Jul 262013

Two summers ago, my husband and I were at the shop getting tattooed.  My husband went to the convenience store down the road to grab some drinks, leaving me alone with our artist.  He was always joking about accidentally adding a penis to a tattoo he would do on my husband, and somehow the discussion turned into a reality.  Being a heavily tattooed man, I knew my husband wouldn’t care if he actually DID, in fact, get a small cock tattooed on him.  A member was drawn up while he was gone, and my husband was greeted with it when he arrived.  Our artist, my husband, and myself all got the same tattoo.  I chose a very private area, not likely seen unless I’m trying to show you, but my husband and his artist were a little more ballsy than myself.

I love me some cock…and here is my proof!

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  1. :-D I love it!

  2. Oh! I love this! I like the placement!

  3. That’s a little bit of awesomeness! Love the picture too!

  4. I’m just now seeing this. You are my hero *sniffs and wipes away a proud tear*


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