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Twistty & Silicone Kegel Balls from Maia Toys

– Made from silicone
– Easy to clean and care for
– Designed for more advanced users
– For exercise and pleasure
– Isn’t hollow/doesn’t have an inner ball
– Weight isn’t listed (on packaging or site)
– Size/weight won’t be right for everyone


Twistty and Silicone Kegel Balls together


Kegel balls are most commonly used to help strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor.  Like all muscles, they grow weak if unexercised, so it’s important to keep them in shape.  Strong PC (pubococcygeus) muscles can improve urinary incontinence, help with vaginal childbirth (including recovery), and can even increase your sexual pleasure (you can learn more about Kegel exercise by clicking here).  What some might not realize, is that you can also use them during intercourse.  A tool that doubles as a pleasure object?  Might be just what some have been looking for!  The size and weight aren’t for beginners, so if you’re new to Kegel Balls (sometimes called Ben Wa Balls) you might want to consider looking into a more beginner friendly option (others are available at Peepshow Toys).


Both the Silicone Kegel Balls and the Twistty Silicone Kegel Balls from Maia Toys are designed to be inserted into the vagina to help with muscle strengthening and/or sexual pleasure.  You can create a set workout, or go about your day with the balls inside your body without anyone knowing.  They’re a little different from similar sets for two reasons; there are no inner balls that jiggle inside them while you move (the weight and size keep your muscles working to hold them inside) and they don’t come with a harness to surround them.  Without the harness, they’re a little tricky to remove, but with a little practice and patience it gets easier.

Apart from working your muscles, you can use these balls (particularly the smaller set) during intercourse to provide a little added stimulation.  Simply make sure you and your partner are well lubricated, insert the balls, and go to town!  How well these work will depend entirely on your anatomy and how sensitive you are.  You might experience discomfort if you/your partner is above average in girth, which is why the smaller set will work better for that use.

These balls are designed ONLY for vaginal use.  If you were to insert them anally, it’s likely you’ll end up in the emergency room getting them removed.  There are many other products available that are safe and should satisfy your need for anal beads and balls.  This one in particular would work well.


These Kegel Balls are made from 100% silicone, but the balls themselves aren’t solid silicone (you following me?).  The silicone is a skin that’s 1/8″ thick that encases a metal ball.  Nothing is stated about this on the package or website, so I’m not sure what type of metal it is, but no part of it comes in contact with your body.  Silicone is a body safe, non-porous, latex free, phthalate free material that’s easy to clean and care for.  After each use, you can wash the balls with soap and water or your favorite toy cleaner, but you can also sterilize them with a 10% bleach solution or by boiling them.  Because there’s a metal ball inside of each, I’m not sure how hot they’ll get if you boil them, so use caution.  For lubricant, it’s best to stick with a water-based type since silicone sometimes reacts negatively with silicone-based lubes.

Twistty and Silicone Kegel Balls textureThe surface of both sets are buttery smooth.  So smooth, you can run them across your skin without catching or pulling it.  It also means they don’t have major issue with picking up lint and a little lube goes a long way.  Not to mention they feel nice to simply hold!  Since the silicone is a skin, the material is quite firm.  They’re not plush and only give very slightly when you squeeze the surface.

The Silicone Kegel Balls don’t have any texture.  There’s a seam that runs around the center of the balls, but you can hardly feel it with your hands, much less with your vagina.  The Twistty Kegel Balls on the other hand, have a ribbed-like texture that reminds me of a honey dipper without the spaces.  After use, it’s important to thoroughly clean between the ribs since lube and bodily fluids want to hang out there.  They aren’t deep, but using a soft bristled tooth brush might be a good idea.  The texture of this set might feel obvious when you’re inserting the balls, but once they’re inside your body, you don’t really notice it.  It seems to help hold the balls inside your body better than the regular Silicone Kegel Balls, but size might play a factor in that as well.


