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June marks my first big blogging milestone; my one year anniversary.  Over the past year, I’ve reviewed over 100 products from many amazing sponsors.  Some were (honestly) pretty awful, but others really stole the spotlight!  I’ve had the pleasure of working with amazing artisans, wonderful US based companies, and regular people starting their own little corner of the sex toy world.  It has been a pleasure (pun intended) to test out and review so many products, and I want you to get the chance to try out some of my favorites from this past year!

Minna Life OlaIf you’ve read any of my reviews, you already know that patterned vibrations aren’t really my thing.  Typically when a vibrator has a variety of settings, I immediately find the highest steady vibration and bust out an orgasm (or two).  So naturally, it might come as a surprise to know that I absolutely love the Ola from Minna Life!  This vibe has really impressed me, both with the way it functions, and how versatile it is.  Since Ola is so easy to use, I’m able to not only effortlessly pleasure myself, but I can hand it over to my husband to use as he pleases (it’s great for foreplay and teasing!).  Not only can I have the strong, steady vibrations I love, but we can also create all the unique patterns our little hearts desire – every time we use it!

Minna Life has been generous enough to provide you with a chance to win your very own Ola!  Interested in what else Minna Life has to offer?  You can find them on Twitter, Facebook, and can sign up for their newsletter by visiting the website.  This product is being shipped directly from Minna Life and is open Worldwide (if outside of US a shipping fee is required).

Leaf Life+External stimulation is a must if I’m going to feel truly satisfied, and it’s a common need for many.  Not all vibes are created equal, so it’s important to find one that will suit your specific needs; or is it?  Every once in a while you come across a vibe that provides enough variety that it’s safe to say it should work for most people, and that’s what I found in the Leaf Life+.  This vibe is an upgraded version of the original Leaf by Swan, having many of the same great qualities, but sporting a new color along with some positive changes.  The design itself provides both broad and pin-point stimulation depending on how you use it, and the vibration settings make it a great choice whether you enjoy steady vibrations, patterns, or both.  Add the portability, ergonomic shape, and ease of use and it’s easy to see how this became a favorite! 

SheVibe is one awesome shop that’s both full of great products, and is fun to explore (just check out the artwork!)!  They’re kindly providing a Leaf Life+ to one lucky winner!  Make sure to visit their website to find more awesome goodies, and look them up on both Twitter and Facebook!  This product is being shipped directly from SheVibe and is open to winners in US and CA only.

We-Vibe 3It’s not uncommon for couples to seek out products that will bring a little extra heat between the sheets.  What better than a vibe that can be worn during intercourse and used hands free?  That’s where the We-Vibe 3 comes into play.  This remote controlled vibe not only adds increased sensation, but keeps things intimate by freeing up your hands and keeping your focus entirely on your partner.  Though designed to be used together, this toy can also be used for hands free solo pleasure, or with the addition of a dildo or second vibrator.  It’s a fantastic product that both my husband and I have enjoyed, and we hope others will as well!

We-Vibe has graciously provided you with the chance to win a We-Vibe 3 of your very own!  Be sure to check out their website and sign up for their newsletter while you’re there, and don’t forget to look for them on Facebook and Twitter!  This product is being shipped directly from We-Vibe and is open Worldwide.

Grab Bag Echo Handle from TantusSometimes I really want to get off, but wish I could be lazy about it.  It can be a real pain bending awkwardly to thrust with one hand while holding a vibe in the other (oh, the struggles of masturbating comfortably).  Honestly, this sometimes prevents me from using a dildo because some products are just too short to easily use with a vibe in my other hand.  Fortunately, Tantus has you covered!  This awesome company features a variety of dildos, with handles.  The Echo Handle makes masturbation so much more comfortable since the added length allows me to lay back and enjoy!  Solo time is much more comfortable, and it works so much easier in the hands of a partner as well!

Tantus is super amazing and has provided you with the opportunity to win your very own Grab Bag Echo Handle!  This uniquely colored dildo is one of a kind, and is a fantastic addition to anyone’s collection!  Visit the Tantus website to sign up for their newsletter, and look for them on Facebook and Twitter.  This product is being shipped by me and is open Worldwide (if outside of US a shipping fee is required).

