Oct 302013

My damp skin, always a reminder of what you do to me.
The evidence of my emotions always present
through the crumpled up tissues piled high
beside me.
Love or lust, pain or shame…the moisture
always gives much away, revealing
everything I feel even when I try to hide it.
Emotions inside, bottled up and shaken,
seem to explode in any way they see fit;
running down my cheeks, or my legs,
just begging for release.
Please help me ease the tension;
wipe or rub, kiss or hug,
my skin is wet and needs attention.

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  10 Responses to “My Skin Is Wet”

  1. You have distracted SilverHubby with your words. ;)

  2. Yep; definitely an excellent thing to read in the Works canteen! :)

  3. Interesting words. Love how this appears to be tears and other wetness. An interesting partnership


  4. Beautiful poetry. Very moving on many levels.

  5. That made me think – lovely

  6. Like Molly I see more kinds of wetness in these words, which seem to be filled with a longing :)

    Rebel xox

  7. Absolutely beautiful. Xx

  8. Excellent. I enjoyed it and the imagine it provided. ;)

  9. I was expecting a poem about shower sex. What I read was much better ^-^

  10. Beautiful poem. Lovely words.


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