Aug 212013
Need Help?

After posting my Sinful Sunday image at the beginning of the week, I was met with a flood of comments about how great the image was, and how sexy my man is.  One comment was made on twitter that made me laugh and interested my husband.  I couldn’t decide on just one image, so I decided to [...]

Jul 262013

Two summers ago, my husband and I were at the shop getting tattooed.  My husband went to the convenience store down the road to grab some drinks, leaving me alone with our artist.  He was always joking about accidentally adding a penis to a tattoo he would do on my husband, and somehow the discussion turned [...]

Jul 042013
I broke the rules!

Over two years ago, my husband and I went to visit a tattoo artist/friend of his because it had been years since they had seen each other.  Joking about what he was going to get tattooed, it somehow came up that he would get our wedding date; making it impossible for him to forget.  I [...]