Mar 102015

Congrats to KIT for winning my Something Old, Something New LELO giveaway!  I hope you enjoy your prize pack!

LELO has been in the spotlight an awful lot the past year.  They’ve revamped some of their most popular vibrators, released a few new products, and even produced a movie.  With so many exciting things happening for their company,  it’s easy to see how the old goodies might fade into the background.

giveawayleloThe LELO Ella is an older product, but still remains a staple for many bloggers and comes highly recommended.  The basic design and buttery smooth silicone make it a great dildo for beginners and regular toy users alike.

The LELO Luna Smart Bead was released last October and has received mixed reviews.  It’s a product designed to help improve the way you Kegel (exercising your pelvic floor muscles), which helps provide stronger orgasms overtime.

Also included in this giveaway:

A bottle of LELO Toy Cleaning Spray
A bottle of LELO Personal Moisturizer (water-based lubed)

Thanks so much to the wonderful people from SheVibe and LELO for making this giveaway possible!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Here are the terms and conditions:

  • Giveaway is open from March 9th through March 31st
  • This is a prize pack for one winner only
  • Items are sponsored by SheVibe and LELO
  • Open Worldwide, but outside of US pays shipping (items will be shipped by me)
  • Winner will have 48 hours to contact me before a new winner is chosen




  68 Responses to “Something Old, Something New – Giveaway *ENDED”

  1. I love my Lelo Soraya. I’m really dying to have a Mona 2 and a Smart Wand Large.

  2. I would love to invest in the Siri 2 from Lelo. Especially because it will vibrate to noise/music!

  3. The Lelo products I’m interested in now are the Luna beads, the smart wand large, and maybe the Ina 2. The smart wand sounds like it’s what I need in a back massager, and being able to use it with my favorite Vixen magic wand cap is a great bonus for my girlfriend and I. I’m not add sure about the Ina, since I’m not a fan of the mona internally, but I might enjoy it.

    As for the products I have, I currently have the Gigi 2 and the Mona 2. The gigi isn’t the strongest toy, and it is way too short for me to use as a traditional g-spot toy. The only way it works is if I insert and use it while standing up. It could also work while I’m wearing the harness, but I haven’t tried it yet. My partner likes it much more, at least internally. It barely had enough power for her as a clit toy.

    The Mona 2 is much better. It’s my go-to clit toy, and my partner likes it just as much for that use. I’m not a fan of it internally, since it’s so hard and can irritate me on occasion due to the shape. My partner had the same problem with it there, it just isn’t friendly for insertion on either if our bodies. I still give it top marks though, since it’s so reliable for us. I wish I had two, so we could both use it, and do I don’t need to worry about the battery dying.

  4. I don’t own any Lelo products but I’ve been interested in the Mona 2 for a while, it gets rave reviews and looks perfect!

  5. My wife and I really want to try the Ida.

  6. Mona 2 and the Luna Beads are the most worth purchasing. I currently want a Mona Wave just so I have two Mona’s.

  7. I’ve always wanted to try the Smart Wand! I’ve used their lube before and I really liked it.

  8. I currently have the LELO Luna Beads and they’re pretty awesome. You know the drill – four interchangeable balls of two weights, with distinct sensation of the inner balls rolling around (ie. not muffled/nonexistent), all of good quality. I bought them mainly due to incontinence problems, and am happy to report that after a few months of regular (important) wear and Kegel exercises they remind me to do (also important, since by themselves the balls don’t do anything much) my muscles seem indeed stronger. It seems that the Smart Bead will be even better when it comes to the training, with the feedback mechanism, so I’m pretty excited about trying that out, despite the mixed reception.

    Of other toys I’d like to try, I think Mia 2 and Mona 2 are at the top of my list. Mona gets such rave reviews from most people that it’s impossible to pass without second thoughts. As for Mia, I’m pretty sure I’d love the pinpoint vibration on my clit. And it’s tiny so I can’t help but think it’s cute, despite the non-cutesy shape. Ella also looks interesting, and maybe it would help me finally get something more out of my wimpy g-spot, since it has glowing recommendations. Generally, I think it would be great if LELO offered more of their “unusual” colours – grey (it looks perfect, but is only available on Gigi 2 at the moment), lime green, dark blue, turquoise – on a wider variety of silicone-coated toys. The pink-violet-black gets tiring after a while, and it’s great to see those splashes of other colours (or, well, the still refined, yet utterly different grey).

