Mar 152014

Congrats to Carl Wedner for winning the Tantus Cush 02 giveaway!  I hope you enjoy your prize!

The wonderful people at Peepshow Toys are working hard to provide their customers with the best products available.  Their shop currently includes products from We-Vibe, Vixen Creations, OhMiBod, LELO, Tantus, and more.  When you visit Peepshow Toys, you’ll find body safe, high quality products – nothing less.  They’re constantly working hard to improve your shopping experience and are building a site that’s easy to follow and full of information.  If you haven’t yet, be sure to pop over and check it out!

cush-o2On top of being a company you can stand behind and trust, they have a real desire to add safe products to your collection.  Can’t afford a new toy right now?  Never fear!  We have another giveaway for you!

A few days ago I posted my review of the amazing Tantus Cush 02.  It’s a really fantastic silicone dildo that features a plush outer layer and a firm inner core.  It’s anal safe, harness compatible, and we want you to add it to your collection!  And not only that, but we want you to select which color is most appealing to you – Candy Pink, Ice Blue, or Purple Twilight.  Umm, yes please!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

  • There is one prize for one winner (a Tantus Cush 02 in your choice of color)
  • Giveaway is open from Mar 15 through Mar 29 @12am 
  • Open to US only
  • Peepshow Toys is responsible for shipping the item
  • The winner will be emailed once the giveaway has ended and will have one week to respond before another winner is chosen.

A huge thank you to Peepshow Toys for sponsoring this giveaway!


  50 Responses to “Want Your Own Tantus Cush 02? (Ended)”

  1. I have the purple and I would like the blue one next.

  2. Anything I can get my hands on.

  3. I would be interested in trying one of the Bathmate models because it’s different by using water instead of air.

  4. Ooh, I just got a purple Tantus Silk this week. I’d go for blue for some variety as I’m not fond of pink. As for if I had $100… well, I am looking at a Lelo Mona 2, but otherwise probably a We-Vibe Touch, Mia 2, or Life Leaf.

  5. I would like to win the Blue one. Another great giveaway from PropertyofPotter!

  6. I would pick the blue one.

  7. I would go for ice blue! I just bought a tantus plug in midnight purple, and can’t help but want to have a variety of color in my “spice things up” drawer.

  8. If I had $100 to spend, it’d be a no-brainer– I would use it towards a Mona 2 in red. I’ve been lusting after one for ages and this would nudge it into my price range.

  9. I’d love to win the Ice Blue, and given $100 I’d use it toward the purchase of a Lelo Mona 2!

  10. I would buy a we-vibe tango (hopefully the new model, I would be patient and wait if they didn’t have it yet). I would buy it for my mom as I have a mia 2 and LOVE it, but I’ve heard that the tango/salsa’s are more rumbly and I want her to have an AMAZING toy. I also want her to gain more sexual confidence, she grew up in a cult, was sexual abused by numerous people, and then had abusive husband and boyfriend. So I want super good things for her :)

  11. I would love to get a Tor 2 cock ring from Lelo too if money was no object !

  12. I really wish it was a darker purple but the Twilight purple is a still a good color 😉

  13. Ice Blue for sure.

    We’d put the $100 towards the 4us Vibrating Ring and the Groovy Chick – both are our kind of toys and we’d love to grow our collection!

  14. I would put $100 from Peepshow Toys towards a Mona 2. It’s a tough call because I’d love to try a Lovelife Cuddle G Vibe or a Vixskin dildo as well. As for the Cush, I’d pick the purple. I really like how it mixes with the white.

  15. Purple Twilight is my favorite.

  16. I would purchase the COMET 2 WAND VIBE because I’ve been curious about it.

  17. I’d get:
    1. Ryder by Tantus – I’m most interested in anal toys atm.
    2. CUSH O2 or FLURRY O2 by Tantus – I’ve never tried a silicone toy.


