Sep 282013

sinfulsunday9You exhaust me with the games you play, 
how stubborn you are, and the 
hateful words you say as if you’re entitled. 
We are a matched pair, you and I;
so full of passion and pain
and though we fight and scream 
and lose our way, we always come
back together in the end.
So send the hate to its grave
and let’s start new again;
every morning is fresh
with only a few remnants 
of the day

Sinful Sunday

  25 Responses to “Morning After”

  1. You are so beautiful, love you!

  2. What a beautiful show of your eye. Always with lovely words.

  3. The words gave me an odd mixture of fond remembrace and melancholy. I think the partial photo of your face is a darling addition, one that makes me lean closer to the nostalgia and away from the lingering sadness. After all, there’s something comforting about being part of a set. *wry smile*

  4. Lovely image with such wonderful words!!

    xxx Miss July xxx

  5. Beautiful words and a beautiful shot of your eye.

  6. Beautiful.

  7. Wonderful words – and what stunning eyes you have … Jane xxx

  8. Lovely combination of picture and words.

    Rebel xox

  9. I love your poetry. You express your feelings so well. x

  10. Beautiful shot of your eye. I love the angle you’ve taken it at x

  11. This is a beautiful image, it really does feel like looking at ‘half’ the story and yet the look in your eye seems to intense and powerful. Brilliantly done


  12. The words add a real poignancy to the image. Great additon to Sinful Sunday

    Flip x

  13. And you think I’ve got gorgeous eyes?!?!?

  14. Your eye is so beautiful.

  15. Is that your exhausted, pained, hateful eye or the fresh, new, forgiving one?

    • I guess it’s all in how you interpret it. I took this image after a long night of fighting and making up with my husband. There were tears of both pain and release. I was exhausted, but always try to feel hopeful at the start of a new day.

  16. Gorgeous eyes! I’m pretty jealous of how blue they are.

    • They were more blue that morning, they’re more often quite gray, but really varies quite a bit. I’m not particularly fond of them as they seem rather dull to me.

  17. Such depth of color, and an heartfelt message

  18. It’s hard to get a good eye photo. This one is amazing. (And the words… the words!)

    xx Dee

  19. Beautiful pic!! though it seems in sharp contrast to those distressing words…

    ~Kazi xxx

  20. I’ve never read your poetry before. It’s awesome

  21. Wow! I have blue eyes and they are the only part of my body I like. I adore deep blue sapphire-like eyes, I think they sparkle more and are generally warmer. :)


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