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VërSpanken and WaterWieners from Big Teaze Toys

– Unique design
– Easy to use and clean
– Interchangeable inserts (available for purchase)
– Affordable
– Flawed design/quality concerns
– Stimulates only shaft
– Bulky/heavy


VërSpanken and WaterWieners - full image

-About the VërSpanken and WaterWieners-

The VërSpanken from Big Teaze Toys is a unique masturbation aid that works with your changing preferences.  Many other strokers feature only one texture, but the design of VërSpanken allows you to customize your pleasure experience with their interchangeable inserts.  One set of FoamWieners is included with your purchase (in your choice Smooth, Bumpy, or Wavy) but WaterWieners can be purchased separately.

Using the VërSpanken is easy thanks to the shape of the plastic case.  You can use it for solo pleasure or have a partner use it on you.  There’s no right or wrong way to move the stroker, but Big Teaze Toys offers some examples that will help you get started:

The VërSpanken is “made of a variety of food safe plastics materials that are 100% recyclable”, according to the paperwork.  Their website is also quick to mention that it’s made from 100% recyclable materials, is latex free, phthalate free, and contains no lead or heavy metals.  The case surrounding the inserts is obviously made of plastic, but there’s no information saying what exactly the inserts are made of.  The paperwork also says the product may have a “New Car Smell” when first opened and oils or alcohol can damage them.  It’s very easy to take apart and clean with soap and water or a toy cleaner, but it also can’t be sterilized.  Since the material is porous, it’s best to avoid sharing with someone other than a fluid bound partner.

There are a total of three different textures and six different inserts available; you’ll find the same textures in the FoamWieners and the WaterWieners.  The FoamWieners are only available with a VërSpanken, but the WaterWieners can be purchased separately.  Each of the inserts bring something different to your pleasure experience, and can be mixed and matched for new sensations.

VërSpanken and WaterWieners - flexibility and texture

The inserts are all very soft and flexible which can accommodate many different penis sizes.  Above, you’ll see a Wavy FoamWiener on the left, and a Bumpy WaterWiener on the right.  The wavy texture is more subtle than the bumpy, but neither are extreme.  The light textures provide some added stimulation without causing discomfort thanks to the material softness.  Still, if the wavy or bumpy textures seem like too much for you, the smooth option is there.  The material naturally attracts lint, and requires a liberal application of water-based lube in order to slide up and down the shaft easily.  This masturbator works best when both the toy and penis have been properly lubricated to avoid friction.

VërSpanken and WaterWieners - heating directionsThe biggest difference between the two types of inserts, is the ability to use them for temperature play.  The foam inserts shouldn’t be heated, but warms to body temperature while you’re using the stroker.  You can try cooling them first, but it doesn’t take long for them to warm back up.  The WaterWieners, on the other hand, are perfect if you like adding another sensation when you’re jacking off.  A sticker on the insert warns against microwaving to heat them, and refers you to the user guide for more information.  The paperwork and website both state that they’re microwave safe, so it completely contradicts itself.  I feel it’s always safer to use a bowl or sink of warm/hot water (can use ice water for the opposite effect), since microwaves heat unevenly.

VërSpanken - how to openThe design of the VërSpanken is good, but could be improved on.  It’s very easy to open (and information on how to do so is covered many times with the toy).  As long as you take the time to read and follow the images, there’s no confusion.  You’ll find yourself opening and closing the plastic often because of cleaning the inserts and switching them out.

It’s very easy to remove and replace the inserts.  On either side of the plastic case are two holes, and each of the inserts have two nubs.  Line them up, and press the insert while you pull the nubs through the holes.  To remove, you perform the reverse action; you push the nubs while pulling the inserts out.  The design of the nubs makes them easy to remove and replace, but you never have to worry about them falling out on their own.

VërSpanken and WaterWieners - how to replace the inserts

VërSpanken and WaterWieners - size comparison to handThe VërSpanken might not seem large when you compare it to a Fleshlight or Tenga Fliphole, but the shape makes it more exhausting to move.  If you use both hands it’s less tiring, but that makes it impossible for you to stimulate other areas of your body or a partner’s.  The video above shows how it can be used hands free, but that works better if you’re a stick figure and not an actual human.  The size is very bulky and will work best for someone who’s penis is average to above average in length.  It measures 8 1/4″ long, 4 1/4″ wide (in the center), and 2″ deep.  That means 2″ of your penis will be covered by the sleeve at all times, leaving little wiggle room if you have a smaller penis.

