Oct 302013

My damp skin, always a reminder of what you do to me.
The evidence of my emotions always present
through the crumpled up tissues piled high
beside me.
Love or lust, pain or shame…the moisture
always gives much away, revealing
everything I feel even when I try to hide it.
Emotions inside, bottled up and shaken,
seem to explode in any way they see fit;
running down my cheeks, or my legs,
just begging for release.
Please help me ease the tension;
wipe or rub, kiss or hug,
my skin is wet and needs attention.

Wicked Wednesday... be inspired & share...

Sep 282013

sinfulsunday9You exhaust me with the games you play, 
how stubborn you are, and the 
hateful words you say as if you’re entitled. 
We are a matched pair, you and I;
so full of passion and pain
and though we fight and scream 
and lose our way, we always come
back together in the end.
So send the hate to its grave
and let’s start new again;
every morning is fresh
with only a few remnants 
of the day

Sinful Sunday

Sep 272013

It’s easy to turn this into a game,
you’re so full of spunk and aren’t ashamed
of who we are and what we do together.
You think your ideas are your own
but lover, you’ve never come up with one.
I spin my web and capture you with ease,
knees bent, begging for release,
obviously enjoying every second of
this mess we love to make.
We take these turns and change our minds,
who’s on top and who’s behind;
it’s funny how you think at times you decide,
but we both know who’s in control.

In This Moment

Sep 182013

I can hear the pounding,
sounding through my mind.
Pulsing deeply,
timed yet freely,
as we lay intertwined.
The warmth of your body
fondly stroking mine.
Walls start breaking
as hearts are aching;
perfect love designed.
In this moment
nothing matters;
I am yours
and you

Wicked Wednesday... be inspired & share...

Not really wicked, but it’s what I’m feeling at the moment.


Aug 292013

All Tied Up In You

The moment I laid eyes on you
I was bound to you.
You drew me in with those 
warm brown eyes 
and intense glances 
that left me shaken inside.
I was so unsure of myself, 
yet so secure, trapped 
in your gaze making me
burn for more.
Tongues tangled together,
forever thirsting;
Words spilling freely,
emotions bursting.
Passion and trust,
love and lust.
I was yours for the taking,
and so you took without looking back.
I’m all tied up in you;
lovers bound, 
freedom found,
in your hands
I’m safe and sound.

Sultry Saturday