Dec 272013

Holy Water Lube from Divine Interventions

- Comical
- Glycerin, Paraben, and DEA free
- Condom friendly
- Safe to ingest
- Great gag gift
- Strong rose scent
- Gets tacky as it dries
- Needs to be washed off
- Expensive




Holy Water lube has a lot of good things going for it.  It’s safe to use with condoms, has a lot of natural ingredients, and those that try avoiding glycerin and parabens will be pleased.  That being said, the hang ups are just too obvious to get past.  The overwhelming scent of roses while masturbating isn’t exactly something that excites me, and the need to wash it away can be a pain.  If it weren’t for the scent, I think I could actually enjoy this lube, but it’s too distracting for me to enjoy.  I love Divine Interventions as a whole, but this lube just wasn’t my thing.


Divine Interventions is a super fun and quirky company that specializes in religious sex toys.  Though many of the products available are made to resemble religious figures, there are a few considered ‘non-denominational‘ (regular dildos that don’t represent anything religion related), and they also carry this lube.  There should be a little something for everyone, especially when you consider how unique their products are.

Holy Water Lube is a water-based lubricant that’s safe to use for masturbation, with any of your sex toys, and during intercourse (and is safe to use with a condom).  It’s a thinner lube, so it will work best for vaginal use since it won’t last as long during male jack off sessions or anal sex/anal toy use.  It’s safe to use orally, but it’s not flavored and the taste may bother some.

Though it’s made with many natural ingredients, it’s still important to check the list prior to purchasing or use.  If you happen to have a reaction to it, immediately clean it off your skin and discontinue use.




Untitled-4Holy Water Lube is a super silky, wet feeling lubricant.  It has a natural feeling to it, but doesn’t absorb into the skin like most other water-based lubes I’ve tried.  Most of it will absorb, but there’s a residue that remains and will need to be cleaned off.  It’s not necessary to shower after, but you’ll need to use a damp cloth or wipe to completely remove it.

During use, it remains nice and slick through your session, though requires moisture in order to remain smooth.  For longer sessions or play that exposes the lube more to air, you’ll need to reapply often.  It’s easy to squeeze from the bottle and is a wonderful thickness.  It’s thin enough that it spreads easily, but thick enough that you have time to rub it in before it runs.  The image to the right shows what the lube looks like on flat glass, and how far it runs after 10 seconds.

As it’s drying, it starts to feel tacky.  It’s not sticky, but it’s annoying either way.  Once it hits this stage, you can reactivate it by adding moisture, or applying more lubricant.  If you’re finished with the session, you’ll need to wash it off.


The Holy Water lube has a strong rose scent to it.  I’ve never been a fan of rose scented products, so naturally I found this very unappealing.  It’s obvious from the moment you open the bottle/dispense the lube, and it remains on your skin even after you’ve wiped it away.  If you don’t mind the scent this shouldn’t be an issue, but I couldn’t even focus on pleasure because it bothers me so much.

The taste is fairly common for a lubricant that’s not flavored.  It has a bubble taste to it, but does have a hint of roses in it as well.  It’s safe have oral sex after using this lube, but it’s not the best tasting product.


Untitled-2Holy Water Lube arrives in a clear plastic bottle with a black cap with a pop top.  The label is what really makes this lube what it is.  The front has an image of Divine Interventions’ Jackhammer Jesus, and just below it says, ‘Sanctus Orgasmicus’.  It would make a fabulous gag gift for someone, or a heart stopper for the serious Catholic in the family.

Prior to use, you must remove the seal by unscrewing the cap and peeling it off.  The bottle won’t leak as long as you properly screw it back on and the pop top is closed.

The label on the back contains all the information you need to know about the lube, and highlights certain points about it.  You have the ingredients list, where it’s made, and the company’s website as well.  The 4 oz bottle is sort of a oval shape rather than being totally round, and isn’t discreet.  If you need to, you could peel off the label to make it more discreet.


If you’re interested in purchasing your own bottle of Holy Water Lube, you can find it exclusively at Divine Interventions for $9.99 per bottle.  While you’re there, make sure to check out their other fantastic products!


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  1. Damn sounds good and all but I like the rose smell but not that strong. I had some perfume that had the rose smell in it and I barely used it.

  2. I don’t want my bits to smell like roses and a residue bug me, so I’ll just have to stick to their lovely toys. It’s packing makes me giggle though.

  3. Ah boo. I don’t like tacky residues. But I love that name lol. Holy Water!

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