Blue Moon from A Touch of GlassGlass products are not only gorgeous, but they’re available in so many different textures and shapes that it’s difficult to select the right one for you.  One of the things I appreciate most about the Blue Moon from A Touch of Glass, is the fact that it’s double sided.  One end provides a gently raised spiral that’s extremely stimulating, while the other features a fantastic bubbled texture.  If you’re unsure of what you like, or love a little variety, the Blue Moon is a safe option since the textures aren’t extreme.  This one might look simple, but it honestly surprised me; I have a feeling one of you will feel the same way!

A Touch of Glass is a quality company that was kind enough to provide you with the chance to win your own Blue Moon!  Be sure to visit their website to check out their other awesome pieces, and look for them on Facebook and Twitter.  This product is being shipped directly from A Touch of Glass and is open Worldwide.

Vixskin BuckWhen it comes to realistic dildos, you don’t need to look further than Vixen Creations.  The details are impressive, and their Vixskin line is the closest thing to an actual penis I’ve ever felt.  After using my first dildo from them, I was hooked.  They’re so fun to squish and squeeze, but really shine when it comes to use.  Vixskin Buck is a favorite to many, and it’s no surprise the reason why.  It features a prominent head (great if you love a popping sensation when thrust), a detailed shaft, and can be used in a variety of different ways.  I love that the length is reasonable and it’s thick enough to provide me with a nice full sensation.  Trust me, you need some Vixskin in your life!

Peepshow Toys is a great company that features only body safe products.  They’ve generously given you the opportunity to win a Vixskin Buck in your choice of color (Vanilla, Caramel, or Chocolate)!  Make sure to stop by their website, sign up for their newsletter, and look for them on Facebook and Twitter.  This product is being shipped directly from Peepshow Toys and is open Worldwide (if outside of US a shipping fee is required).

HIppocampus from Exotic-EroticsMaybe realistic looking dildos just aren’t your thing, they certainly aren’t right for everyone.  Perhaps you’re looking to expand your horizons and want something that looks and feels different from what you’re used to.  That’s where the Hippocampus from Exotic-Erotics comes in.  This dildo was an easy favorite, and might just be the only product I’ve reviewed that didn’t feature a ‘con’.  From the moment I saw it on their website, I knew I had to have it!  The details on this toy are impressive and the overall look (in my opinion) makes it one of the most attractive silicone dildos I’ve ever seen.  That’s not even including use!  If fantasy products are your thing (or unique items) you need one of these in your life (you can thank me later!).

Exotic-Erotics really stepped up on this one!  Not only are they offering one Hippocampus for this giveaway, they’re offering TWO.  Both are natural coloring, but are different sizes.  One is their new small size, and the other is medium (formerly small).  Please check out this size chart to decide which one is right for you, since there will be two lucky winners who will receive a Hippocampus!  Be sure to check out the other awesome creations on their website, and find them on twitter!  These products are being shipped directly from Exotic-Erotics and are open to US only.

Thwack Paddle from TantusTo some,  fluffy pink handcuffs and flimsy plastic crops are children’s play.  With 50 Shades of everything taking the world by storm, it seems cheap, light BDSM gear is drowning us all.  Yes, these items might be great for beginners, but what about those that want some actual bite behind their impact toys?  Yet again, Tantus provides!  Their silicone paddles are serious, and will provide the intensity many are seeking.  After reviewing a few of their paddles, I came to the decision that they’re all equally bad-ass and will put you in your place!  The Thwack Paddle isn’t one I’ve personally reviewed, but it’s very similar to the Plunge Paddle, and I feel confident it’s equally as aggressive as well!

Burlesque Toy Shop is another awesome company that features only the very best body safe products available.  They’ve generously given you the opportunity to win your very own Thwack Paddle!  Make sure you stop by their website, sign up for their newsletter, and look for them on Facebook and Twitter!  This product is being shipped directly from Burlesque Toy Shop and is open to US and CA.

