Apr 292014

12657946815_6cf58135f52Congrats to Pete James for winning a copy of Flying High!  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

After thoroughly enjoying my copy of Flying High, I decided to team up with Cleis Press to provide one lucky winner with a copy of their own!  Whether you’ve always wanted to join the Mile High Club, get turned on by the idea of having sex in public, or love the idea of catching people in the act – Flying High is a great read!  In case you missed it, you can find my review and an exclusive excerpt here.

Have your own in flight fantasies?  Ever acted on your sexual desires while flying or seen someone who has?  If you could create the perfect flight fantasy, how would it play out?  I wanna hear all about it!  Feel free to comment below with your own true or fictional stories!

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  • Giveaway is open from April 29 through May 20th @12am
  • Open to US only
  • Cleis Press is responsible for shipping the item
  • The winner will be emailed once the giveaway has ended and will have one week to respond before another winner is chosen.



  3 Responses to “Want Your OWN Copy Of Flying High? (Ended)”

  1. It would be fun for a hunky airline flight attendant to enliven the safety demonstration with a striptease!

  2. I am thinking in a private jet. The gorgeous pilot sets the plane on autopilot for a while, comes to the back and. . , well, the lady captain takes it from there. . .

  3. My in flight fantasy would go something like this:
    I am on Hawaiian Airlines heading to the Big Island with my lady. When the flight has commenced, a Hawaiian Hula Dance Company surprises all the passengers with a flash mob Hula performance. The dancers are beautiful women and even my lady takes note of the leader of the group who is the most exotic creature we’ve both ever laid eyes on. At the conclusion of the performance, this lovely lady, we’ll call Kalena, takes a seat right next to us at the back of the plane. My lady and I chat with her and have fun conversation until we all get tired and take a nice nap. I awaken from my nap as I feel my lady tugging on my cock and then slipping it into her mouth. I look around to see if anyone notices my lady pleasuring me underneath the blanket and I realize that Kalena is staring directly at me. She is wide awake with a sly grin on her face. She leans over my lady and begins to kiss my neck and nibble on my ears as her hands slip under the blanket and begin caressing my lady. Seeing no resistance or surprise from my lady I realize that they had both hatched this plan when I fell asleep first. These ladies both work on me until I finally reach the point of no return. Now that I was satisfied my lady leans back against the chair as she allows me and Kalena to slowly slip our hands and fingers in between her legs. With great teamwork, we are able to bring my lady to climax. It was during this time that the plane was beginning its descent. As we landed and slowly began filing out the plane Kalena whispers to both of us, “Come to my luau tonight and enjoy the festivities, then after, It’s my turn!!” Aloha!

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