ear thermometer than something meant for sexual use.  The color and design options definitely help make up for that fact, giving you 8 different options to choose from, none of which look like they belong in a doctor’s office!  The whole unit is much larger than you’d expect for an external product.  This is ideal for holding it in place, but it takes up more room for travel and storage.  The full length is 6 1/2″, and the handle is 5 1/2″ in circumference.  The opening of the tip itself starts out as 5/8″ tall and 1/4″ wide, but narrows further inside.  It can accommodate a decent range of sizes, however, it likely won’t be large enough for those that have enlarged clits.

Womanizer - charging lightThe Womanizer is rechargeable and comes with the USB cord and a foreign adapter.  The base of the toy has a little silicone cap that when removed, exposes the charging port.  When it’s plugged in, a green light flashes just above the port.  Once it’s completely charged (after a couple hours), the green light remains steady and the product is ready to use.

Womanizer - power and function buttonsThe two buttons are conveniently located and easy to use.  The power button is small and silver.  It primarily controls turning the toy on and off.  The larger faceted button controls the intensity level.  Once turned, you begin on the lowest setting and each press of the jeweled button brings you to a higher intensity level (there are 6 total levels).  If you find that it’s become too intense, simply press the power button and it will bring you back to the first setting and you can adjust from there.  When you’re ready to turn it off, you press and hold the power button for a few seconds.  The whole time the toy is on, a red light will glow from the base of the pressure chamber.

Now, what makes this product unique is the sensation it provides.  It doesn’t really vibrate in the way you would think.  The vibration is essentially an afterthought to the sucking action.  These aren’t controlled separately, you can’t have one without the other, but the blend is magical.  The sucking action is gentle; it doesn’t suction to your body or cause discomfort.  You can remove it from your clit while it’s still on and you won’t experience any problems.  But while you’re using it, your clit is drawn in, surrounded by the vibrations and the quick-pulsing suction.  In case you were confused as to how the product should be used, there are both illustrations and photos included in the paperwork that leave little room for question.

The sound is also very different than other vibrators, which makes sense since it functions differently.  Rather than buzzing, it sort of chatters like an idling truck engine.  Obviously, it’s not nearly as loud as one, but it’s far from silent.  The sound is muffled against the clit, but it still may be heard through closed doors.  It’s best to use this one when you’re alone at home.  Though I don’t imagine anyone would assume you’re using a sex toy, it would be difficult to explain it away should someone ask what you were doing in your room last night.

The Womanizer arrives in a white cardboard box that’s tasteful, but not discreet.  The product name, website, and other details make it obvious a sensual product is contained, but there are no images to show exactly what’s inside.  When the package is opened, you’re greeted with a quick start guide, a user manual, and a pink storage case with ‘Womanizer‘ in silver along the top.  This durable case has a firm, but flexible exterior, a zipper closure, and two internal mesh pockets.  It’s perfect for storing your toy, the charging cord, and adapter.  Though pink isn’t an ideal color, it is a really fantastic case.

Womanizer - included storage case

-My thoughts- 

When I first heard about the Womanizer, I was quite shocked by the name.  It seems like a terrible choice, and one few would find appealing.  Though completely turned off by the name, once I heard about the way it functions, I knew I had to try it out.

I’ve been curious about vibrating pussy pumps for quite a while now, but never saw one that looked decent enough to buy.  I didn’t want something that would just cause my clit/labia to become more sensitive, I wanted something that would get me off.  Though this isn’t comparable to a pussy pump, it had a much greater appeal for me.

Turning the Womanizer on for the first time, I was less than impressed.  Feeling it in my hands I didn’t have much hope for how well it would work for me.  I love powerful vibrations, and this thing seemed like a failure before I even dropped my panties.  I felt disappointed and let down, assuming this would be another overpriced, underwhelming piece of junk.  Still, I prepared myself for the worst, and put it to use.

The most intense sensation I’ve experienced in my life is the pleasure my husband provides through oral sex.  Though I’ve tried other products designed to mimic that sensation, for me, they’ve all fallen short.  You see, my husband doesn’t just run his tongue along my clit, he sucks on it.  I honestly thought a sex toy would never come close to replicating that feeling, but I was wrong.  The Womanizer has become a prominent product in my rotation, and is the absolute closest thing to oral sex I’ve ever used.  Even surpassing my beloved We-Vibe Salsa, it provides the most intense orgasms a sex toy has ever blessed me with.

Now, it could definitely be improved on.  The sound level often keeps me from using it because I’m afraid to wake my sleeping children.  This is the biggest issue for me.  Sound shouldn’t stand in the way of achieving orgasmic bliss.  But, I understand that the way this toy functions requires some noise.  The other issue is that it’s not waterproof.  I can only imagine how amazing it would feel to experience this toy in the tub or shower.  The very idea sends warmth through my body.  Yes, I genuinely love the way this toy feels!

Overall, I’m intensely satisfied with the Womanizer.  Shockingly so.  If they were able to release an updated version that was quieter and waterproof, I’d save all my pennies and buy several to have on hand!  If you enjoy light clitoral suction or think it sounds appealing, you could check out the Womanizer.  I’m so glad I looked past the name!

(I’m so disappointed this wasn’t released when I received mine!  Buy this one, it’s awesome!!)

Womanizer was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review.  This is in compliance with FTC guidelines.

  5 Responses to “Review: The Womanizer Clitoral Stimulator”

  1. Ok the “color tattoo” one is much less offensive to me in design, glad they came up with at least that….but I still think something plain and understated is possible.

  2. This is not very appealing but the speeds sound awesome, I would give it a try as well. The name is a bit off putting too. I am glad you enjoyed using it.

  3. This product is overhyped, that or something is broke on me. Was able to go to top speed and nothing. I would not waste my money on this product! The 100% satisfaction guarantee is only if bought from their website. Hustler Hollywood claimed it carried the guarantee from them. buyer beware

  4. I need an example pussy.. I mean like a pocket pussy video or something. :)

  5. This toy is the best. But after 2nd time it has not turned on so not happy about it. Would like to get it fixed .

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