G-Spot Labia Spreader from You 2 ToysPerhaps one of the strangest items I reviewed this past year was more of a tool than a toy, but became an essential item to have on hand.  The G-spot Labia Spreader from You 2 Toys is essential if your clitoris doesn’t easily come out to play.  Being the voluptuous woman I am, I often have to hold my labia apart with one hand in order to easily access my clit with the other.  This is both uncomfortable and frustrating to me.  Pleasure should always be enjoyable and comfortable, and that’s where this gem shines!  I can easily sit back, toy in use, without worrying about my other hand having to spread my labia apart.  This might not be the best product for pleasure on its own, but it’s a fantastic tool that leads to more pleasure-filled experiences!

UberKinky has some really unique and interesting products (obviously geared toward kinksters, though there are other items as well), and they’ve been kind enough to give you the opportunity to win a G-Spot Labia Spreader of your own!   Take a moment to visit their website, sign up for their newsletter, and look for them on Facebook and Twitter.  This product is being shipped by me and is open Worldwide (if outside of US a shipping fee is required).

Sneaky Sack from Holistic WisdomHaving a discreet place to store your toys can be extremely important if you have roommates or nosy children.  It’s not always easy, especially if you’re living with expert snoopers.  Fortunately, Holistic Wisdom created a product specifically for this reason; the Sneaky Sack.  When I first saw the Sneaky Sack, it was a total duh! moment.  This perfectly designed bag hangs discreetly on a hanger in your closet underneath some fugly article of clothing you never touch.  No one would ever think to look for something interesting there!  It’s a truly amazing idea!  No, it’s not the largest sex toy storage option available, but it’s certainly the most unique and discreet option I’ve ever seen.

Tabu Toys has very generously given you the chance to win a Sneaky Sack of your own!  Check out their website, sign up for their newsletter, and look for them on Facebook and Twitter.  This product is being shipped directly from Tabu Toys and is open to US only.

The Big Book of Orgasms from Cleis PressA little sexy reading can get your blood pumping and certainly has the potential of increasing your pleasure experiences.  The Big Book of Orgasms: 69 Sexy Stories from Cleis Press (edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel) offers 69 sexy stories all focused on the main event; orgasm.  It’s truly surprising how unique each story is, especially when you consider the fact that they’re all centered around the same topic.  These bite sized stories can be read one at a time (if you have good self control) or several at once, on your own or with a partner.  I absolutely love this book for a variety of reasons, and would recommend checking it out for yourself!

Cleis Press is a fantastic publishing company that’s always coming out with new and exciting books.  They’ve sponsored many of my giveaways (with more to come) and provided me with The Big Book of Orgasms to give away to one lucky winner!  Check out their website (which is full of sexy reading), sign up for their newsletter, and look for them on Facebook and Twitter.  This item is being shipped from me and is open Worldwide (if outside of US a shipping fee is required).

Before entering the giveaway, please take a moment to make sure the item(s) you’re most interested in can be shipped to your location (and be aware that some will come with a shipping fee).  Please read through all the terms before entering.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

  • Giveaway is open from June 1st through June 30th – Winners will be announced within the first week of July
  • Winners will have one week to contact me before a new winner is chosen
  • There are a total of twelve prizes, for twelve winners
  • You might not receive the prize you most desire (winners are chosen at random)

I want to take a moment to thank each and every product sponsor I’ve had over the past year.  Your support and willingness to work with me is a huge part of what’s made this blog what it is.  I’m so grateful you all took a chance on me, and I hope you haven’t regretted it!

LovehoneyDivine InterventionsPipedreamFun ToysBlush NoveltiesBad DragonCleis PressTengaLiquid Metal PublishingNitetime ToysWe-VibeExotic-Erotics, Spunk LubeErotic Toy Town, Oro Vidri, TabuToysiGino, Muffeze, TantusLeloGood VibrationsG-spot LollipopCal ExoticsB SwishThe Fantasy BoxVibrator KingdomSex and MetalUberKinkyHot OctopussRevel BodySensual IntelligenceRocks-OffSheVibeFucking SculpturesMinna LifeBurlesque Toy ShopAfterglowNovel CreationsPeepshow ToysA Touch of Glass, Vixen CreationsDiddle WorksSilvarusPleasure PurseMy Secret LuxurySinFivePink CherryOhMiBodJopenShibari WandsPink LubricantTrustPrimal Hardwere, and Cascade Toys.

