Mar 122014

Vixskin Buck from Vixen Creations

– Made from silicone
– Dual density
– Anal safe/harness compatible
– Attention to details
– Girth might be too much for some
– Only available in flesh tones




Vixen Creations certainly knows how to make quality toys that are both visually appealing and pleasurable.  Their Vixskin products are especially fabulous, having a plush outer layer and a firm inner core.  If you’re looking for a dildo that will feel like an actual penis, this company provides the closest you will find!  Buck is a great choice for those that want a thick toy with a reasonable length.  The details are fantastic, making it look just as real as it feels, and it’s available in three different colors (all flesh tones).  If realistic looking toys aren’t your thing, Buck obviously won’t be right for you, but for those of us that enjoy them, it’s a wonderful option.


Vixskin Buck from Vixen Creations is a dual density dildo that provides an ultra realistic experience given the fact it’s a silicone sex toy.  It’s truly impressive how the different layers compliment each other and make the product feel like an actual penis.

The design of this dildo allows it to be used in a variety of ways, and isn’t limited to a specific gender or sexual preference.  With a nice large base, it’s safe to use anally and is harness compatible; making it a wonderful toy for solo or couples’ use.  The slight curve and bulged head connect well with your internal pleasure zones, and the thick shaft provides a wonderful full feeling (though your specific experience will vary).

Being that the inner core is so firm, it can’t be used as a packer.  The shaft does flex, but it doesn’t naturally bend enough in any direction for you to discreetly wear it underneath your clothes.  Apart from that, the dildo can be used for pegging, strap-on sex, simulated double penetration, solo use, etc.  It might not be able to do everything, but it’s versatile enough as it is.


Vixskin Buck is made from silicone which is a body safe material that’s non-porous, latex free, and phthalate free.  It’s a truly fantastic material for a sex toy because it can be totally sterilized, and with proper care, will last a lifetime.  When it’s time to clean your dildo, you can use soap and warm water or your favorite sex toy cleaner.  If you’re switching orifices or sharing with someone else, you can clean the toy using a 10% bleach solution, by boiling for a few minutes, or by putting it in your dishwasher.  Being silicone, it’s best to stick with water-based lubricants since other types could cause the surface to degrade.

The surface of the silicone has a bit of a tacky feeling (and drags across the skin) and picks up small particles like a lint brush, so it’s Untitled-4important to clean before use.  Once lubricant is applied, this issue is eliminated, but it’s frustrating at times.  Others have mentioned powdering with corn starch to give it a more realistic feel and eliminate the tacky feeling.  Naturally, you’d only use it once the dildo was dry, and only during storage.  Always wash the toy prior to use, especially if you’ve powered it.

Surrounding the entire surface of the dildo are raised veins and areas of texture.  The veins really give the toy life, making it seem more realistic as a result.  Though they extend from the toy, they’re very light and I couldn’t really feel them during use.  They seem to be more for visual effect than stimulation (though that might vary depending on how sensitive you are).  If textures annoy you, this is perfectly suitable since it’s very subtle.

Now, the surface texture is only a very small part of how this toy feels.  The wonderful soft silicone is simply amazing.  It has the perfect amount of give to feel soft on the outside, but has a firm core that allows the toy to remain rigid.  If you don’t have a cock (or a second one), this is truly the next best thing.  The head of the toy is the squishiest part because it doesn’t have the firm silicone beneath it.  It’s a little softer than what you’d expect from an actual penis, and can be a little tricky to insert.  The base itself is made of the firm silicone you feel inside the toy, so it isn’t floppy and stays in place (standing or in a harness).  The whole dildo naturally flexes upward (with the curve), but remains solid enough to thrust without issue.



Untitled-6Vixskin Buck is available in three color options that reflect natural skin tones.  Vanilla (which is a pale color), Caramel (which is a medium tone), and Chocolate (which is darker color).  Some of the other dildos available from Vixen Creations are available in unrealistic color options, but Buck just has the three flesh tones.  The caramel is closest in color to my husband, so it’s the one I personally find most appealing.

The amount of detail in this dildo is truly amazing, especially since this isn’t a live cast toy (molded from an actual person).  The tip features the urethral opening, followed by the bulging head and vein-covered shaft.  The base of the toy doesn’t have testicles (though other products from Vixen Creations do) and is simply round, which is the only unrealistic element of the dildo.  Everything else is pretty spot on and looks about as real as it gets for a product like this.


The head of the dildo is large, and feels a little exaggerated to me.  That’s not to say it’s unrealistic, it’s just different from what I’m used to with my husband and other sex toys.  Buck is one of the thicker dildos available from Vixen Creations, and won’t be suitable for beginners.  If you’re not used to penetration (vaginally or anally) but want something ultra realistic, I would check out Spur.  It has all the same wonderful qualities, but the size will work better for your specific needs.