    As for SheVibe, I haven’t done any shopping there are as I’m not from the US, however I frequently peruse the site, be it for fun or for information on several toys at once. Obviously, SheVibe is a shop so they’re going to have products of various brands, however I’ve found that items such as Mona, Ella, and Luna Beads rank high in the ratings, so kudos to LELO for those. I find the design of SheVibe much clearer and more informative than LELO’s site, to be honest; and I *love* the comics for every category. Even though I know them all by now, they still make me smile sometimes. Some of the brands I’d like to try are Leaf vibrators (they get quite good reviews and are cheaper than LELO’s; however they’re unobtainable in my country at the moment) and the BS dildos (like the grey Alex Noise – they look beautiful, too, with that element of randomness and uniqueness that isn’t part of LELO’s brand, which is not to say either is better or worse, just that they have different intentions).

    Hope I haven’t bored you to death, I tend to write a lot. Thanks for letting us take part in an awesome giveaway :)

    • Your comment wasn’t boring at all! I appreciate the time you took to write it!

      I’m so glad to hear the Luna Beads have helped you so much! Doing Kegels help with so many things, and it’s nice to hear a success story!

      I couldn’t agree with you more about the colors! It would be nice to see a wider range of color offered. I really love their midnight blue and grey. It’s a shame they don’t offer those color options on more toys.

      It must be frustrating to see toys that look nice, but not have them available in your country! That’s definitely something I take for granted! I’m glad to hear you enjoy checking out SheVibe, even without being able to purchase from them.

      • Sorry for the delay here, it’s quite rude of me (but I started drowning under a pile of work).

        I’m glad this was okay.

        I admit was a bit dubious about Kegels having that strong of an effect on what I’ve been struggling with for years when I bought them, but now I’m a convert through and through. Incredible that they don’t teach about the PC muscle either in sexuality or biology classes (at least, they didn’t at my school).

        I can only wholeheartedly agree with you. I sometimes wonder what are all the challenges and/or intents that make using more of their colours on a wider range of toys, well, impossible. Would be great to know the industry from the inside, I think. Maybe I should just stop making rather daunting comparisons to companies like Bad Dragon and Exotic Erotics, considering that they cast dildos rather than coat vibrators…

        It’s a bit of a torture, yeah. I still have a quiet dream of flying over someday and buying roughly half of what they’re stocking 😉

  9. The Luna Smart Bead is very intriguing. It’s hard to be sure that you’re making progress with kegels, and some feed back from this product would be very cool. I can however say that the LELO personal moisturizer is amazing.

  10. I’ve definitely had my eye on the Ella for a long time, and it’s sitting on my Wish List. I’m on a quest to learn how to squirt, and I think the Ella has a lot of potential for helping me do that. I was curious about the Luna Smart Bead at first because I have the Luna Beads Mini, but once I read some of the less positive reviews, I lost interest. I’m also interested in the Smart Wand Large as a potential replacement for my old Hitachi Magic Wand as well as the Sensua Suede Whip.

    I have the Ora, Hula Beads, and Luna Beads Mini. I would recommend the Luna Beads Mini any day of the week. They’re a great size for me, and I can certainly feel the inner balls moving around when I wear them. I think the Luna Beads Mini (and the Luna Beads in general no matter what size) are probably one of the best products Lelo has come up with in the last few years. I can’t say I’d recommend spending that much money on the Ora, and I haven’t tried the Hula Beads yet.

    • I know Ella has helped a lot of people learn how to squirt, I hope it would do the same for you.

      Seems like everyone enjoys the Luna Beads! I haven’t tried them yet, but maybe I should after all the positive feedback.