Silicone Kegal Balls full imageThe Silicone Kegel Balls

These are available in four vibrant color choices – Yellow, Pink, Purple, and Blue.  The blue is a medium shade that looks similar to what other companies have called pool blue and is a nice alternative to the girly colors many kegel toys come in.

This set is very basic, and works in a very basic way.  They’re quite small and don’t take up much room, so they can be tucked away even in small spaces.  If someone were to find them, it’s unlikely they would immediately assume they were designed with Kegels in mind, so that gives you some added security if you live with nosy housemates.

These are best for someone that’s been using lighter and larger Kegel balls and already has fairly strong muscles.  If you find these are too difficult to keep in while standing, just create a routine that involves laying down and using them for a set period of time each day.  That way you can build up to using them for longer periods of time while you’re going about your day.  If you’re considering using balls during intercourse, this is the set to go with.  They’re smaller so it’s less likely they’ll cause discomfort, but the lack of texture might not make them feel stimulating enough.

The balls are each 7/8″ in diameter, but I’m not sure of the weight.  The packaging doesn’t have that information, nor the company’s website, and the online retailers that do include a weight, are so varied I’m not sure what’s accurate.  My husband and I tried downloading a scale app to his phone, but that didn’t prove to be helpful either.  This is a major issue because they’re Kegel balls and the weight and size are extremely important.  I will say, I compared them to the Ami set from Je Joue, and it only feels a little lighter than the heaviest in the set, which is 3.73 ounces.  Really small and heavy?  These definitely aren’t designed for beginners.

Twistty Silicone Kegel Balls full imageThe Twistty Silicone Kegel Balls – 

This set is available in Pink, Purple, and Yellow.  Like the other set, it’s nice to see a neutral color for those that don’t care for pinks and purples.  The yellow is vibrant (sort of a canary color) but not neon.  It’s funky without being over-the-top.

Unlike the first set, these are a little more eye catching thanks to the design and texture.  Still, they look more like a cat toy than something you’re supposed to stick inside your vagina.  Though larger, they’re still small enough that you can hide them in small, unassuming spaces without much worry.

These balls have a similar shape to the first set, but have a rippled or ribbed texture that prevents them from being perfectly round.  The texture might look prominent, but it won’t bother those that prefer smooth toys since the sensation is next to non-existent during use.  If you like the idea of using textured balls during intercourse, you certainly can try it, but they’re much larger than the other set and might cause both of you discomfort.  However, as exercisers, these might be just the thing you’ve been looking for.  They’re easier to use (compared to the first set) because they’re larger and aren’t smooth, but they’re still too heavy for a beginner.  Make sure you’re used to doing Kegels and purchase these when you’re ready to advance onto something more challenging.

The balls are each 1 1/8″ in diameter, and feel like they’re the same weight as the regular balls (same issue with lack of information regarding weight).  Though they’re just as heavy, these will be a little bit easier to wear around the house (or even out running errands) since they’re easier to hold inside the body.  If you try them out and find they’re too difficult, consider purchasing a lighter set, or practice each day laying down until your body is more prepared to handle the weight.

Twistty and Silicone Kegel Balls size comparison in hand


Twistty and Silicone Kegel Balls tamper stickerTwistty and Silicone Kegel Balls packagingThe Silicone Kegel Balls and Twistty Kegel Balls both arrive in plastic clam shell style packages that are clear and closed using a sticker.  The idea behind the tamper sticker is great, but you can easily remove the balls without having to peel if off – which sort of defeats the purpose.  The balls can be seen from both the front and back, and both sides contain some information about them.  They’re not discreet, and the front of the Twistty balls might embarrass some because it gives examples of why kegel balls are important (incontinence is the first reason listed).  Once the package is opened, the papers can be removed and disposed of, leaving the plastic box for storage, but it’s much larger than necessary for the balls.  Directions for use are included inside the paper included with the Twistty balls, but there’s next to no information on the Silicone Kegel Balls paper.  The biggest issue I have with the packaging is that it doesn’t state how heavy the balls are.  I can’t stress enough how important this is, and Maia Toys really let everyone down by not including that information.