Vixskin Buck is a total of 7″ long with an insertable length of 6″.  It’s long enough that it should reach anyone’s G-spot (or P-spot) without an issue, but not so long that it will uncomfortably bump your cervix with each thrust.  The length is very manageable and is just right in my opinion.  The thickness ranges in size from 1 5/8″ in diameter (thinnest area, just below the head) up to 2″ around the bottom of the shaft (just before it connects with the base).



Untitled-1Vixskin Buck arrives in a clear plastic cylinder with your dildo on full display.  One side has the company logo, and the other displays some important information about your new toy.  The top pops off and the toy is easy to remove.  The cap is a little difficult to put back on, but it’s manageable.  The tube is really perfect for storage since it fits the toy perfectly inside, and you don’t have to worry about using a bag or pouch, but it’s not discreet since you can easily view the toy within.  For that reason, you might need to get a little creative with hiding your toy, especially since it’s recommended you store these dildos upright if possible.

One of the awesome things about Vixen Creations, is that they provide a Lifetime Warranty for their products.  So if a few years down the road you notice the base is starting to warp, you simply follow the instructions and they’ll replace it for you.  Naturally, misuse is not included in their terms (which you can find here). (Photo to the right features Maverick, another dildo available from Vixen Creations)


From the moment I first touched Vixskin silicone, I was blown away.  The realistic feeling it provides is unlike any other toy you’ll find.  Though other companies have created dual density toys, this silicone is definitely the most realistic out of them all, and one I highly recommend.

Vixskin Buck stood out to me because it had the girth I love and was a reasonable length.  When it arrived, I was blown away by the amazingly detailed surface.  Though there isn’t a color difference in the toy, the veins are so well done that it’s hard to believe this isn’t a mold of an actual penis.  Naturally, after looking it over, I had to spend a few minutes fondling the material because it’s so fun to squish and play with, but then it was off to take photos.

The first time I used Buck was with my husband.  We were getting ready for some anal play and the idea of simulating double penetration popped into my mind.  He seemed game, so we went at it.  This particular dildo was a little large considering it was our first time playing that way, but it was okay.  I kept feeling like perhaps my lack of enthusiasm was because I don’t love anal sex and maybe I felt oddly full, so the next day I used it on my own.

I enjoyed it much more the next time, but did have one issue with it.  The base of the head kept catching and creating a little bit of an annoying sensation.  I typically enjoy when a toy sort of pops in and out of you, but this didn’t feel quite the same.  I think the exaggerated head just didn’t work well with my body.  I loved the length and the girth, but for me, I think a smaller head would have worked better.

If Buck doesn’t sound quite right for you, do a little shopping!  There’s such a wide variety of Vixskin dildos to choose from, that there’s sure to be one that’s sized right and looks appealing to you.  I’ve been extremely pleased with all the products I own from Vixen Creations, this one just wasn’t quite right for me.

If you’re interested in purchasing your own Vixskin Buck or another product from Vixen Creations, you can do so by clicking the banner below.


Vixskin Buck was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review.  This is in compliance with FTC guidelines.

  6 Responses to “Review: Vixskin Buck from Vixen Creations”

  1. I can only imagine having double penetration with Buck. There isn’t much taper to it to ease things, but I suppose the squishy material helps with that?
    I love the photo comparing the 3 flesh tones. I think both the Caramel and the Chocolate look great, but I wish there was an additional color between the two to match my own skin tone.
    As always, great review!

  2. Yeah, I’m a size queen, so I figured it wouldn’t be an issue. Silly me!

    The Chocolate is the same color as brownie batter and is really beautiful! I typically get flesh tones that are similar to my husband, but the Chocolate is really quite lovely. I know what you mean about having a color in between the two. I think it must be hard for companies to make colors that suit everyone. Perhaps you could start mentioning your desires to various companies. I think there’s plenty of difference between the Caramel and Chocolate for there to be another tone. :)

  3. I don’t think I be able to do double penetration with Buck either, not with Johnny nor with Maverick they are just too big. I think with the Mustang I have will be okay because it is not as big as the others. I actually love my Mustang and use it all the time. I also enjoy getting the Caramel colors as well. Camryn is right there should be a extra color in between. I am not too found of the lighter one and neither the brown either.

  4. THANK YOU FOR ALL THE PICTURES!! Living in an area where there are literally no sex friendly shops I it’s difficult to get an idea of an item w/out actually holding it or examining it for yourself. The simple fact that you take various pictures and the detail in your description is what makes your blog great. Your thoroughness and attention to detail. I’d been searching and searching online for pictures of this particular item, until finally I came across your blog. I wasn’t sure whether or not to purchase the item after reading epiphoras’ review. It wasn’t until I read through your blog that I decided it would be a good investment.

  5. Just now saw this review… just now developed a serious need for Buck in my life! Great review Popsy!

  6. I’ve been lusting after Buck for a long time. Mostly because of all the glowing reviews and me being a sucker for realistic toys. There is a tiny part of me that wants Buck just because of Kill Bill Vol. 1 “My name is Buck, and I’m here to fuck.”

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