Oct 012013

You asked for more giveaways…how could I say no?

What you may or may not already know about me is that I love creating things.  Since I was very young I enjoyed taking various items I had around my room and creating something totally different from them.  I was born with this creative drive that has never let up.  Sometimes it makes me a little crazy, but sometimes amazing things come from it.

A few years ago I saw a hollow book and was immediately intrigued by it.  I’ve always had a love for reading and my bookcase has never been empty; something like this could easily blend in without anyone knowing.  I went to a junk shop, picked up a few books, and made my own.  A lot of people use them to stash money, jewelry, etc. and I always thought to myself, “wouldn’t this be a great option for discreet toy storage?”.  Some books are simply too thin, but every once in a while you find a nice, thick book that’s more suitably sized.

Discreet storage is a must for many, especially when it comes to your adult products.  Hollow books are awesome for a lot of things; handcuffs, nipple toys, smaller vibes, etc. and easily blend in with your other books.  I use Mod Podge (or diluted white glue, depending on what I have), so the boxes aren’t safe against liquids, but should be safe as long as you put them inside a plastic bag first to prevent them from leaking directly inside of it.

It’s important to know that though I have a smoke free/pet free home, this book was purchased at a second hand store prior to cutting.  I do all the cutting myself by hand, so it’s not perfect, but certainly is an interesting and fun storage option to have.

Want a hollow book of your own?  You’re in luck!  I’ve put together this fun little box that will be shipped to one winner!  Though a lot of the items are geared toward couples, there’s no reason a single person can’t enjoy most of the kit.  Included in this giveaway is:

  • One hollow book – Clear and Present Danger (warding people away from what your box might contain)
  • One 4 oz bottle of Holy Water Lube – Sponsored by Divine Interventions
  • One set of Sex and Mischief Silky Restraints – In grey, from Sportsheets
  • 2 oz Strawberry Dreams Honey Dust and feather – from Kama Sutra
  • and two battery powered tea lights


A huge thank you to Divine Interventions for sponsoring the lube for this giveaway.  All other items were supplied by me.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

  • The giveaway is open to US only, unless you’re willing to cover the shipping cost.
  • There is only one prize and it will be shipped to one winner.
  • The item will be shipped directly from me.  
  • I’ll email the winner once the contest is over and you’ll have one week to respond before another winner is chosen.
  • It beings at 12 am on October 2nd and will run until 12 am on October 16th.  


Oct 012013

First I’d like to thank everyone for making my giveaway such a great success!  I so appreciate each of you tweeting, blogging, and passing the word around!  Once I removed the ones that weren’t truly completed (shame on you!) there was an amazing 957 entries!!!

I’ve listened to each of your suggestions and will be working hard and improving my blog by making it easy to follow, interesting to read, and full of variety!  The compliments were so sweet and I appreciate what each of you have suggested.

Huge thank you to Lovehoney for sponsoring this giveaway and being so willing to work with me on this one!

Okay, okay, enough of the details!  The winner is:

Shadow Kohler

Congrats on winning the giveaway!  I hope you enjoy your new toy!  For those that entered and didn’t win, check back soon, as I have another giveaway in the works!