*No affiliate links are included in this post.  Just sharing the love!

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  1. Seriously impressed by all the great possibilities available in this giveaway!
    Happy one year! I hope it only gets better, here on out. C:

  2. I especially liked your reviews of the Bad Dragon toys! I now have a Nox and I love it. One thing I’d like to see is easier navigation through your reviews, like tags or links on your toybox page.

    • Thank you so much for this suggestion! It’s something I had been meaning to work on for some time now, so you gave me the little push I needed! If you’d like, please check out the update Toy Box page. I’ll do my best to update it after each review as well! Over the next few weeks, I’ll also be working on adding more tags so it’s easier to sort through the reviews by using the Review link on the main page. Again, I really appreciate it! :)

  3. Awesome giveaway!

  4. I love that you review a wide variety of things! And I’m always impressed by the frequency at which you post.

    • I really love reviewing unique items, and want to offer a variety since I know we don’t all have the same tastes. I’ll continue to seek out the most interesting products I can! I already have some items that I think are pretty awesome, and more coming my way! :)

  5. Hey! I want to start by saying that I love your blog, and read it regularly. If I had to change one thing, though, I would make it easier to navigate through reviews. For example, I think it would work well if you included links on your toybox page for toys you had reviewed.

  6. Oh gosh, have so many hopes to win one of these fantastic things, so many fun toys that are way WAY out of my price range!

  7. What a great giveaway! I’d really want the book if I didn’t already have it!

  8. I’d like to see you back with Sinful Sunday. Miss your gorgeous pics.

    • It’s something I will eventually dive back into, as I’ve missed participating myself. Hopefully once things calm down a little bit here, I’ll be able to start again.

  9. Your reviews are always so useful!

  10. I always love seeing your photos!

  11. I like your reviews. I’d love to see more reviews on different types of lubes though! It’d be pretty helpful :)

  12. I really like the variety of things you review. I haven’t seen too many (ie. none) reviews of the Labia Spreader and I think it’s pretty cool that you review so many different types of tools.

  13. So many wonderful prides.

  14. I love this giveaway. I love you blog. I love your reviews it makes choosing new toys much easier!

  15. I love your blog. Your reviews are so helpful when trying to figure out a new toy to buy! Keep doing what your doing!!!

  16. I really like how thorough you are in your reviews. I’d love to see more of your writing, especially part 5 of The Box story! It’s pretty damn hot and I want to know how it ends!

    • I’m glad you like how thorough my reviews are, I actually really appreciate that! I really do need to keep working on that story! I’ve been meaning to, but haven’t really had the chance to step away and complete it. I believe there will be two more parts…if I can manage to get around to it! 😉

  17. Love this giveaway, so many good things!

  18. Great giveaway! So many options, there’s something for everyone.
    Congrats on one year of blogging!

  19. I am so glad I found your blog. You have the most detailed, relevant and accessible reviews of all the sex toy blogs/sites I’ve come across. I will definitely be coming back. Thanks!

  20. Hey, congrats on a full year! You’ve got some great prizes. I’m so happy the Hippocampus is getting a smaller size. I really love the shape of it, but it was way too big for me to handle. You’ve really helped bring certain toys to my notice, like the papaya ice, and I’m hoping to get the rub me massage bars soon, since my skin is really dry, and it sounds perfect for me.

    It’s really cool seeing how far you’ve come. I’ve been reading for a while, though I don’t remember when I found you the first time. I know I like your new design much better. I’d really love to see more toys from smaller makers, since I only find the good ones through my favorite reviewers. As for any annoyances, I don’t have many. One thing I could point out is that using your hand/arm for size comparisons doesn’t help me much, since hand size can vary. A laid out measuring tape or two, or other common items works better, at least in my opinion. I have a store loyalty card that is the same size as a credit card, and that works out for me.