  18. I’d choose Ice Blue.

  19. I would get a C-SLING by Tantus and since there prices are so great and I really want a bullet vibe, I would also maybe get POINT by Sensuelle. Its not something I’ve heard of before and I’d love to try it. And since I’d still have 10 bucks left, I’d grab some Sliquid H2O. :-)

  20. $100 to spend on their site, I’d get the Siri, because I hear it’s gentler. :)

    As for Color of Cush, I’d go with Ice Blue, even though I also really want Purple Twilight!

  21. If I won $100, I would buy a real nice silicone dildo. Right now, the only toy I have is the Mona 2 and its pretty much the only vibrator I could want. Really, I’d love anything Tantus and I would splurge maybe on the Splash if I were playing with someone else’s money!

  22. Okay, with $100 to spend at PeepShow Toys I would have to make a tough choice. I would get a vibrator to help even out my vibe:dil ratio, probably the CalEx Embrace G Wand since Dizzygirl’s review of it is haunting my mind and I am unsure if the LoveLife Adventure is compatibility with my anatomy. :)

  23. An ice blue one would be awesome.

  24. If I won $100 I would get a really nice silicone dildo for my girlfriend since she’s been wanting one for a while.

  25. Lube is always nice to have more of, and maybe a butt plug.

  26. If I had $100 to spend at Peepshow Toys, I would get a Vixskin Buck! I can use $5 of my own, right? 😛

  27. I would put the $100 towards a feeldoe because we have both wanted one in our collection for a few years now. The strapless and no harness idea is very exciting to us.

  28. Purple twilight I think, since almost all my toys are purple!

  29. I’d put a gift card towards a we-vibe I think, my partner says he had one with his ex and it was fantastic.

  30. If I were given $100 to spend at i would buy the Lelo Ida

  31. If you were given $100 to spend at, what would you purchase and why? I’m not sure what I would buy. I know something for just me.. I’m

  32. I would get the Comet 2 wand vibe Key by Jopen. I have wanted one for so long, I’ve only heard good/great reviews and I really want to try it!

  33. I would get the we-vibe tango because I have been very disappointed when vibrator shopping to replace my first ever vibrator that has begun to fail (after 8 years). Everything is either too weak, dies too quickly or does not seem to be the right type of vibration. I have seen many reviewers rave about the tango and watched a video of it spinning when just sitting turned on in someones hand, so exciting!

  34. Pink!!! Sooo goddamn pretty!

  35. $100 on peepshow? I’d probably put it towards the Lilo Gigi 2…. I’ve heard some *very* good things

  36. I would use it towards a purchase of the We-Vibe 4 because I’ve been eyeing this item ever since the first generation model of it came out. Still have yet to try one out with my lady!

  37. You know I would want the pink Cush! :)

  38. If I had $100 to spend at Peepshow, I think I would try the We-Vibe touch! I have heard great things about it.

  39. If I had $100 to spend at Peepshow…I’d probably want to try the Leaf! I hear such good things about it. Also a bottle of Sliquid lube, because I haven’t tried it, and that’s just silly. As for the color…I *love* the Twilight color! I couldn’t say no to purple. :)

  40. I want the Ice Blue!

  41. I would spend the $100 on the Asteroid & Icicles No. 1

  42. I’d choose the ice blue.

    For the shopping spree, I’d pick up a Tantus Raptor XL.

  43. Either a Lelo Mona 2 or a WeVibe touch!

  44. I would want the purple twilight and I would owe money to peep show even with a $100 gift card cuz I’m very interested in the Feeldoe strapless dildo..

  45. monaaaa 2. because I need it, apparently.

  46. Vixskin Mustang

  47. $100 bucks? Looks like it can go a bit of a ways, so a toy for him like the hand solo and one of the icicles dildos for The Better Half (we have a couple of those, so I know an addition to the collection would be nice and well worth the smile on her face).

    Best, and keep on blogging.

  48. I would probably use $100 towards a we-vibe 3. They look awesome

  49. I would pick pink.

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