Before I even knew what Kegels were, I was working my PC muscles.  I remember as a girl I would just sit there and continuously clench and release.  Why?  Well, why not?  I would do it while watching TV, reading, listening to music, etc.  It didn’t matter where I was or what was going on, it was just something I did.  It wasn’t until I was pregnant with my first daughter that I heard about Kegel exercises and their important role in childbirth.  I was way ahead of the game!

Since then I’ve experienced two other vaginal births and have been beyond amazed and proud of my body for what it’s accomplished.  I know a large part of the reason why I was able to always bounce back so quickly was because my muscles were so strong.  There have been times since then when I’ve slacked, and the difference is noticeable.  These muscles are no different than any other, you have to continuously work on them or they’ll grow weak.

I do Kegels every day, just as I always have.  Often times I work my muscles without the addition of a Kegel exerciser, but I like to use them here and there when my days aren’t quite so busy and I can take the extra time.  I know my muscles are strong, but there’s always room for improvement.

When these Kegel balls arrived in the mail, I was immediately surprised by the size of the smaller set.  I’ve used a variety of balls in the past four years, but I’d never tried anything so small before.  When I took them out of the package and held them in my hand the first time, even I let out a sigh, not sure if my muscles could handle the small size pared with the weight.  I set them aside, knowing I might need to work up to them.

The Twistty balls, though larger than the Silicone Kegel Balls, are still pretty small compared to other available products.  I knew if I had a hard time with these, there was no way the smaller set would work for me.  After taking photos and cleaning them up, it was time to insert.

The small size made them easy to push in, and once in place, I couldn’t even feel them moving around.  It was a bizarre sensation after using so many sets that are hollow inside and house a smaller ball.  The weight subtly reminded my muscles to work, and I was able to wear them for about three hours as I cleaned the house.  The next day, I tried wearing them for longer, but I found my cut off was right around the three hour mark.  After that period of time, my muscles grew tired and I found myself having to focus on keeping them inside.

After a while I moved onto the smaller, smooth set.  I knew I could handle the weight for a decent length of time, but the size was a concern for me.  As soon as they were inside, I could easily feel the weight of them, almost asking to come right back out.  I struggled for about 45 minutes to keep them in before giving up.  I was amazed by the difference.  Same weight, but the size and texture made it seem like they were twice as heavy.  I tried one more time being up and around with them in, and I just couldn’t take more than 30 minutes or so before removing them.

The smaller size just isn’t right for my anatomy and experience level, at least not as a kegel exerciser.  My husband and I decided to try them out during intercourse.  This was something new to both of us, and neither one of us knew what to expect.  After inserting the balls and lubing up, we were ready to go.  I expected to feel something different while we were having sex, but no matter how hard I focused, all I could feel was my husband, just as I always do.  When we were finished, I asked him if he could feel the balls.  He said he couldn’t feel them much, but knew they were high up inside of me because the head of his penis would rub against them.  The sensation was subtle, but he said it was a small, but nice change from how things typically feel.  Did we enjoy them enough to use again during sex.  No.  But I’m still glad we were able to experience it.

Overall, I feel the Twistty set are the smarter option between the two, but your experience level and anatomy might be a good fit for the Silicone Kegel Balls.  They just didn’t work for us.  Either way, they’re good quality, come in fun colors, and won’t break the bank.  I would recommend checking them out if you’re looking to step up your Kegel game.

You can purchase both Twistty and Silicone Kegel Balls at Peepshow Toys by following the link below.


These Kegel Balls were provided to me free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review.  This is in compliance with FTC guidelines.

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  1. I reeeally love the colors on both of those sets. Especially the yellow Twistty set… It makes me think about honey and I like that. Plus, the price is certainly seems reasonable.
    I already have a set of kegel balls, but I’d considering getting those for the color and the shape. Can’t hurt to expand my collection, right?

  2. Both the colors are amazing, I would be scared without the cord to retrieve them though I am still not used to that idea just yet. I still do mine naturally thought even if I am not using something to help. Glad to hear you enjoyed using these.

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