    Also, for some reason, I really enjoyed your review of Kissing: A Field Guide. I can’t point out why I like it so much, but it was the first one to pop into my head when I read the comment prompt. Also, while I’m thinking about it, I swear I remember you being on blogger, or something like that. I remember the blog having smaller giveaways, and it was mostly connected to EF. Was that you, or am I just confused?

    • Thanks so much for the congrats! It’s been one crazy year!

      I’m glad to know I’ve been able to bring new toys to your attention. I really love discovering great products that have gone unnoticed. I love working with smaller, artisan based companies and have a few more things lined up. Larger companies tend to be more open to sending review items, so it’s not uncommon to not hear back from a smaller company or for them to tell you that they’re unable to work with you. I do my best, I promise!

      I’m glad you’re enjoying the new design more, I know I certainly am. I was trying too hard to make the last one work for everyone (I didn’t want it to feel too ‘girly’), but it wasn’t my taste and I didn’t love it.

      I have three children that are too old to nap, and I do my best to take my images in natural daylight. It’s not always easy to sneak away and get my photos done, and it’s even harder to make sure I have everything I need in front of me. I tried for a while to use an object to compare it to, but it just wasn’t working out, so I figured my hand/arm would be better than nothing and would also give my readers and idea of how one product would compare to another I reviewed by comparing images. I’ve actually had several people say they appreciate that I use my hand as a comparison, but I absolutely understand where you’re coming from.

      My blog has never been connected to EF, but I was on blogger for about a month before making the switch. I did start out with smaller giveaways, but I’m quite sure you’re thinking of someone else. :)

  21. Great blog, love the variety and style

  22. Happy Blogiversary! I am very impressed with how many reviews you’ve tackled during your 1st year of blogging! I was going to mention the ToyBox too, but since you’ve already updated I can’t think of anything I’d change. :)

  23. Amazing giveaway darlin!!! Congrats on your blogiversary
    You have a seriously awesome website.and I hope you will continue to get the success you deserve

  24. Your Bad Dragon reviews brought me here! They have further my already existing longing for their toys. Thanks for this great giveaway. The Hippocampus and Buck look really nice.

  25. Congrats on your first anniversary! You have done a ton of reviews in the last year. Glad to have found you doing so well after leaving a toy site we both reviewed on.

    • Thank you so much! I’m glad you stopped by and commented! I hope to see you around here a little more! Connecting with some of the other members is certainly something I miss!

  26. First and foremost, CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve worked hard, and I hope to see you have many more blogiversaries ^_^

    Your blog is one of my favorites, because there’s a lot of things that I like. I appreciate that you keep a giveaway page and list them in chronological order by end date. I like how even though your site is spaced out it still loads well on my mobile device. Your ads are all tidy and your archives are easy to find. I’m really glad you added a toybox page (Thank you! in case I haven’t said so yet) and I think it’s very well organized. I like the new look, too and I’m glad you have’t completely gotten rid of all the purple :) My favorite posts are your reviews and Toy With Me Tuesday posts (you take great toy pictures), though I like it when you share your poetry with us too.

    As for improving, I can’t think of anything. Oh, the Oro Vidri site is down, so if you could update your reviews of their toys that would be cool. I’m pouting because you really made me want one!

    What I’d like to see more of? Well, I know you’re busy with the kidlings right now, so I won’t mention what an adorably hot couple you and your hubby are and how cool it would be to see more pictures of y’al’s tattoos in the memes. Also not going to mention how much I loved your TWMT posts. Nope, not gonna say any of that 😉 (Seriously, we know you have a life. We will wait!)

    Congratulations again on your anniversary. You’ve done a great job!

    • Thanks for what you’ve said. I honestly didn’t know you enjoyed my site. That means a lot to me.