  11. I’d love to get my fiance the Hot Octopuss Pulse. He has a Fleshlight but no vibrating toys, so it would be a new experience for him, and the majority of the reviews I’ve read have been positive. They have Laid toys I haven’t seen anywhere else. I didn’t know they had a stone butt plug, and now I want it. I’d love to try the Love Is Art Kit, and the NS Novelties silicone dildos caught my eye. I absolutely love the shape and texture and the amazingly bright color options.

    Compared to what Lelo has to offer, I think SheVibe offers much more variety when it comes to types of toys. Much of what Lelo makes and what they’re known for is vibrators.

    • SheVibe carries so many awesome products! It seems like every time I shop around, I discover something new!

      Hot Octopuss just released a Pulse II – Solo and Duo. The Pulse will likely be going on sale soon, I would imagine.

  12. I love my Mona 2. I’m pretty much up to try any Lelo toy

  13. I have not yet had the pleasure of owning a Lelo product but I have read so many good things about them that I would really love to try them, fingers crossed I can get the opportunity with this offer (praying) lol

  14. ooooh, I so want the Luna Smart Bead.

  15. On Lelo: I own a Lelo Billy, and I think it’s worth purchasing for men. I’d love to try a Lelo Pino or Tor 2 or Nea.

    On Shevibe:
    The Njoy line appeals in term of brand, and BDSM products such as leather restraints appeals too. I think Lelo makes their branding look more upscale then most, and really go out when it comes to design, which is appreciate (mate finishes and storange boxes/bags for example). Shevive has more of user friendly interfacing compares to Lelo (though Lelo’s site looks more upscale). I think Lelo could bear to expand into different material when it comes to things like buttplugs.

    • I’ve almost gotten the Billy a few times. I’m glad to know you feel it’s a good investment. Hopefully you’re able to try the Pino, Tor 2, and Nea.

      I absolutely agree that it would be wise for LELO to expand their anal toy range. It would be interesting to see more dildos available, perhaps with a wide base that makes it suitable for vaginal and anal use.

  16. Making a comparison between LELO and SheVibe really wouldn’t be fair. LELO is based specifically on vibrators where as SheVibe is a mix. I do like what either has to offer though.

    • I phrased my question poorly, I suppose. I was asking my reader to look at SheVibe and find different brands that appealed to them. Then, I wanted to see how everyone felt they compared (the particular brand chosen – Fun Factory, Njoy, etc.) to LELO. Because you’re right, it would be unfair to compare a shop to a brand. :)

  17. The Ora 2 midnight blue just…wow. If I could I would own 10 of them just so I always had a backup incase something went wrong!

  18. I think the Lelo Siri 2 interests me most. The Mona 2 is definitely worth purchasing.

    I really couldn’t compare all products to Lelo’s, but I do really love Tantus.

  19. I have the Siri 2 its amazing I do love fun factory they are one f my faves however compared to Lelo id choose lelo over fun factory because I tend to like the power that is in the lelo vibes

  20. I love my Mona 2, and I don’t use my Luna beads nearly often enough (it’s the pastel colours – I’m not a pastel person!). I’d love to try their G-Spotting devices – Ella (concidentally!) and Gigi – and the Siri 2’s sound-responsive capability, as well as the Lelo massage candles.

    Shevibe… where do I start? More than anything I’m after a packing harness – the RodeoH or the SpareParts Tomboi – and a pack-and-play like the new York Toy Collective Shilo to go with it (love the colour choices there.

    But given the opportunity to go wild like a kid in a candy store, I’d love the WeVibe Tango Pleasure Mate Collection – those look amazing. Then there’s the Liberator Throe, the Njoy wands, the E-Stim kits, the FunFactory Stronic Eins, NobEssence’s gorgeous wooden creations, the Crystal Delights toys…

    Is it hot in here or is it just me? 😉

  21. Regarding Lelo toys, I have an original model Lyla, which is kind of a mixed blessing. When it works, it’s fantastic. On the other hand, the little retrieval cord broke off the internal toy within a couple of (minimal) uses, and the workmanship on the controller just feels cheap. (The controller is very temperamental, too.) So, I would not say it’s worth the money (though I haven’t tried the Lyla 2). The original model Ina seems better made, but because the clitoral arm is so clampy, I don’t use it too often (and I wish it were waterproof), but I think it would be good for the right person. I would really like a Mona 2, Gigi 2, or Ella, though. At SheVibe, I’ve been eyeing the Pure Wand, Stronic Eins, and Eroscillator. I think the Pure Wand seems the most reasonable and versatile, while the Stronic Eins might be the riskiest investment.

