Aug 292013

All Tied Up In You

The moment I laid eyes on you
I was bound to you.
You drew me in with those 
warm brown eyes 
and intense glances 
that left me shaken inside.
I was so unsure of myself, 
yet so secure, trapped 
in your gaze making me
burn for more.
Tongues tangled together,
forever thirsting;
Words spilling freely,
emotions bursting.
Passion and trust,
love and lust.
I was yours for the taking,
and so you took without looking back.
I’m all tied up in you;
lovers bound, 
freedom found,
in your hands
I’m safe and sound.

Sultry Saturday

  8 Responses to “All Tied Up In You”

  1. What a lovely story and omg the pic, ouch. Looks like someone had some fun.

  2. Aww, I love this! The picture is great, and the words are just so perfect…

  3. Beautiful words, beautiful feelings

  4. You write some wonderful stuff Popsie…. I know it’s all real too. Is this a remote assisted selfie?

  5. Beautiful words and a lovely picture!

  6. You’re so great with words. And the picture is just amazing. Great shot :)

  7. That is beautiful! And I love the picture!


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