      The Toy Box page needed an update badly, so reading the comments was a good excuse to fix it up. As for the purple, I’m actually really glad you said that! I was trying so hard to make my site look nice for everyone that I tossed my tastes aside. This is more my style and I like it so much better than the last one!

      I’m going to work on joining memes again once I’m more caught up on reviews and life in general. It’s been a struggle to find the time to get done what I need to, forget the things I WANT to do. Now that summer is around the corner I’ll have weeks were I won’t be able to post much, and others where I’ll be able to post all the time. All depends on work and kids! 😉 Hopefully we can jump back into things soon!

      I know about the Oro Vidri links…I guess a part of me was hoping they’d somehow start back up again, but it’s not looking that way. I’ll put it on my list of things to do, thank you for bringing it to my attention.

  27. Awesome selection of fun toys for the bedroom!

  28. I have been away and have missed so much, I already noticed while commenting on another review that you changed your blog, I love it. I already enjoy all that you do as is.

    • I know you’ve been SO busy! I hope the move went well! The colors on my blog are a recent change, so you haven’t missed too much around here! Hopefully things calm down for you soon and you’re able to get back into a routine! You’ve been missed!

  29. I always appreciate how detailed and thorough your reviews are and all the pictures you take for them are awesome and so, so helpful. And I like how you’ve organized your toybox page!
    One thing that might be nice is if there was a drop down menu for your reviews, so you can look at them by category.
    Oh, and I’m digging your new header :)

    • I’m glad to hear you appreciate my thorough reviews and find my photos helpful! That really means a lot to me! :) I’m so glad I changed up my Toy Box page, it’s so much better now!

      The drop down menu is something on my list of things to change. I just need a day where I can dedicate a few hours to it, and I haven’t been able to do that yet. I will soon though! :)

  30. I am new to your blog, in reality. I love it and I can’t see a reason to wanna change a thing.

  31. I really enjoy the layout of your site and like the display of recent posts and comments on the left side. It’s a quick and easy way for me to see what’s currently trending on your page. My favorite posts are definitely your Toy With Me Tuesday picture posts. Would love to see more of those in the future! Also, would like to see more reviews on lingerie please if possible. Overall, you have a very well-run site that everybody can appreciate :)

    • I’m glad you find the site easy to follow! That’s exactly what I want to hear!

      I guess I really need to start motivating myself to take more TWMT images…you’re not the only one that’s suggested it! Now that the sun is shining more it will be so much easier! :)

      I have two pieces of lingerie I’ll be reviewing in the coming months, so you can look for those soon. Once I’m caught up on reviews I’ll be actively seeking a company or two who would like to send some to review, but not many companies are willing to send lingerie.

  32. Congrats on your first year! I’m new to your blog, so I can’t say what I have enjoyed the most yet. But I will say that as a grown woman learning to re-find her sexual side, any one of those products would be a great (and fun) thing to have! 😀

  33. Still a newbie to your blog and Twitter, but really glad to have found the site. Love your reviews, and the clean lines of the site are a definite draw, not a big fan of cluttered up pages. Also happy to see you’re a fellow New England resident!

    Keep up the great work!

  34. I recently came across your blog when searching for reviews of different glass toys. There are a few other blogs focusing on sex toy reviews but yours has the most info by FAR. Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  35. Property of Potter give aways always rock!

  36. This is an awesome giveaway!! I’d love to win any of the prizes.

  37. I have your blog book marked, I find it easy to use and navigate round. always come and check if you’ve reviewed a product before buying. great blog and congrats on one year :)

  38. I like to see real, honest reviews with pictures. I want to know if a toy is good or not and why.

  39. Awesome giveaway! The only thing I would suggest is what someone else said about easier navigation between pages with some kind of tagging system.

  40. I really appreciate your easy-to-understand, well laid-out pros vs. cons at the tops of reviews. Also a big fan of the reviews of more obscure, off-beat products, like the Divine Interventions line.

  41. Congratulations on your anniversary, hope you get a much higher percentage of wins to tell us about going forward!

  42. Congrats! I just discovered your blog and i’m really enjoying it so far!

  43. I’m new to toys, and masturbating and I’m trying to learn as much as possible! I am SOO glad I found your blog!!

    Thank you!