  22. I like the look of the new luna smart bead

  23. I have a few Lelo products, I really enjoy my Mona and I also have the smart beads. There are a few other things I would like to try from them.

    • I did not catch the other part till after I posted this. I love SheVibe as well. They offer a lot of things but their lingerie lines mostly me draw my attention.

  24. I had the Lelo Smart wand medium and had to use the warranty to replace it and the replacement died within 1 month

  25. I don’t own any yet, but they look amazing. The beads definitely catch my eye.

  26. I love my LELO Siri… and really want to try the LELO Mona!

  27. The smartbead sounds pretty cool.

  28. The vibrators seem pretty nice. I can’t compare them to Lelo though. I’m not well versed in the different brands. I just know Lelo has a good reputation.

  29. I think the Lelo Mona 2 is probably the best, though I haven’t tried either the Ella or the Smart Bead. Definitely don’t get the Lelo Mia 2. Mine has died twice in the past 6 months. Thank god for warranties.

  30. I have owned a Siri for years now and really want to own more lelo toys! Hopefully I will one day. I hear the mona 2 is amazing.

  31. Ugh one of my entries pasted the wrong thing. Ignore it please -_-

  32. I have been very interested in the LELO Smart Wand for quite a while and I would love to get a LELO Hula Bead as I like the idea of remote control toys.

    Currently, we own a LELO Siri 1 which my wife finds to be the best clitoral vibrator of the ones we own and would recommend it to others. The rechargability saves a lot of hassle.

    From the Tantus and Njoy brands both appeal to me the most. Tantus seems to have lots of high quality silicone based toys and Njoy provides many fun looking metal toys. I feel that both of these brands are of a similar level to LELO but in most cases cheaper due to the lack of complex features.

  33. I have been lusting after the Mona 2 for a while. I’m planing on getting the Luna beads. Any Lelo product would be a dream to own. The Siri looks way cool, too.

  34. have the ina and suri… both fantastic toys

  35. I have an Ella and it’s my go-to toy when I’m having trouble getting over the edge. I love the firmness of the angled neck that doesn’t give up when it’s inside, like many g-spot toys do. I only wish it was a teensy bit longer, as thrusting can sometimes result in hand cramps.

    I also have the Luna beads and love them! Though there are times when I can barely feel them, they do make boring lines, long drives, and quiet events more interesting. 😉

    I’m dying to try a Mona 2!

  36. I’ve tried LELO Mia and Ella and enjoyed them both. Since I lost my Mia I’ve been thinking about replacing it since I found the vibrations have the perfect buzzy/rumbly ratio for me. I would have more enthusiasm for Ella if the handle was longer.

  37. I have the Ina, which is amazing. I would love to try the Ella

  38. I like Fun Factory and Lelo brands. They are both higher end products, and I look for shape and reviews to pick out new products from either company, or sometimes both.

  39. I would LOVE the lilo billy. It looks REALLY fun to use 😛

  40. Ina is fun! Like them all, though.

  41. I am on a g-spotting mission and have had my eye on the ella for a while now.

  42. I’m interested in the LELO SORAYA.

  43. I’d really like to try the Mona with my wife.

    In terms of brands that interest me, definitely Njoy. I love stainless steel toys, which really aren’t comparable to Lelo.

  44. I don’t own any Lelo products but I have thought about getting the Lelo Ella for my wife. Thanks for the giveaway. I hope that I win.

  45. I have not tried any lelo products before but the soraya deep rose caught my eye. I would like to try it also the ida deep rose as well.

  46. I’m interested in the Lelo Mona 2 and Mona Wave.

    My Shevibe wishlist includes items from Vamp and BS. Comparing them to Lelo products is like comparing apples to oranges, or dildos to vibrators.

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