VërSpanken and WaterWieners - included paperworkThe VërSpanken and WaterWieners both arrive in white cardboard boxes that provide a lot of details and little discretion about what they contain.  They are too flimsy for storage, and the included paperwork provides enough information that you don’t need to hold onto them.  The inserts, especially the WaterWieners, could be punctured in storage, so make sure they’re protected.  The VërSpanken and WaterWieners are wrapped in plastic when removed from the box; the FoamWieners will already be inside the VërSpanken.  All you have to do is wash the inserts and it’s ready to be used!

VërSpanken and WaterWieners - packaging

-What we liked-

The whole concept of this stroker immediately interested us both.  It’s very different from other masturbators we’ve tried, and we were both curious to see how it performed.

Having variety is important because preferences change and it’s always fun to try new things.  We both thought the variety was great, and it had a little something for everyone.  Totally smooth for beginners, wavy for someone interested in trying texture for the first time, and bumpy for those that are experienced with texture.  The WaterWieners especially, because it adds the temperature element as well.  We could chill one and warm the other for a really heightened experience.  Or use the wavy on one side, and the bumpy on the other.  It was really fun to play around with what worked and what didn’t with the inserts.

I really appreciated how easy it was to remove the inserts for cleaning and to change them out.  Since the inserts collect lint so effortlessly they have to be washed before and after each use.  This is primarily my job, so it’s something I pay more attention to than he does.

I love the fact that the design is neutral.  They didn’t try to make it look like a mouth, vulva, or anus.  The inserts are all vibrantly colored, and there’s nothing realistic about the toy.

-What we didn’t like-

VërSpanken - quality concern/weak plastic seamAs much as I enjoy the design, it could definitely be improved upon.  One side of the masturbator opens, while the other acts as a hinge.  Overtime, this plastic will keep opening and closing, ‘causing the crease to grow weaker.  If it snaps, there’s nothing to keep the toy closed.  I noticed this issue the first time I was holding the toy, and it’s only grown weaker through use.  I’ve never put stress on this area and I’ve never overextended it.  I think if they could come up with a better design for this area, it would last a lot longer.  Maybe make it so both sides are totally separate?  I’m not sure, but this just won’t hold up like it should, especially considering the plastic is good quality in general.

His experience with this toy wasn’t at all what we had hoped.  It’s really great if the head of your penis is too sensitive to be stimulated directly, but that’s exactly how he likes it.  He likes stimulation to be primarily focused on the head of his penis, something this toy just couldn’t do.  We used the wavy first, and though he enjoyed the way the toy teased him, he grew bored of it after a brief period of time.  I thought maybe switching to the bumpy texture would be more exciting, but it just wasn’t enough for him either.

Other than stroking him with this toy, it’s very challenging for me to use on him.  I was hoping I could use it during oral sex (especially after he was let down during masturbation), but it’s so bulky I could only move it up and down a little while still pleasuring him with my mouth.  It took a lot of effort, and his experience wasn’t any more pleasurable than if it had been my hand sliding up and down his cock.

Can I just bring up the fact that I can’t find exactly what material the inserts are made from?  That’s a problem, Big Teaze Toys!


The VërSpanken is unique, it has a neutral appearance, and it’s an affordable toy.  The interchangeable inserts are definitely a plus, and the ease of cleaning is always appreciated.  However, if you prefer direct stimulation to the head of your penis instead of the shaft, this won’t be right for you.  It has positive aspects, but it just missed the mark.

You can purchase your own VërSpanken, WaterWieners, or another penis toy from PeepShow Toys!


VërSpanken and WaterWieners were provided to me free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review.  This is in compliance with FTC guidelines.

  5 Responses to “Review: VërSpanken and WaterWieners”

  1. It’s a lot bigger than I expected!

    I would guess that the foam is EVA like what they use to make foam sandals from. It was used in the stupid flower head on the iGino One, too. I’d also guess that the waterweiners are TPR but could be anything I guess.

    • Yeah, the size caught me off guard as well.

      The foam doesn’t seem anything like the flower head from the iGino One though. It’s stretchy and seems pretty TPRish (between the scent and the feel of it). It also isn’t solid, it has a liquid inside of it much like the WaterWieners…but it looks white and I have no idea what it is..

  2. I’m not at all surprised by your thoughts on it but I’m blown away by how large it is! I’d guessed it would be decent sized but not THAT big.

    Great review!!

  3. This thing just looks too funky for me.

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