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Vixskin Randy from Vixen Creations

– Made from silicone
– Dual density
– Variety of uses
– Great for girth lovers
– Short (can’t thrust much)
– Too thick for some
– Lint magnet
– Only available in flesh tones


Vixskin Randy - full image

-About Vixskin Randy-

Vixskin Randy from Vixen Creations is a dual density dildo with a very penis-like appearance.  Dual density means the dildo features a firm inner core with a softer layer surrounding it.  This provides a more realistic feeling compared to dildos that are made from only one silicone firmness.  So if you’re looking for something that actually feels like a real penis, this is about as close as it gets.

The shape of Vixskin Randy allows it to be used in a variety of ways by anyone that appreciates some girth.  The head of the dildo is exaggerated which provides a popping sensation and should work well to pleasure the G-spot or prostate (your experience will vary depending on anatomy).  The base is nice and large which does make it safe for anal use, and is harness compatible.  Since the material is so squishy on the outside, there’s little concern about causing discomfort to your partner, but the girth might be too much without proper warm up.  Just keep that in mind when using it with a partner.

Being made from silicone is fantastic for a variety of reasons.  It’s body safe, non-porous, latex free, and phthalate free; giving you peace of mind.  Silicone is easy to clean with soap and warm water and can be sterilized by boiling for a few minutes, cleaning it in your dishwasher, or using a 10% bleach solution.  This dildo should be used with water-based lubricants since other types could cause the surface to degrade.  If you want to use a silicone-based or a hybrid, spot test a small area of the base to see how the material reacts.  As always, I feel it’s better to stick with water-based than to chance something happening to your dildo.

Vixskin Randy - squeezing shaftThe soft surface has a lightly tacky feeling that isn’t shy about picking up lint and small particles.  It’s a little more challenging to manage than some, since you have to immediately wipe/wash the dildo before use, and should avoid setting it down before you’re ready to use it.  The moment it leaves your hand, it seems to get covered in lint again.  The tackiness also results in the material dragging across your skin if you don’t add a little lubricant.  Fortunately, Vixskin Randy doesn’t have any texture, so a little lube goes a long way.

Vixskin Randy - squeezing headThe squish of Vixskin products is pretty awesome.  The head of the dildo has the most give, because the inner core doesn’t reach the end, but the shaft is easy to squish as well.  This acts as a layer of comfort, and feels smaller than if you were using a hard material of the same size.  Vixskin Randy isn’t nearly as flexible as some of the other products available from Vixen Creations, but that’s because of the length.  This dildo is all about providing a full sensation, and lacks the length to really thrust with it.

The head of the dildo is very prominent and will likely catch on your pubic bone.  This will either being very stimulating, or kind of frustrating depending on the type of stimulation you most enjoy.  This area is what makes the dildo look like an actual penis.  There are no testicles, no veins, and no other features.  This will be a good thing for someone that’s uncomfortable with super realistic products, but there’s still no denying what it’s supposed to resemble, especially when it’s only available in three flesh tones (which you can see here).  The base is totally flat on the bottom and has their logo in the center.  It almost looks like it would suction to the right surface, but mine doesn’t.

Vixskin Randy - various angles

Vixskin Randy - size comparison to handThe size of Vixskin Randy isn’t for a dildo newbie, in fact, it’s the thickest dildo available from Vixen Creations.  The circumference is approximately 6 1/2″, though it does very slightly since the shape isn’t the same throughout.  The total length is 6 1/4″ with an insertable length of 5 1/2″.  If this dildo doesn’t seem to be the right size for your anatomy, there are many other sizes available.

Vixskin Maverick - in plastic cylinderYour Vixskin Randy will arrive in a clear plastic cylinder, completely giving away what it contains.  The front has the Vixen Creations logo, and the back has some information about the product and how to care for it.  It’s fantastic since it doubles as storage, but it’s not discreet since you can see right through it.  Mine arrived in a plastic bag since it was a review item, but my Maverick arrived in the cylinder to the right which will give you a good idea on what to expect.

-What I liked-

I have nothing but love for Vixen Creations.  Their products are great quality, feel amazing, and it’s obvious they work hard to provide products that will work for most.  Their silicone is the most realistic stuff you’ll ever get your hands on, and it’s well worth the investment.

Vixskin Randy is a plump dildo that does a fantastic job of filling me up.  I’m a girth lover, and this dildo hits the mark with ease.  Because the surface is soft and without texture, I’m able to completely focus my attention on the full feeling I have.  It stretches me out nicely, and doesn’t take long to warm up to. This is important for me when I don’t have a lot of time to spend by myself, but I desperately need to feel full.

As much as I love all the details of a super realistic looking dildo (like Vixskin Buck), I really like the fact this dildo is a little more simple looking.  Yes, it looks like a dick.  Yes, it probably will look intimidating to your partner (because of the size).  But it’s less creepy looking (or more, I guess, depending on how you view things) than some of the ultra realist looking options available.

-What I didn’t like-

Again, nothing but love for Vixen Creations, but Vixskin Randy just wasn’t the right dildo for me.  I was so excited when I opened the package, sure it would provide me with orgasmic bliss.  Instead, I found myself a little frustrated by the length.  Because it’s so short and the head is so bulbous, it’s difficult to thrust the toy comfortably.  I found the dildo was most stimulating when I thrust in short bursts without pulling the head past my pubic bone.  I’m all about a good popping sensation, but this was a little too extreme for my taste.  Had the shaft been an inch or two longer, it would have worked better with my anatomy, but that’s simply my personal preference.  It didn’t seem to matter what position I was in or how I used it, the end result was exactly the same.  I felt more like I had a plug in my vagina than a dildo, and that wasn’t nearly as pleasurable for me.


Vixskin Randy is a good quality dildo that’s great if you love girth, enjoy a strong popping sensation, and aren’t a fan of too much length.  This wasn’t my favorite Vixskin dildo, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be right for you.  Take some time to look through all the products available, and make the choice that works better for you.  I enjoy a little length with my girth, and Vixskin Johnny has been my favorite so far.

If you’re interested in purchasing Vixskin Randy or another product from Vixen Creations, you can find them by visiting the banner below.

vixen creations

Vixskin Randy was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review.  This is in compliance with FTC guidelines.

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  1. This just looks way too small to use, it would be a pain. I am glad you liked something about this toy even if it was a pain to use.

  2. this toy does need to be a few inches longer and then it will work just right the girth is a little much but with proper warm up the user will do just fine

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