  44. I like how you always put a little summary of pros and cons and a rating at the start of each review! More reviewers should do this as it gives a good, concise overview of the product. I also like that you acknowledge that criteria are subjective. Some people say things to the effect of “this vibrator is too weak for me, therefore it is junk”, and I don’t know that that is particularly helpful. Just because one person needs a turbo-charged ultra-strong vibrator doesn’t mean that is what everyone needs or even everyone wants. You always say things like “Texture may be too intense for some” or “Vibrations may be too strong for some” or “Price may be too expensive for some” instead of implying that your personal preferences are the gold standard. Yet, you still don’t try to sugar coat a crappy product. I really appreciate that.

    • I can’t tell you how happy this comment made me! I want to give everyone the best understanding of a product, and who it will work for – even if it doesn’t work for me. It drives me crazy when someone declares something as junk just because it didn’t work for them. There are some items that are absolutely junk and I won’t be afraid to say that, but they’re not as common as it would seem. Thank you so much for recognizing that. It really means a lot to me!

  45. I hope I win the leaf!!

  46. Just found your blog via a list of giveaways on Toy Meets Girl, so new person here. But I like the look of your blog so far, my initial impression is one of organization and clarity. Two things I greatly appreciate in navigating any site.

    As for the contest,you have a few things available as prizes that I’ve been looking at and you’ve provided the first reviews I’ve seen of the products. Such as the Labia spreader, and the Ola. As well as exposing me to a glass toy maker I hadn’t heard of yet.

    Right now my only question is what firmness that the Hippocampus prize will come in. Also, don’t know if you know this yet, but the Bad Dragon Nox and Crackers are available in more sizes now then at the time of your reviews.

    • Kris,

      Welcome to my blog, I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying it so far!

      The Hippocampus will be a medium firmness in either size. :)

      I did know that there were other sizes available in both Nox and Crackers. I’ve been meaning to update my posts but keep forgetting. Thanks for the reminder!

  47. Congratulations on your one year anniversary! I love reading your blog and reviews. <3 One of my favorite things is the way you have your toy box labeled and organized (I'm an organizational freak, lol).

  48. Congratulations on your anniversary and thank you to you and the participating companies for your generosity in this giveaway :-)

    I already have a Sneaky Sack and those things are marvellous. Very sturdy, holds a ton of stuff, and completely unobtrusive. You can add a lock for extra security, too, if you want.

  49. I love the wide range of products on the giveaway. Would love to see you do more reviews and giveaways of male toys. Thanks for the chance to win.

    • Honestly, I’d love to see myself write more reviews on male products (and will be working on having more giveaways featuring male products), but it can be a challenge sometimes. I have to make sure it’s something that interests my husband, otherwise, it’s pointless for me to request the item. If he’s uncomfortable with the idea of using a particular product, we’ll discuss why, but ultimately I have to respect his boundaries and desires. I do have a few male products reviews in the works, but they will be few and far between because of his preferences. If there’s a particular product you’d like to see a review of, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I can discuss it with him and seek out a sponsor if he agrees to it.

      I want to write reviews that are helpful to everyone, and appreciate your suggestion. I’ll try to seek out more male oriented products in the future.

  50. I’d never heard of Exotic Erotics. I actually checked out their page and was pretty impressed by how much control they give you in creating your own item. Pretty darn cool. And the fact that you’re giving one away, well *two thumbs up*. All this makes for a pretty awesome giveaway. Thanks for hosting it and congrats on your blog anniversary!!

    • I’m actually giving away *TWO* of them! 😉 They’re a really great company and I’m glad you’ve checked them out! It’s awesome how much say you have in creating your own one of a kind product there!

  51. What a fun giveaway! You are offering such a variety of toys.

  52. Congrats on your blogiversary! I just recently found your blog and have really been enjoying all the great information you put into your reviews. Can’t wait to see what the next year brings :)

  53. Did I miss the announcement of the winners?

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